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City Council funds prostitute for disabled man

A Dutch council is paying for a disabled man to have sex once a month with a prostitute. Hennie van den Wittenboer has been fighting for seven years to get help from the social services department in Tilburg. Now he says he feels less stressed and doesn't need to take as much medication.

The 48-year-old, who uses a wheelchair, says: "They (the council) said sex wasn't part of the primary needs of a human being. "Now there is a lady coming once a month, I feel much better."

His situation has been highlighted by Dutch papers and television. The city administration has agreed to offer him a monthly payment of 190 guilder (£53) towards a prostitute, reports Brabants Dagblad.


A sexworker comments: I heard today of the city of Zutphen who is willing to pay for a prostitute for a disabled man 4 times a week!!!! This was told to me by a journalist and I'll check it tomorrow though I believe him to tell the truth. Both xxxxxx and I were involved in the foundation for disabled and sexcontacts some years ago. So indeed we think fl 190,00 is a weird amount.... Apparently the only organisation specialised in sexcontacts for disabled charges

fl 160,00 for an hour-and-a-half so maybe the rest is for the VAT??? The organisation is non-profit and all the money is for the sexworker. Unfortunately I heard loads of complaints about the woma(e)n working there. There is hardly anyone to be found and the younger clients complain about the age of the women.

10/20/01 German Prostitutes get pensions

"PROSTITUTES in Germany will be able to retire with a state pension at the age of 60, make full use of the national health system and can expect to work in hygienic and comfortable brothels, according to legislation approved by the parliament in Berlin yesterday.

"The Act is the first step towards making prostitution a normal profession with full access to the country's generous social welfare system. It strengthens the legal position of prostitutes, enabling them to take to court clients who fail to pay the agreed fee for their services. "

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