Phoenix Strip/Nude Dance Clubs
For  High - Touch, Non-Sexual Intimacy, Not Just Bodies As Sex Objects

Comprehensive Reviews Of Many Clubs In Phoenix AZ

New Phoenix Law Passed 12/9/98
Makes Lapdances illegal & closes Private Room clubs
See: New Phoenix Ordinance = Abuse of Women At Nude Clubs

ALL THE GREAT INTIMACY OPTIONS THE REST OF THIS PAGE DISCUSSES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN PHOENIX THANKS TO THE NATIONAL FAMILY LEGAL FOUNDATION (Protecting Neighborhoods and Children)  AND PHOENIX CITY COUNCIL. I would like to see DJ's at nude clubs  at election time remind the customers every half hour or so that, "We would like to make the dancers available for lap dances, but (fill in the blank) on your Phoenix City Council doesn't believe adults should decide for themselves whether to take part in such interactions."

Note I am no longer keeping this page up to date since you can't even legally hug anymore.  I do stop buy every few months and still enjoy some of my long-time dancer friends and the differences between clubs are the same as in my earlier reviews.

Also see extensive discussion of Intimacy In Nude Club Ideas  about what use to be available and still is in some other cities.


Forget Phoenix topless clubs and many nude clubs other than for bodies as sex objects. All the topless clubs are about the same as far as I'm concerned as are the nude clubs excluded from my review. However see reviews from more "normal" men after my reviews. Dancers are great sex objects and do their tease show very well. To me it's like saying "See my sexy canít have it." But many men pay well to be teased like this just to gawk at a womanís body. Some dancers will dance at your table but there is no wholesome touch and the liquor is another attraction. I am not reviewing the topless clubs since I have no interest in them. Some of the nude clubs in Phoenix, where no alcohol is served, offer the tease but also the opportunity for more wholesome nonsexual interaction. The "drinks" served at nude clubs are pop, coffee and other nonalcoholic beverages. Since I have no interest in some artificial high from alcohol that is great with me. I get my highs naturally, from sober, intelligent, warm caring people.

NUDE DANCE CLUBS (I'm strange)

My recommendations regarding nude clubs have nothing to do with the nudity. For many nudity is less sexual than the tease of provocative clothing. To me, the nude body is a work of beauty (no matter how fat, skinny or well built). Nudity is a much more honest, open way of relating for those of us that simply look at the body with dignity and respect. It would be better to get more used to nudity so it becomes more normal and not such a big deal. In many other countries nudity is much more common and less sexual. European women come to American beaches and don't understand why they have to wear tops. In America we have even sexualized womenís breasts and made something naturally just part of a body into another sex object.


In an industry with high turnover and many different dancers it is very unfair to single out specific dancers. In doing so I omit many that may be just as "lovely warm spirits" as those I mention. Remember at all clubs: NO SEXUAL TOUCHING IS EVER ALLOWED. The touch I refer to here is not groping but the simple touches most people need more of in life (hand holding, tenderly stroking arms, face, hugs, massaging necks, backs, etc.) For some men this will sound silly - since our culture promotes so much teasing sex but not more meaningful intimate touch.

Just because the table dances are more private, that does not mean there will be any sexual activity allowed! The cost is based on length of time the dancer spends with you. No matter what you pay you will not get any overt sexual activity.


The dancers at all the clubs make most of their money by tips. However, since I am only looking for dancers that honestly do enjoy my touch, as a test of their sincerity I never tip dancers. Yet I am very popular at many clubs. I DO NOT recommend this non-tipping for others. I do it more as a social experiment. Because I meet so many dancers it is very expensive for me even without tipping. Sadly the dancers hardly make any money from me, so of course some dancers are not interested in me. But many dancers prefer a good neck/back massage and good touch to just good tips. It's my way of finding dancers to whom I can give something that they enjoy more than just tips. It also proves my often made point that good touch by men is so rare and appreciated.    BUT please tip very generously!


Sharing good nonsexual touch for its medical as well as emotional benefits is just as important as attractive food. Just like you go to a good restaurant, and pay a fair price for beautifully prepared food, you should be willing to support clubs and dancers by paying a fair tip to have important touch needs met by an attractive woman. This is a legitimate need, especially for single men or those whose wives are not providing enough good touch. Yes, good sex is also important medically as well as emotionally and should be available just like good food. That's why prostitution (sex workers) should be a legal, legitimate profession. But sex is simply not available at any of the clubs I review. I am not just saying that to keep the cops out: sex is not available!


Pardon all this preaching ... on to a review of specific clubs. Most of the clubs offer free soft drinks, coffee, etc. No alcohol is allowed. If you need to drink go to the topless bars and be teased. The reviews are in two sections. The first is my reviews with my unusual methods and bias. The second review section is reviews submitted by other, perhaps more "normal" customers!

Rating Scale Use:  A To F Based on Intimacy Potential and Cost Value, Not hot-babes being judged just for looks which is the usual method of other reviewers.

