Miss Kitty's Strip Club - January 2000

13079 East Valley Blvd
1 block East of the 605 Freeway, City of Industry

This club had reviews of not being high mileage but with some very nice friendly girls, so I thought I'd stop by.

Inside it was like Exotica at 15651 East Valley Blvd had been described in reviews. Fog and strobe lights on the main dance stage which makes it very hard to even see the dancers body.  It did have some seating for making my nest and some couches near the front for private dances but they seemed more than tease close but don't touch type. Music very loud and it seemed more like a middle class bar with lots of beer drinking guys, pool tables etc more for younger guys.  I never was a bar fan, don't even drink other than my diet cokes and Pepsi's.  No one approached me, most of the men were by themselves, too many men, too few dancers and nothing close to intimacy that I enjoy during my brief visit.