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Rhode Island Prostitution Law Debate


As reported it is about close the loophole that made where indoor prostitution was legal. There is a huge amount of discussion on the Providence Journal site and when last looked a poll with 61% against making indoor prostitution illegal and 38% supporting it being illegal out of 1041 votes. Zillions of comments such as:
Perhaps one day we will evolve as a society to the point where we commonly recognize and hold that it is simply futile to legislate morality. The issue of prostitution, abortion and so called 'illicit' drugs are the three most recognizable issues whose special interest opposition does nothing but cloud the debate with half-truths and morality plays where they simply have no place in a Constitutional Republic that recognizes and guarantee the rights of the INDIVIDUAL over any other entity.

INALIENABLE Individual Rights are the cornerstone of this country's origin and governmental system. Sadly, starting with the Industrial Revolution we stood by as our elected representatives began eroding away at those INALIENABLE (people should look that word up. It's an absolutism) rights. Additionally, and perhaps more destructively we have allowed moral interests to influence law making on a Federal level that come in direct opposition to Individual Freedoms and Individual INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

People in the Northeast simply do not have the same collective view of morality as folks in say the Southeast. Thus as a Federal Republic those of us in the Northeast should not be bound to the moral code of another region, state or municipality. We need a return to State's Rights.

The act of buying & selling sexual or intimate services is a choice that government has a very limited responsibility in. No one should be made a criminal for choosing to have sex with another person whether or not money is exchanged. Our current laws regarding so-called prostitution in this country are at complete odds with the the Individual freedoms recognized by the Constitution.

It's a simple law of economics. Make something that is highly desirable (especially that which is pleasurable) illegal and its inevitable that extraordinary risks which produce extraordinary profits will fuel a Black Market that will only continue to innovate and grow stronger as time passes. It's time for us all to be adults and stop hiding behind moral fallacies and realize the sex trade has always been here and always will be here.

Sex is a basic human need. Orgasmic release is the healthiest high one can obtain. There are many lonely people out there that use these services. And it is true that there is the element of infidelity. But that is an issue between a husband and wife, not a decision for ANY government to make. It would be far safer, for the profession to be legitimized in the legal sense. Let's get to legalizing what should have never been illegal and leave the proselytizing in the houses or worship or private homes where it belongs.
These women are not criminals because they choose to have sex for a living. And they are not victims if they choose it. Of course any one in their right mind can distinguish between a girl giving sensual massages (Just a happy ending-repulsive to some a relief to others) and a 14 year old Asian sex slave. This sweeping platform is idiotic and lazy thinking as well as hysterical rhetoric.
This is another example of why the moral cesspool that is RI continues to be a national embarassment. Prostitution demeans women everywhere, as some continue to see them as a commodity. The "customers" bring the threat of disease to unknowing spouses/girlfriends- provided they don't always have to pay for sex. Women are abused, physically and through abdication of their own self-dignity and worth. Human trafficking thrives and the value of the person is diminished. For those who wish to see it taxed into a new revenue stream- why not criminalize it, and create high fines for those who engage in it, and the stae will be in the black by year end.
The legislation should be aimed at human trafficking, and punishing those guilty, not the women who are most often victims.
Hopefully this bill will pass. This kind of business should have been stopped a long time ago. I have lived in R.I. all my life and find that its an embarrassment to know that this sort of thing is allowed in our state.
This is a no brainer. Think not? Try living in a neighborhaood and having YOUR children see this kind of activity. Ot try waiting for a bus and have to fight your way through the local pimp and his posse of women.
This would be a big step backward for sex workers. I can understand wanting to stop drug trafficking, which often goes hand-in-hand with street walkers and low end prostitutes. I believe states should stipulate that prostitution is illegal when coupled with illegal drugs, money laundering, minors, and violent crimes. Otherwise, we are just targeting ordinary citizens who choose to share time with each other in private. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to punish people for wanting companionship. High end prostitutes all know the real desire of both men and women is for intimacy and companionship. In this fast-paced society, they serve a very much needed purpose, giving emotional, mental, and physical release to those who might not otherwise find those things.
Prostitution should be illegal in RI. Many people are unaware that it is allowed. Not only is it vile overall, but it encourages human trafficking. Human trafficking is more common that you think. Many of the prostitutes are actually people who are forced, and threatened. Many times they are too fearful for the lives of their loved ones to stop. This encourages vile human traffickers to move to RI. We are encouraging this by keeping it legal. Write, call and email your senators and representatives. This needs to stop.

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