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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

PlayPen Strip Club July 1999 Report
Very nice newer place, but not many customers at 11pm on Wednesday night.  $2.25 valet parking and $10 door fee, which included two drinks (I had diet coke).  Seemed like a happy friendly place

Only one stage was being used.  Hostess was very friendly and joked with me a bit.  I was immediately greeted at my table by a dancer who said it was her first day here.  I wasn’t very attracted to her, but was friendly and she left me after about 10 minutes and me passing on buying her a drink.

Then a very attractive dancer sat next to me.  They have barstool sitting so I can’t do my nesting thing but was ok.    I agreed to a $35 “basic” lap dance to see what it was like.  She was nice but it was strictly what I consider a tease dance, with almost no touch by me allowed, even nonsexually.  The best part was the  warm hug afterwards.

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