Swimmer Escapes Rape by Dolphin who seems to be a swinger

OSLO, Aug 17, 1999 (AFP) - A dolphin tried to rape a 28-year-old Norwegian swimmer who had been gambolling with it off the south coast of Norway, the newspaper Verdens Gang reported Tuesday.

The animal, which had been circling around the swimmer, suddenly stuck its penis between his leg and his bathing costume before the man managed to free himself and escape back aboard his nearby boat.

"At first I thought it was pushing me with its flipper but dolphins don't have flippers beneath their bellies," the unidentified swimmer explained.

Another swimmer who witnessed the scene from the boat told the newspaper he had to ward off similar advances from the dolphin a few minutes earlier.

"He tried his luck with me but I was protected by my waterproof suit," that swimmer said.

Someone responded:
>I suppose we are to conclude from this incident that dolphins are gay!

Well, I don't care if a dog, cat or less frequently a dolphin is male or female when I pet it. But I MUCH prefer petting a female human than a male. Like us with dolphins/dogs/cats, a dolphin probably doesn't distinguish gender in humans.

Another human man that has quite a bit of experience having sex with both male and female dolphins also confirms this. His story and factual details are quite interesting. I have zero interest myself, but find it interesting the interelationships between humans and "beasts" when totally consensual and initiated by the animal.

Someone else replied:
This sort of thing happens all the time on those "swimming with dolphin" programs which I think is why they usually recommend you wear a wetsuit and not just a bathing suit. Dolphins are just horny!! :)

In a swinging newsgroup someone said:
Just another case of where one of these SINGLE dolphins won't take NO for an answer... imagine being stuck with a few of them in a jacuzzi <g>

Heh. Dolphins are playful. :) Considering that they ejaculate at a force hard enough to injure (I've heard it compared to a shotgun blast), it's a good idea not to take them up on their offers. :)

An interesting play wtih the dolphins in the wild site is at

Another commented:
Dolphins are pretty sexual creatures in general. Think of the density of the nerves that allow them to virtually change shape for speed. Their whole bodies may be sex organs.

Human/Dolphin sexually charged contacts are very common. Sorta like "nothing ventured, nothing gained", on their part. Pouting doesn't seem to be in their lexicon of emotions. It's more sorta, "Oh, well. Sorry 'bout that." Since their sonar allows them to do deep body scans on all other organisms they may be very attuned to subtle "body" language.

Extraordinary fun to play with in the open ocean. Kinda like a seduction. Shy approach, joy of first contact with the bold, "How about this? I like this.", "Oh, let's play!" and "Do you really have to go?".

A Reply from a women:
Personally, I have too many probs just trying to find a nice, open-minded, spritually-centered, intelligent man who has a job. So, I've never had to worry about dating dolphins....
maybe this would be a good alternative for us single gals who must sleep alone each night because of a lack of good men in our area to service us??? (ROFLMAO)!!
This, of course, (because I have a "dirty" mind) begs the question of size...

Friendly dolphin 'a sex pest'
Swimmers warned to avoid horny dolphin

(June 4, 2002) In the UK, tourists enjoying the waters off Dorset have been warned to beware of a horny dolphin named George, who arrived in the area about two months ago. "This dolphin does get very sexually aggressive. He has already attempted to mate with some divers," said Ric O'Barry, a marine mammal expert who warned that "dolphins are wild animals and get very rough with one another when they mate. They can weigh up to 400lb and someone could easily drown under the sheer weight." Read the full story at The Times Online http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-316359,00.html