BLUE MOON  Rating: B+

2911 East Van Buren: $8 door charge, free drinks

While probably in the worst area with hookers on the street outside, the Blue Moon has dancers I consider "warm caring spirits." It is also setup well for my "game" as are most other clubs.

The "game" I enjoy is sitting with my right arm out over the chair or space next to me, sort of inviting someone to come into my nest...or net, depending on how dangerous dancers perceive me. Some dancers say something like; "gee that spot looks like it's just for me." By just sitting with me, I have my arm nicely across the dancer's shoulders which is an ideal position to do a neck massage (I've been professionally trained in Esalen massage and have helped sexual abuse victims reconnect with good touch and to trust men). It is also sort of a warning to dancers not interested in good touch that I am dangerous and to be avoided! Many dancers enjoy my game and appreciate my nest and good quality touch.  Over the years however, more dancers are just doing the fast hassle for tips from lap dances and don't want to waste time sitting with you in the main area. Many now just come up and ask if you want a private dance.   Others, have much more personality and enjoy intelligent conversation.  A few dancers however speak very little English, just Spanish.

At all the nude clubs, table dances are all done topless, not nude. Nonsexual touch is allowed, except on certain body parts, as well as conversation. The music at Blue Moon is not so loud you have to yell to be heard as in some clubs. Suggested dancers with "warm caring spirits" at night (7 PM to 3 AM) include xxxx, a longtime favorite, Sylvia, Holly, Nora (see very favorable report by another reviewer), Mercedes, Sheila ( From Australia), & Stephanie  are very nice. Some I knew when they danced at Show Club before the big change and most everyone left. Table dances are $21 for a three song routine (sitting with you 2/dancing 1) and up. Night hostess Thur-Sat is Anna who is very low key, no high pressure and very nice. Monique is Sunday-Wed night hostess who is very nice. At night there is a high percentage of Mexican customers that often are the worst tippers and the worst table dance customers, who often just want to grope and talk sex. The atmosphere is not high class but clean. The dancers are not all the plastic perfect sex objects - go to the many topless tease bars if that is what you are looking for. I find personality and enjoyment of snuggling a more important characteristic than a perfect body. But many of the dancers are also very attractive.

The day shift is 11 AM to 7 PM. They have much higher dancer turnover than night shift but a somewhat nicer customers. Some are just interested in tip hustling and many seem to have only surface tease to get your money. For good tips they may also be more ... sensual than at most clubs. BUT...they are also some very nice sincere dancers at times. Ty used to be the day hostess but now dances and is very nice, dancers I recommend include Danelle, Ty, (rest deleted since have all left!). The day shift is 11 AM to 7 PM. They have much higher dancer turnover than night shift but a somewhat nicer customers. Some are just interested in tip hustling and many seem to have only surface tease to get your money. For good tips they may also be more ... sensual than at most clubs. BUT...they are also some very nice sincere dancers at times. Ty used to be the day hostess but now dances and is very nice, dancers I recommend include Danelle, Ty, (rest deleted since have all left!).  (updated 7/25/98)

Update and Ideas on Legal High Touch Activities at Blue Moon
I shared on Private Private E-mail List:

May 31, 1998 Blue Moon Dave's experience

In the last update there were reports on how the heat from the vice cops have made things not nearly as enjoyable at the Blue Moon. However, old Dave had a very great time on Sunday night.

Until the San Francisco Report, I haven't shared much about my dance club experiences on the private list since I say so much about it on the web site and most of the interest on this list is probably more directly sexually related But....until we get more hardcore reviews...

As you know,if you read my review of Phoenix clubs and the latest San Francisco report, I'm odd since I'm into more massage and good touch than bouncing boobs and butts in my face. I describe myself as more in a love mode than a sex mode which gives me more satisfaction. Over the years I've had some really good intimate times with a few of the dancers at Blue Moon but not in the way most of you are perhaps seeking.

Sunday was a great example. I was with some of my usual "fans", who I very much like, Nora, Sylvia and xxxx who always enjoy my massage and tender touch. Now they all do what xxx started doing with me perhaps six months ago. They all nicely lay their bodies in my lap and I enjoy doing my massage/touch thing for a long time. Hostess Ty seems to let us go much longer than the typical 3 song routine since she knows the dancers are in good hands (pardon humbleness!).

If you read my San Francisco report this would be position 4 which can't be done in a chair but you have to have bench or long seat, like they have at Blue Moon, so the dancer can lay down on me face down her body over my lap. I love doing slow, as deep as the dancer likes, massage into the various good pressure points along the back, spine,butt and upper legs, combined with tender soft stokes all over her body with gentle cuddles and hugs tossed in. Any man can learn to do this, and it is very much enjoyed by dancers.

Best yet, I don't really care if a vice cop happens to be in the audience since their is nothing against the law that I'm doing with the dancers. She is topless not naked.

