Dave's "Intimacy Fetish" Loving the nude lap dance clubs in Ontario

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Strip Club Marathon Returning to the Falls
Reviews at http://www.sexworkniagarafalls.com of most recent trips
Earilier reports from Toronto at http://www.sexworktoronto.com  in the last few years however I have preferred going to Niagara Falls and Hamilton but many prior trips reports from Toronto.

Arrived Tuesday Night May 22 for my annual 1st of 3 escape the Summer Heat in Phoenix trips to the Falls over our Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day holidays. I stay 10+ days arriving before the holiday rush and returning afterwards.  Oh Canada!

Phoenix is wonderful weather except for 3.5 months of dry heat. In late May we have our first 100F+ days but gets really hot at 110+ in July and August, but then cools my Mid September. 100F in Phoenix but dry - feels about the same as 80-85F in Canada with more moisture. At 110 however its miserable even with low humidity.

Not having had a naked gal in my arms since last trip in October (no similar options in Phoenix since 1998 no contact law - can only gawk and get frustrated without human contact), I did my usual arrival marathon to help the industry economy :(

I have made separate reports by clubs but the first night in town will include reports on:
Pharaoh's in Buffalo
Pure Platinum in Ft Erie
Penthouse in Thorold
Mints in Niagara Falls
I skipped my favorite, Sundowner tonight but will visit hopefully during both day and night shifts over the next 10 days.

I avoid Seductions and probably SI, , due to their high pressure for very expensive extra services I have no interest in at a strip clubs when full service escorts are far less expensive in a bed for an hour!

Into For New Folks - Dave and his "Intimacy Fetish"
For about seven years I have done extensive reviews of my favorite activity in Ontario - the strip clubs with sometimes a few body rubs (enjoy doing nude-reverse but spoiled by the great body rubs at reasonable cost in Toronto) and usually a few escorts.

My interest in high touch caring intimacy for the moment, is different than many guys, so my reviews are different. Bit I also get lots of comments and e-mail from other guys who prefer my type of interests. So I know there is a large interest often not expressed in some of the more intimacy aspects I seek not just sexual in all three of the activities.

When I started doing reviews in mid 1990s I was often attracted by some as being a sissy and how manly some responders were for wanting sex not just my silly "intimacy crap". Amazingly I have watched the attitude change dramatically over the years as more and more guys begin to enjoy and seek this same "intimacy crap".

For strip clubs I have leaned (but sometimes forget) to be up front when a dancer approaches me and tell her I'm more interested in high touch intimacy, cuddling, caressing with her than the usual wild dance and typical Gynecology exam that does nothing for me. Often the dancer tells me that is what she likes also, whether true or not I don't know, but I often get very good response both for my openness and in doing dances.

What turns me on, is the for the moment, human interaction and sharing caring intimate (not sexual) touch which I think we need much more of than just being sexual. Don't get me wrong, sex is great but for me just physical sex is not nearly as fulfilling as more "intimacy for the moment" interactions in lap dances, massages and with escorts.

My writings on my various web sites express this, especially my ideas at www.lovetouch.info for workshops I'd like to do to share some ideas. But I haven't found the right partner nor time to further develop. For many years, yes I'm an old guy, Canada has been my training/testing ground experimenting with different touch and massage techniques (I'm professionally trained in Esalen and have taught couples workshops and hosted massage rooms at swing conventions). I do this in Canada where you have far more legal rights especially for private sexuality than we do in the U.S. where all three of my interests are illegal. This in my view is one reason the U.S. is such a violent, immature sensually, and sexually frustrated culture with no legal option for good professional sensual/sexual services like you have in Canada, as in most of the world except the U.S.

I enjoyed my social experiments in touch at the strip clubs in Phoenix until the law changed in 1999. Then I enjoyed Thailand , the Philippines and Montreal. But than found that Canada was far more practical than Asia, English speaking (except in Quebec) and Ontario has the best combination of all the three options I enjoy the most. Some of the best escorts were in Victoria, B.C. but they have no full contact strip clubs due to the rules of the Alcohol Commission, unlike in Ontario. Of course all my activities are legal within the Canadian Supreme Court wonderful ruling in 1999 making it clear that full contact nude laps are not a bawdy house violation, specifically breast touching. I very much enjoy giving good breast and pectoral massages as a part of dancer routine, and the often great response I get.

