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Prostitution and Law Enforcement: Practices and Abuses
There are so many examples of police abuse here are just a few

New York City cops Had Sex For Protection

This type of abuse has been reported for years all over the U.S.
August 1998: Nineteen police officers in the precinct that covers Time Square have been accused of having sex with prostitutes in return for allowing a brothel to stay open - a practice authorities say may date back 15 years.  The officers were investigated based on tips from prostitutes. Police Commissioner Howard Safir said he believed the number of officers who had sex with the prostitutes over the years was confined to a "small stable group," on the day shift. No charges have been filed, and none of the officers has been suspended.  The 19 officers were assigned desk jobs.

I have also heard about such favors from Phoenix providers to cops.

Tempe, Arizona Officers Have Fun Dressing Up For the Prowl
Az Republic August 10 1998: Sitting in the Tempe police station  you could almost hear the theme song of the television show Cops - Bad Boys- while the sting's commanders briefed officers joking about night sting with officers posing as johns or prostitutes.

Before Friday night was over, Tempe police going after the bad boys and girls had nabbed 12 men and three women. 

Solicitation is an act of prostitution, a Class I misdemeanor with a nine-day maximum sentance.

As they prepared for the sting three female officers put on their hooker outfits.  Most of the undercover male offiers wh posed as johns were unshaven and wore torn jeans, ratty T--shirts and well-worn hats.  The female decoys lured men to a motel room where arresting officers would burst throught hte door with guns drawn and cuff the suspect.   And of course the local TV news station turned on the cameras as they were being arrested. 

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