In addition to Nora, xxxx and Sylvia who are so very nice, Jules/Julie (now Amber) also saw what I was doing and asked for my company. I've known her since May 1995, but she often avoided me (since I don't tip- I recommend generous tipping by others however, since I do it more as a social experiment and am professionally trained in massage which I do instead) and when I've been with her in the past she was often a bit wild rather than the more intimate I prefer. I think she has been trying to figure our why so many dancers come to me. However, tonight she was wonderfully responsive to my touch and I very much enjoyed her company.

A newer 19yr old Drew was introduced to me by Nora who enthusiastically told her how great my massage is. Drew was also wonderfully responsive and enjoyed my touch/massage and I enjoyed her.

It was a totally great evening to get back into the local clubs after my great trip to the San Francisco lap dance.. and more clubs.

As my reports show the only other clubs in Phoenix I visit on a regular basis are Eve's Tease and Body Shop. I very much like many of the dancers using position 1 and 3 (See San Franciso Report) mostly. The biggest problem is it gets expensive since almost every dancer wants to be with me at both of these clubs where I'm well known. I get very poor results at most of the other nude clubs and of course have no interest in the topless clubs since their is no good touch interaction available.

UPDATE 9/7/98:

 Apparently with the proposed new strip club restrictions new rules are enforce even if not yet required.  Blue Moon was packed (almost all Mexicans) but hardly any private dances going on.  It appeared private dances could not even be topless.  Being packed means lots of money for the house, but with few private dances not much money for dancers.


1702 East McDowell Road: $5 door charge, $1.25 drinks

New owner 11/1/96. Use to be SHOW CLUB with many friendly dancers. $18 and up table dance routine. I used to play my game just as easily as at Blue Moon with often very rewarding results.

I used to highly recommend the club before Jean; the wife of original owner that died took over. Most of the dancers I had recommended donít like her and have left. Other dancers think she is nice. She also owns Rumper Room. Lots of new dancers and different attitudes not at all like it used to be when I recommended many very nice dancers. Most night dancers are sexy, but impersonal and ditzy like its sister club Rumper Room.  In 1997 has gone down hill fast. Many dancers have left.  The toilets are a mess no soap, often  not even towels. About October 1997 the Dept of Labor forced them to pay back wages to the dancers.  So, Joan started charging a $1.25 drink charge when previously it was free.

In October 1997 I sort of had my cover blown.  2 dancers were talking loudly about how good I did massage and one had a very sore neck I worked on.  Then she blurted out I was the one who said such bad things about the place and how she was the only one I had anything good to say about.  Well...I try and have a much lower profile. When others got upset I would write a negative review (that wasn't nice), I asked if it was true. The reply was, "yes but you should write bad things about us."  Obviously they didn't get the fact I wasn't just promoting them but trying to be an honest guide for men seeking some intimacy. What I'm sure they will never get is, I really was trying to find nice things to write about but when I'm not meeting very many dancers its hard to write about them. The dancers are nice...just immature, ditzy and if you just want young sexy boobs and asses wiggling in your face to stare at, this is a great place. It's just not my kind of place compared to other clubs I prefer.  As of 4/98 the night hostess "Heather" is very nice as is the Day hostess "Nit".  Vixon has been nice in the past but seems to avoid me more recently.  I would recommend her to good tippers however.

Day shift seems friendlier. Some day shift dancers tell me they donít even get along with night dancers who are more cold and stuck-up. I had an interesting experience.  I noticed a dancer cuddling nicely with an older gentleman. I asked the hostess  who the dancer was. No dancers had approached me but without hostess saying a word to the dancer I asked about her (Kiki). After she was done with the other gentlemen she sat under by arm and started talking. Must be those warm souls attract others! When I greeted her as Kiki, she was surprised I knew her name and wanted to know how. I did a dance with Kiki and she is one of the nicest, intelligent, warmest dancers you would want to meet.

One dancer who enjoyed me recommended her friend approach me.  She seemed to be in awe with my touch. She tried hard to be so sexy but I successfully "tamed" her from just doing a wild dance to enjoying more caring touch.  Apparently she simply had never been touched so nicely before and simply didn'tít know how to react, but very much enjoyed it.  I've had other dancers on the verge of tears just from my touch and many say they should tip me to share with them massage and good touch.  It's so sad when so many young 20 yr. old women have never even experienced sensitive loving touch without it being sexual. No wonder some donít know how to be anything but just be sexy with their bodies! 

What a difference from Eves, Body Shop or Blue Moon, where many dancers are intelligent, wonderfully warm, and enjoy customers that have some degree of personality instead of those just looking for bouncing babes. The more friendly clubs also seem to have many more customers. I realize one really canít expect much from a strip club, but when the response I get is so positive at some, and so cold at others it makes an interesting comparison. It seems the warm dancers with personality find the clubs with similar dancers and the dancers who just want to tease with their bodies find clubs they are more comfortable in. Over the past 5 years the trend in Phoenix has been more to the tease only dancers. This club is a good example of how attitudes have changed, especially with a new owner, since it used to be one of my highest recommended clubs.

7/98 Update.

  Very ditzy, no one approaches me, even though most dancers are new and don't know of me.  But when some young hunks come in the dancers are all over them, sitting in laps etc.  So if your a 20 yr old hunk this may be the place for you, but not for old foggies like me.