In the 90's I was one of the most popular customers at Phoenix strip clubs - even though I never tipped - I did it more as a social experiment to develop my touch and see if dancers would enjoy even without the expected tips. Cost was still high doing with many dancers at $25 for 3 dance routine. The dancer only got about $5, house the rest and dancer makes most of her money by your expected tips. Only one of the songs was nude and after the 1999 law change which I opposed and spoke against at public hearings and before the Council, contact tease dances only legal. Heaven forbid you touch a breast or dirty body part - the religious right made it something to do with protecting children (yes dumb, made no sense, but that was their silly argument) and to protected community morality. Terrible situation compared to Canadian clubs and legal situation

But pre 1999 wow, what an experience with even dancers crying in my arms that they wished boyfriends knew how to touch and enjoying the type of caring touch even for the moment, I enjoy. I say all this not to brag but show the power of developing good touch skills which I ultimately would like to do workshops to share ideas with others.

At one club there was a hostess who could not understand why any dancer wanted to be with "cheap Dave" who never tipped. One night she went nuts after having to make a waiting list of dancers wanting to be with me! She had to get a dance from me. That of course put me under pressure to "prove myself". But an amazing thing happened - this is absolutely the truth - after having dances with me she was my biggest fan. One night there was a new dancer who she literally threw in my lap (was hilarious) saying "you have to get a dance from Dave even though he doesn't tip." Again my social experiment on good touch not trying to bragging about being "Gods gift to women".

I get wonderful response from most women but of course not all since some are only interested in non personal dancing as a sex object to tease and titillate. Often this is the U.S. dancer attitude. They save intimacy for their boyfriend or husband. My view is sharing intimacy is like sharing knowledge. You don't deplete your knowledge by sharing it, it grows as you spread it around. Intimacy does not have to be overtly sexual, although it also can be. In my view we badly need more caring touch intimacy between couples, friends and even for the moment strangers in our culture without it having to just be sexual.

The most responsive women from my decade plus of experience is the wonderfully sensual, intimate Eastern European women I meet in Canada. Of course this is huge generalization with exceptions but its been amazing how true it is in my experiences. U.S. women the least intimate, European most intimate, Asian and Latin mixed but often very responsive, and Canadian women somewhere in the middle (French Canadians the exception great responders like Eastern Europeans). I think this has a lot to do with culture. If your raised in a sex negative society like the U.S. vs., open French you don't learn or appreciate good intimacy skills it seems. But again many exceptions to this generalization.

The U.S. sadly in its laws is dominated by the conservative religious right that has been very successful in passing laws to impose their non biblical morality view on others by law since most will not follow their misdirection in what biblical morality is. Whether you are Christian or not you are effected by these laws and commonly held false teachings. See http://www.sexwork.com/coalition/christian.html for my study on why there is nothing biblically wrong with "common" prostitution. And see my site www.libchrist.com for studies and extensive bibliography showing clearly is nothing biblically wrong with a man having as many wives and concubines as he could afford. The conservative Christian beliefs imposed on us in our laws in the U.S. simply have no biblical basis, only twisted false traditions.

My Dancer Reviews
In my reviews I tell the number of dances I did with a dancer (3 is my limit) and for those looking for what I enjoy, I rate with my intimacy score, 0-5 from zero intimacy in my view to rare highest 5. I also use terms such as intimacy responder (knows how to wonderfully interact intimately which is NOT the same as sexually) or receiver which is someone who obviously enjoys receiving but isn't as much of a responder other than just laying there and letting me do things which I do enjoy but even better if like minded responder as many of the Eastern European (and other) women often are.

That is an intro for new folks not familiar with my type of reviews which I will post from Niagara Falls and Hamilton over the next 10 days on http://www.sexworkniagarafalls.com and other Canadian review boards.

Best wishes. Dave in Phoenix