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Prostitution in Norway

Legal Situation: Prostitution is legal. There are laws against engaging in prostitution in a public place, but they are not enforced. Pimping is illegal.The age of consent: 16 normally 18 for working as a prostiutite.

UPDATE July 2007 - Next year buying prostitutes will probably be illegal in Norway as most politicians want to make it illegal because of religious reasons (mainly Islamic but also Christian). Being a prostitute still legal. Same as Sweden. Norwegian government blocks porn pages that are legal in US by using forced filters on internet. Soon they will start block policital sites to after model from China.

Finding prostitutes: The main forms of prostitution are street prostitution and so-called ad prostitution (private women advertising in magazines offer to meet customers either in hotels or at their apartments).

Magazines with informations:"Contact" ("Annonsebladet Kontakt") handles almost all ad prostitution. 

Prostitution itself has long been legal in Norway. Here is some discussion in 1998 about making it illegal, but as I understand nothing was ever done.