3737 West Indian School Road: $5 door charge, $3 drinks.
My attitude about Eve's has grown more and more favorable over time as I meet more of their dancers. I've now found it has along with its sister club Body Shop, the warmest down to earth dancers that really enjoy good non-sexual intimacy far more than any of the other clubs.

The table dances allow more time for nonsexual body contact while topless than at most other clubs; the dancer is in your lap the entire time, compared to one out of three songs at Blue Moon and Kittyís Klub. There is no sexual activity, but touch is allowed except of course genitals etc. Lap dances are $15-$25-$35-$45 and up, but I've never done more than $25, which is a two song routine. I'm known for my response to the hostess's question "do you want another dance." I say "I'm only good for one and that has nothing to do with my sexual stamina!" Like all clubs, higher prices only increase time, and there is never any sexual activity or sexual touch. As I discussed earlier, I encourage generous tipping.

Eve's also won in the past for the most helpful hostesses and best liked owner. The co-owner, Greg, used to be manager of Show Club. More recently his nice wife (ex-wife now ) Anita, is now managing the club. A number of dancers have mentioned how nice and supportive management is especially to those "scared to death" since they have never done anything like this before. The management of all the clubs is very protective and the large bouncers will quickly show the door to anyone giving a dancer a problem by trying to get sex, groping or other poor behavior.

All of the hostesses at Eve's are very helpful and friendly even to the extent of recommending which dancers might be the most down to earth and friendly for someone like me looking more for personality than just a body. It's also fun to be so popular.  Sometimes the hostess has to keep dancers on a list since so many what to share with me and I really enjoy many of them for their warm personalities and mutually enjoyed warm lap dances.  Even though I don't tip it gets expensive because I seldom turn down any dancer that really wants to share with me. As an example of how supportive the dancers are of each other, there have been times where a dancer was having a bad day, and other dancers made sure she had an opportunity to be with me.  This caring among dancers is so different than some clubs where the dancers are rivals competing with each other for customers, instead of being supportive friends for each other.  Eves is open 7 PM to 3AM.

Dancers I especially recommend: Foxy, Michelle, Rikki, Nikki, Dottie, Lisa, Lea, Sally, Dawn, Savanna, Faith, Venus,  Jennifer,   Lori, Auya, Lyric, Stacy, Cat,  Julie, Haley, & Kelly who all are the nicest most genuine warm loving spirits you could meet who very much enjoy good touch. All the waitresses, such as Holly, Jennifer & Florienda are very friendly and helpful.

Once at Eves while enjoying a nice lap dance (with Mia- very nice, too bad no longer there) this wild-screaming women came in. Something about going to kill everyone ... The very large bouncers did a nice job of herding her back towards the door. But outside she went on a rampage pounding on the building all around from the outside which we could hear inside. I use to be in the police reserve and carry a police radio with me. Well it was in the car. I made sure they had called the police and waited outside with the bouncers for awhile. She had left her Mercedes parked with the door open in the middle of the lot! About six police cars arrived but she was no where to be found. No, it was not a former dancer! The police finally found her passed out in a culvert a few blocks away. Obviously very high on drugs.

The only other real trouble I've seen was once at the old Show Club where someone reached over the counter and grabbed money from the till and ran. The manger hit the panic alarm, which goes to the police, grabbed his gun and ran after him. But he got away. Police response is usually quite good; depending on what else is going on at the moment.

A more frequent problem is the drunken asshole that thinks he can get sex and when he finds out that paying for a lap dance doesn't buy pussy he gets very upset and starts yelling when the bounces nicely ask him to leave! As one dancer at Eves said after a drunk man on the rampage got escorted out, "I guess that means I don't get a tip" What dancers have to put up with. But these bad events are not that frequent.


3790 NW Grand Ave (about a mile from Eve's Tease) $5 door charge, 1 drink minimum $3.

This club is the newest and also brings in well-known strippers such as Lisa Lipps (very nice personality and friendly with the regular dancers) Samantha Strong etc. Not my interest but they draw the largest crowds. Their live DJ announces the names of the dancers, which is very much appreciated (although often talks so fast you canít understand the name, or I'm going deaf in my old age), along with a board as you enter with the current shiftís dancerís names. The dancers are very friendly and the table dance area is just as private as at Eves. The table dances and costs are the same as Eves and often the dancers and hostesses switch between clubs as needed since they are only a few miles apart.

Iíve met some really great dancers who enjoy good hugging, cuddling and massage as well as nice bodies. There has been much higher turnover however, than at Eves and recently some newer dancers donít know what to do other than just gyrate their bodies when doing table dances.Some of the great night dancers I recommend for intimacy are Iíve met some really great dancers who enjoy good hugging, cuddling and massage as well as nice bodies. There has been much higher turnover however, than at Eves and recently some newer dancers donít know what to do other than just gyrate their bodies when doing table dances.Some of the great night dancers I recommend for intimacy are Lindsey (one of my favorites for intimacy not wild bouncing laps dances),  Sandy (Wed), Jamie, Mia, Tamie, Aleysis,  Angel, Riekki, and Cindy.  Jennifer, Sandy and other hostesses are also very nice. Tammy (different from Dancer) is great Wed night hostess.  As of Summer of 98 however, they seem to have gotten more conservative with touch since they know they are visted by vice cops. They haven't had any problems but seem more conservative now in intimate non-sexual touch than Eves is.

