Phoenix Police Release Desert Divas Customer List of Over 6000 Names

Even before the list was released a KPHO TV reporter was contacting men on the list asking why they had to pay for sex.

Phoenix police have released the list of possible clients linked to the Desert Divas prostitution investigation and it's 649 pages long. The list averages about 10 clients per page. There may be as many as 6,500 possible clients of the alleged prostitution ring. The list is put together like a database, with headings that include client name, appointment address, client telephone number, model name and appointment date. It is alphabetized by the client's last name. It appears to cover a time period from May 2005 to May 2008.

To date, the investigation has yielded 50 arrests of organization members with 13 search warrants served. Investigators said they expect there may eventually be as many 100 arrests of organization members.

A police spokesman said they intent do go after some clients BUT they are running in to a 1-year statue of limitation issue implying have to do it soon.

UPDATE - Names published:
ABC 15 also reporting and has published the the full List of clients  on its website:

The list has 6323 items - part 1 is a pdf file with 416 pages. Part 2 is a pdf file with 233 more pages. All show escort names and sometimes amount paid and other notes. Some names are fake but it is reported police also has credit card records to identify customers.

Sgt Andy Hill says the priority of the Phoenix police is the "organization" (not the customers) which will total 100 or more folks by the time they are done. On the first wave they arrested nearly 50 of which there are still 5 that are outstanding from that wave however there will be another wave submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney's office on additional organizational members. Once the organization has been "taken down" they will move on to the client list and look at that.

It is assumed the additional folks are the "testers" from the "boardroom" in its various definitions. Many of the original 50 were of course the escorts

Link to my original report from the August 2008 massive bust:

I made my usual speech in the comments section:
All this wasted money and resources for something that is legal in almost all the world except the U.S. Consenting adults in private prostitution.

The Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence vs. Texas that laws can not be based on morality and the government has no business in our private bedrooms.

Just look to Canada where like most of the world at least outcall is totally legal with no real negatives. Has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with trafficking, children or anything other than in private consenting adults (not public nuisance street hookers).

Incalls are more regulated in various countries from only 1 worker per flat in the U. K. to large public brothels in Australia and New Zealand.

So much wasted police, DA and Court resources for the crime of pleasure in private with consenting adults.

For the religious right prostitution was common and no big deal in biblical times as of course the norm was to have many wives and concubines.

Adultery was only wrong for a married women never a married man as long as the “other women“ was not married (owned by a husband as property). But never anything wrong with a married man having sex with as many single women or his concubines - it was not adultery.


The only good that could come out of this bad situation is if someone that is arrested like the DD folks actually put up a direct defense other than the usual failed “Gee, I had no idea they had sex“ for the owners etc. We need victories against the prostitution law itself like in NY to help everyone.

As I have written extensively about over the years I believe there are various legitimate legal arguments if someone will actually stand up and fight:

1) Pay for time not sex. This just has a major victory in a New York case where a jury found an owner innocent even when they realized there was the expectation of sex but no direct money for sex only time.

2) The AZ law is unconstitutionally over broad and vague.
“"Sexual intercourse" means penetration into the penis, vulva or anus by any part of the body or by any object. How do you penetrate into the penis...ouch. just thinking of it! Usually it is the penis that is doing the penetration. I guess if you have an STD test and they stick something up your penis, or use a catheter that is sexual intercourse?

3) Unconstitutional based on Lawrence vs. Texas Supreme Court Decision. The first lawyer for the Madam who committed suicide after being found guilty I had some great e-mail exchanges with. His motion to dismiss included a great Lawrence vs. Texas argument which he said the Judge seemed interested in enough to want to take time to review. But then her trial lawyer just did the “I didn't know they had sex“ argument and she was convicted with the sad result vs. face 20 years in prison.

See Know your rights! What to do if you are visited or stopped by the police.