Dave, sexwork.com Guest on Air America - Decriminalizing Prostitution

Wed night 3/12/08 I did a guest appearance on Air America "Clout with Richard Greene Do-Something Radio"

I am usually very critical of myself but listening to the replay other than a few stumbles of words, I think I did quite good :) He asked the perfect questions and let me give long responses related to Spitzer, the Christian aspects - discussion of how founded libchrist.com, and how related to my interest in sexwork, are prostitutes screwed up people (no) and why people seek prostitutes.

He mention how fantastic the discussion was which of course is nice and wants to have me on for a longer session in the future.

Replay Podcasts are at

Segment 1 http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1084936_xkkgj/2008-03-12-Clout_2-1.mp3 
Spitzer discussion, the Liberated Christian to sexwork aspect, why men seek prostitutes etc.

Segment 2 http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1084937_gwyty/2008-03-12-Clout_2-2.mp3

3 attacks needed to change the laws so we have the same sexual freedoms that most of the rest of the world enjoys. These approaches are Constitutional (Lawrence vs. Texas), Voter initiatives (discussed the SWOP Berkeley failure and why) and legislative (like Calf group), and issue of shame based society. Had to talk fast with limited time!

While I do not agree with some of the extremist liberal views of some on Air America, this was a great outlet to get the message out about decriminalization of in private consenting adult sexwork.

The show airs in major cities including in Phoenix on KPHX-AM 1480 as well as on XM Satellite Radio Ch 167

UPDATE - Getting great response from escorts and others that have heard the broadcast from all over the U.S. Mostly saying it was a fantastic interview and so glad someone is speaking about for private sexwork in such a well informed way. Also have had some media responses and am willing to do other interviews.

Escort's Transformation Experiences
When I get the "abused" question I have so many articles on sexwork.com by escorts telling the positive side. I was reminded of perhaps the best to refer folks to which is of Belle in Niagara Falls who I met and with her enthusiastic permission share some of her personal blog entries in my article "An Escort's Transformation Experiences
Honest Wisdom that can benefit Providers and our Culture" at http://www.sexwork.com/escorts/transformation.html

Other good articles to educate the public:
Why is sexwork considered a shame based service by many?

The men who sleep with prostitutes - Why

Who Will Rescue Us from Those Who Wish to Rescue Us Against Our Will?

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Saving Women from Themselves Silliness

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Is All this Sex Trafficking emotional issue overblown vs. the facts?

CBS Evening News Coverage 3/14/08
This was typical of many media reports. They start off by showing images of street hookers. The say how its such a high risk business with so many prostitutes murdered and coming from broken homes, abused by adults, bad boyfriends drugs etc. They even had the Phoenix Dignity (Catholic) lady on telling how her life was ruined by prostitution. She runs the Phoenix PD John program where first offenders sit thru all the horror stories of prostitution. As I said in my interview most of these are related to street hookers, which is maybe 10% of prostitution but unless a Spitzer situation pops up its all the public knows about. I said in private prostitution some are in it for the wrong reasons and have abuse just like in the overall culture. But far more choose it by their own choice, were not abused etc like the typical street hooker.

Some of the other media did interview private sexworkers like Tracy Quan (Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl), Heidi Fleiss, Norma Jean Almodovar ("Cop to Callgirl" book fame) and others who had good answers about men seeking private escorts and willing to pay top prices for the privacy.

Escorts Speak Out in Outrage About ABC Prostitution Program

The Community Impact and the Self Esteem Difference of Street vs. Private Prostitution

Radical Feminism's Irrational Attack on Prostitution

The Hard Battle To Decrim Private Sex in the U.S.
It is going to be a very long hard battle just to get private sexwork at the same legal status as the rest of world enjoys.

Including street workers eliminates any chance no matter how much you don't like the fact of getting anything changed. It is simply a clear political fact proven many times over, most recently in Berkeley and in Canada where all the great public hearings were great but since it included street workers, the issue is now dead in Parliament where there needs to be reform of bawdy, but if was stopped dead because of including street workers

And as the new SF initiative proposal just announced will be dead on arrival by iniative just like in Berkeley.

If all this effort was directed at private sexwork only it would at least have a better chance, although a very long battle.

Going to the legislatures will never work - it would be political suicide for any support of decrim private or public.

Where we know the public is with the private side, is if a voter initiative is done worded something like not to spend police and court resources to enforce prostitution laws between consenting adults in private. That has poll support of the citizen/ voters.

Including street hookers is the same doomed path of Berkeley, Canada and other attempts in Europe (other than NZ where citizens are upset over it)

The only other hope in our lifetime is Lawrence vs Texas but that is a hard, very expensive. long battle> With the new Bush Supreme Court judges we can't be assured of the same outcome.

At least the California group C4P is trying to start a legal defense fund with some free legal advice trying to stop busted private escorts from taking plea deals, and helping them to fight possibly on Constitutional grounds using Lawrence vs. Texas as a precedent as is being done in the D.C. Madam case where I've been discussing this with her criminal attorney. It was used in a failed summary motion for dismissal (rarely granted) but at least the judge took a serious interest in the case as a defense.