(one of my favorites for intimacy not wild bouncing laps dances),  Sandy (Wed), Jamie, Mia, Tamie, Aleysis,  Angel, Riekki, and Cindy.  Jennifer, Sandy and other hostesses are also very nice. Tammy (different from Dancer) is great Wed night hostess.  As of Summer of 98 however, they seem to have gotten more conservative with touch since they know they are visted by vice cops. They haven't had any problems but seem more conservative now in intimate non-sexual touch than Eves is.

Sandy is especially helpful telling new dancers about me in a way that makes them want to be with me. It's funny since when she first hosted at Eves for a long time she couldn't figure out why I was so popular, since I didn't tip. Then one night she had to make a waiting list for all the dancers that wanted to be with me. That was enough she had to have a dance with me (talk about pressure on me!) Now she is my favorite hostess and one of my biggest fans, with a very warn friendly personality. She has discovered that 90% of the dancers could care less that I don't tip, and want to share with me. I'm not trying to boast here, its simply a fact that few men know how to express caring intimacy with women. I'm as surprised as I can be about my reception at some clubs vs. others.

I've known the owner Greg for many years, he used to own Showclub when it was one of my favorite places.  Many new dancers who often are very nervous having never worked in a club say Greg is very nice and helpful in making them feel comfortable.

The day shift is smaller and could use more customers! They have some friendly attractive dancers. Hostess is Heather. Sierra is my favorite dancer. She can do very sexy dances or wonderfully snuggle up and cuddle which she very much enjoys with the right person. Treat her and all the dancers well. For every nice customer they have to put up with a lot of men that just want to grab and poke in the wrong places. Its sad to see some of the nicest dancers constantly have to tell some customers "you canít touch me there" when men just want to be sexual and havenít leaned how nice it can be to be more intimate and only touch in ways the dancer also enjoys and is perfectly legal.


2438 E. McDowell: $5 door charge, $5 drink minimum
When I visited Class Act shortly after they reopened, I totally wrote them off my list for consideration. I was turned off by the hustle of the dancers. I want to know the price not "how much can you afford", or "the more you pay the nicer the dance". I won't play these hooker games. Later, I had some good experiences but then they changed again back to mostly a hustle for your money.

The high pressure tactics may separate men from their money for the evening, but most will not come back, especially when other clubs are much more customer friendly with less hustle and tip pressure. The core problem is the dancers make almost no money except from tips, which is not the case at some other clubs. The owners have a nice thing going...donít have any employee costs but keep the entire dance fees and $10 per person.

The club physically is one of the nicest and is kept clean. But if they paid the dancers more they would get more repeat customers instead of drive many away by the high-pressure tactics for tips.

The private room dances are $30 for 2 songs and $50 for 30 minutes. The dancers expect you to at least match the cost or more with tips and some are very demanding you give them their tip up front before they will dance. Then at the end they will ask for more tips.

The hostess Fire says, "on the longer dances she gets much wilder." Well, being "wild" is simply not my interest but may be for others with lots of money to spend who enjoy the tease of gyrating bodies. The price is very steep for a very short interaction - higher cost per minute than at any of the other clubs I recommend. Some of the dancers do get very sensual (no, not full service) so it might be good for some men. Some of the dancers are also very attractive. An advantage is more privacy, which is not the case at the other clubs. This does not mean any sex takes place.

Since there are only a couple private dance areas, often there is a wait before a room is available. This is actually good since you get to just talk with the dancer longer while waiting, although that is hard over the blare of the music. But intelligent conversation is not the norm, as one dancer told me, she enjoyed the fact I could carry on an intelligent conversation, which she finds so rare.

I use to have some highly recommended dancers but they have left. I don't visit often because of the high costs.

Class Act has a much larger stage then the other clubs, with mirrors and a live DJ. They announce the names of the dancers, which I like...but its so blaring, I often can't understand what is being said. Only Body Shop and Eveís also have a live DJ. My suggestion for other clubs is to have the dancers introduce themselves before their show. Kittyís Club, Eve's Tease, Rumper Room and Body Shop have a board listing the dancers on duty, which is helpful.

Class Act is one of the clubs I visited when I first moved to Phoenix 10 years ago before it was closed (owner arrested and convicted of drug and tax related crimes). One of the first dancers I met was Fire. Since then Fire has been hostess for at least two other clubs I've reviewed. She is now back at Class Act. Fire, I am sure, is very good for business but I am totally put off by her sweet talking ("hi Hon want to have fun with sexy (dancer's name)"and being so pushy compared to other hostesses in other clubs. Dancers tell me they feel the same but she is very good at "sales," which benefits the dancers and club owners. In the private dances she now announces dancers get their tips up front. The pitch use to come at the end "don't forget to tip well.. Hon.." but again she is working for the dancers by doing so. On the positive side, Fire is very efficient and good at simultaneously keeping track of the timing of different room dances, serving refreshments, selling and collecting money for dances. She even remembers what I drink (coffee) even though I'm not in that often. I could never keep everything straight like she can with a large crowd.


