NOTE: Since this site is viewed worldwide, it is up to the visitor to determine what activities are legal in their location. 

We do not promote or recommend any illegal sexual services. Unlike most of the rest of the world, citizens of the U.S. do not have consenting, in private, adult freedoms. In the U.S. those in power, know what is best for you. The Christian groups (self-righteous minority that has an undeserving influence) that mostly control the power in the U.S. are so morally weak that they can not coerce everyone into their views without imposing their morality by law to force everyone to follow their perverted repressive view. Ironically their views have no biblical basis, yet they try to control with their biblical ignorance all citizens by laws they get passed. Some cities choose not to actively enforce in private morality law crimes while others like Phoenix are very active wasting police resources setting up stings and entrapments, seeking to prevent healthy, safe, in private consenting adult activities that benefit the culture.

This site is more directed to the rest of the world where you have the right to private, voluntary, consenting adult sexworkers.  That is why much of this site is directed to citizens and travelers to Canada and most of the world outside the U.S. where you have these freedoms.  In the U.S. we only recommend legal intimacy that does not involve sexual involvement for any compensation