3620 West McDowell Road: $5 door charge.
This club is often the most crowded with mostly Hispanics. The chairs are often squeezed together other than one bench seat near the stage. I prefer to sit away from stage, since Iím not interested in the dancing tease. The toilets are often stopped up. I donít think the soap dispenser has had soap for years! I must be odd... I like to wash my hands with soap after peeing. In July 97 the washbasin had even fallen off the wall! I hear from some dancers how hard the woman owner is to work for and they leave. Dancers badly need to know Spanish to deal with the Mexican waving a $100 bill whose only words of English are "I want pussy" and dancers need to say "no pussy for sale here."

Trying hard to find something good to write I have spent long times here on many nights but am seldom approached for a table dance. The table dances are the best money bargain at $18 for 15 minutes. This makes it the best buy from that standpoint of all the clubs I review. One night the only dancer that approached me was a lesbian who seemed to like good touch while sitting with me, but the table dance was more raunchy than intimate. If you seek oral sex (deep wet sucking on ear, which I found more ticklish than pleasurable) and if you want to smell pussy in your face, and a view a wriggling butt, this would be just the place for you.

In the past I have met some lovely warm spirits but they leave for other clubs. Former dancer, Carla, combined a relaxed friendly warm Asian attitude with a great body and intimate table dance. Some of the dancers seem either sad (never smile or look you in eyes while dancing), ditzy or just want to bounce on your lap. April has a very good dance routine. I did tame very nicely one wild dancer Angel and Janelle while older, is more my type. With some dancers like Ivory (now has moved to Class Act), there is up-front tip pressure (so I donít waste your or my time, as she says). Spice is a little older Mexican but very much my type. One of my worst dances was with "Pussycat". She was totally uninterested, mechanical, dance from a distance and never even looked at me. One of the sharpest was Ginger who was always friendly, looks happy, has a great personality and a warm heart. However, I doubt if any of them are still there since I havenít seen them recently and most dancers are attractive but just very mechanical in their table dances. Jasmin is very nice and is sometimes the day shift hostess. Other hostesses such as Vikki and others are very nice. In August 97, new night waitress is Heather who is very nice formerly from Blue Moon.  In October 97 met Sweetie..who is very..sweet.  The Day shift seems to be a carbon copy of the night shift.

Dream Palace RATED: F

815 No Scottsdale Road Scottsdale $8 door charge
Private dances are nude with some good non-sexual touch but much more limited than at other clubs. The restrictions are obviously needed since nude. It's $35 for 15 minutes with lots of tip pressure. Since nudity to me is no big deal, I personally prefer the more non-sexual touch allowed at the other clubs reviewed. BUT see a good review of Sarah in another section by someone else.

Great Alaskan Bush

Great Alaskan Bush RATED: Before Change A+, Then F Now D

Grand Ave So of Indian School $8.50/$10.50 door charge.

Many years ago I stopped in and didn'tít find anything that interested me - just the wild sexy dances but no intimacy. Then a reviewer recommended some dancers and that he had great experiences here. For fun, I thought Iíd check them out again and try and find the dancers. See my  report on my experiences meeting the dancers he recommended. After two visits it was one of my favorite places for a number of reasons: Attitude, Sensuality, Friendliness, no pressure for tips and no hostess to limit time spend with a dancer. The dancers negotiate their own fees ($20-$40) which they keep just paying a nightly stage fee so there isn'tít the big tip hassle compared to other places where they have to reply mostly on tips. They have total control in time spend with you. Some spend much more time with me for the cost than at any other club. These were the dancers that were the warm spirits that very much liked my non-sexual but intimate touch and massage.

This is the only place I donít have to sit down and be bored by the stage dances and wait for dancers to come to my nest! Remember that Iím weird, since I havenít the slightest interest in gyrating nude bodies but only good touch and sharing non-sexual intimacy with dancers. At the Bush, you can stand around and happy, friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic dancers constantly approach you for dances. They were seductive approaches by using body language and contact instead of the phony high-pressure approach at places like Dream Palace. Here they encouraged good touch from the beginning and often took (note past tense is important) you by the hand to nice large couch areas for nude, high touch, non-sexual lap dances.

Second, the dancers seemed to really care about and support each other. While this is true at some other clubs I got this feeling even more here. I related part of that in my experience with another reviewerís suggested dancers in a later section.

I also had fun with my social interaction experiments! For example one night, I basically treated each of seven dancers exactly the same and it was very interested the vastly different reactions. In 5 out of 7 in one visit, they reacted very favorably to my touch and non-sexual intimacy. They literally melted in my arms instead of just a mechanical sexy lap dance.

...Wow. Sky, Simone, Tammy, Tiffany, Latina, Laura, Velvet, Cathy, Heidi and Michelle were very warm, beautiful inner spirits, that I seek as much as any other dancers Iíve met. Latina deserves special mention. She loved exactly what I enjoy - Slow, loving, tender touch. She also has my ideal body type. Not too small but not overweight and a beautiful face that enjoys being tenderly stroked and a spirit that wants to share nurturing intimacy. She very much enjoys men and even the typical groping touch she isn'tít upset with but often tries to slow men down and shows them more tender nice touch. She could be a great benefit to wives if they would send their husbands to her for some "intimacy training" that most men confuse with just sex. I am also somewhat attracted to attractive black women like Latina. Once I dated a very nice black woman and we went out with her sister who also was dating a white man. We called ourselves the Zebra gang. I think race issues are so stupid. Sometimes I wish all races would just intermarry so in a few generations weíd all be brown and race would no longer be an issue. Just as with dancers, Iím much more attracted to a warm spirit than body parts- but preferences in type of body is also natural as long as not too focused just on a persons breast size etc. It should be the same with race. Now if I could just find a Latina or Tammy or some of the other warm spirits in real life for this old man to have a real relationship with!

Oh yes... and we also have Allen in the menís room! Something about "hey dude you donít have to pay that much for bush. If you see a girl you want, let me know and I will set you up. Iím your man." His slurring and homeboy accent was a bit hard to understand but thatís what I made of his pitch to me! Iím also very offended when they empty all the towel racks so you have to tip some jerk just to dry your hands.

In summary this WAS one of the best places for both the typical male that wants friendly interaction with very sexy nude women (no sex of course), or those seeking more good non-sexual intimacy and good touch with some really wonderful caring spirits. A huge variety of dancers were available anxious to meet you and fees are among the most reasonable for the time spend of any other club.


Since the club went far further than any other club on what was permitted (naked lap dancing) I wondered how long it would be before the city enforced the Phoenix strip club ordinance. But I understand that was not the problem. I understand the owner had to sell for financial reasons and the new owners are going from one extreme to the other extreme of virtually no touch. Too bad it was a place for wholesome good interaction while it lasted. Many customers seem to have gone to other clubs or to more full service sex workers if they are looking for more than tease or fantasy. One or our readers who was a regular said the crackdown was due to lots of sexual activity, such as blow jobs for $20 and drug and alcohol use by dancers was rampant in the dressing area. The place needed to be cleaned up before it got into serious problems with the city. The problem is it went from the too loose extreme to too restrictive.

Another reviewers update 11/96:

"You are being proved right on Alaska Bush. It is definitely less fun now (many of the previously mentioned dancers have quit). They even have a camera mounted in the center to monitor what happens in the booths. (That really makes things enjoyable!)."

2/21/97 Update

I visited again to see what it was like now that a new owner couple had bought it from Jack who had all sorts of problems.

I have a method of screening dancers that at least eliminates some of those that aren't interested in good touch. I stand off the bar area leading into the main lounge and if a dancer approaches me I nicely start doing a neck massage and many just melt into my arms. Others back away and I quickly stop any touch and nicely decline their request for a table dance.

Remember I am only looking at it from my own perspective of seeking places that can offer men good wholesome non-sexual intimacy and good touch. I am motivated by all the letters I continue to get from men that have thanked me for these types of reviews since its what they seek also.

Iíve been surprised by the number of young men who write that have hardly ever had any good physical intimacy (non-sexual) with women who are lonely for that more than just sex. Many have had good experiences with the dancers Iíve recommended in my reports over the years. It has been a genuinely therapeutic benefit and good loving human touch which so many want but have to settle for just the tease and titillation in our society and at many clubs.

If you like to just stare at cunts this will be more your place than mine The clubs new rules prohibits wholesome touch and only seeks to treat dancers as sex objects for men's viewing pleasure.

On the positive side, Tabatha (jokingly kidnapped me when I came in the door), Sia (tall larger black) and Tawny (slim) are very much my type of warm touch dancers who bend the rules a bit. I wish I knew nice women like these that were more full sex workers, and would share more intimacy even without sex with clients outside the club.

Savanna was sharp but wilder. Tiffany (from earlier review) moved to New Hampshire but still works here sometimes and is nice but mostly follows the no touch rules.

I had my worst experience with Donna who has been dancing here 9 years and seems to care less about any touch, although she said she enjoyed my neck/back massage. The worst part was I was only massaging her back while she was dancing, totally non-sexually and was only topless not even nude, when some dude came over and told me be careful where I touch since I'm on camera. I was doing far less with her than most of the others who wanted more of my touch. I was doing totally just non-sexual on the back massage, yet it violated the clubs no touch policy, which just as obviously is only selectively enforced.

It is a very nice club to meet dancers and I love it for its relaxed, friendly, and no tip pressure attitude. Some of the dancers are very nice, but for my interest their policies are far more restrictive now than other clubs and I recommend it mostly just for tease and titillation. The intimacy is nothing like what is available at say Eves or Body Shop yet still are within the law, unlike the old Alaskan Bush before 8/27/96 which was too open, but now too strict. Too bad since it does have a great atmosphere and could be a very good club for those seeking more non-sexual good touch intimacy.

2/27/97 Further Update

None of the dancers I recommended from last week were working. I talked to a dancer that said many dancers were fired that were seen on tape allowing ANY touch. Absolute no touch rule now strictly enforced. For $20 you get a lap dance but your hands must always be at your side. Obviously I wonít be visiting again any time soon.

7/12/97 Update

Still the same. Lots of cold plastic bodies but cameras and big bouncers enforce virtually no touch policy.

1/15/98 Update   Better! 

One of our good reviewers mentioned things might be getting better at the Bush..... Last time I went in July it was totally no touch.

I pulled into the parking lot at 1 am Thurs night and the lot was virtually full. This is a good sign since back in the no touch days business seemed to be way down. Well, reviewer was right..... It's now probably what it should be. I had wonderful intimacy experiences with all three dancers that I met. Port??? (attractive African American here 7 months from FL), Ashley and especially Kayla (who wants me to meet her Shaman massage friend turns out trained by Ina Gregory (laughing wind) who I know well and we have lots of people that go to her and Liberated Christians groups). She even had heard of me!

I saw no bouncers watching us. You can't touch breasts, butts or genitals (at least directly) but in my view I got more intimacy for the dollar than at any other club and all three responded to my touch and massage very very nicely. Also the bartendress Tanya greeting me knowing me from some of the other clubs. Kayla told me they had a meeting Thurs afternoon however and something about apparently a court order to enforce more strictly the new nude club ordinance. And they are supposed to be very careful how they let customer touch since they expect lots of vice cops to be visiting to be sure the rules are followed. But at least it seems they backed away from the total non-touch policy of the new owners in August 1996.

1/22/98 Update.

 Dave visited for  a couple hours and had nude dances with 11 gorgeous young dancers.  9 of the 11 reacted wonderfully to my intimacy.  It was a fun experiment to meet different personalities etc and get such positive reactions to my high touch (within the limits allowed) intimacy.

March 98 Update

My favorite dancers  are Kaylal, Sia (very tall Afrio-American), & Tabatha  who are  good examples of "erotic intimacy" in her dance with high touch, within the limits.  We sort of did a beautiful dance together. Michelle, from Brazil is very attractive and enjoys good very deep massage.

I really appreciate the low tip pressure here and the $20 dance fee which offers much more than at any other club.   The reason for this and why they have 30-40 dancers every night with lots more wanting to be hired is they have the fairest compensation method.  The dancers pay a set stage fee (about $50 I believe).  They then KEEP ALL THEIR DANCE FEES.  This is so much different from other clubs where the dancer only gets a tiny part of the dance fee and has to rely on tips for most of her income.

The cameras are watching and some are more spooked than others.  The fact is if any man touches the dancers in the wrong areas, the dancer is fined $50 and can be fired. The video tapes off  all the action are reviewed.  It is the responsibility of the dancer to be sure no non-allowed touch takes place.  She is the one that gets in trouble not the customer.   See latest crackdown in Los Angles Strip Clubs  and how they now define TOUCH AS PROSTITUTION  which is very restrictive and we hope is never tried in Phoenix.

March 26, 1998 a reviewer writes:

I was out at Bush Co I this past weekend. Looks like nude dances are now done from a distance of about 3 ft away, but there was still plenty of contact to be had from the topless dances. No problem for me, since I don't care if the girl's wearing a bikini. (I sort of prefer they do - when they go topless most girls just try to mesmerize you by sticking their boobs in your face, and I'd much rather see the whole girl than just the boobs!).

August 1998 Update:

 Big bouncers enforce virtually no touch policy, don't get anywhere near breasts or butts or they will make you sit on your hands!   Far too uptight with the constant concern of dancers of camera's where they can be fined or fired if any "near" breast or butt touch. 


There are many glitzy topless clubs in Phoenix that are much larger and more popular than the clubs I've reviewed. They offer all the big breasts and sexy bodies, often with plastic enhancing, for you're gawking pleasure, if that kind of tease is your thing. Itís just not what I am interested in so I'll let others review them.

See Strip & Nude Clubs - Otherís Views
For a sample of the many reviews submitted by more "normal" men, many who more enjoy just looking at bodies more than I do.

I realize my views do not represent those of the majority of men seeking entertainment and enjoyment at strip clubs. My view of the dancing is thatís itís painfully teasing. Itís like the dancer is saying "ha ha see how sexy I am... and ha ha, you canít touch me or enjoy sex with me...but just keep giving me money for your fantasy. She laughs herself all the way to the bank with what men will pay to be teased. However, I have found sharing meaningful intimacy with dancers at clubs where it is allowed, has made me a fan of such clubs even though I have no interest in either the stage dancing or just seeing the nudity (since Iím so use to nude women). That is why I also will share in this other section reviews received from other men who have a different view.