Police Report is Very Damaging and Shows what NOT TO DO

I shared a huge amount of detail and quotes from the report on the Phoenix Private List by e-mail but since the police report is not public I am not posting the huge details on any public boards yet. It was given me from a source that got it legally. I am being careful not to use detective names etc. I also understand a new prosecutor has been tasked to expand the investigation.

Brief Overview without the real details:
They had 5 undercover's just at one meet and greet party who were offered sex for money and discussed the business in great depth with the nice cops who were on the mailing list to be notified of the weekly meetings at "The Firm" in Scottsdale. Cops were happy to attend and write lots of crime reports.

A female police officer was hired by Paul as an escort.

Many gals admitted they had sex for money and how Paul told them what sex acts they had to perform. Everything also confirmed by various phone operators when interrogated.

The police report is dated April 2008, long before the bust where almost 400 pages of customer lists were found on the computer Paul bragged was unable to be accessed by police. The April 2008 report is the basis for the 55 original indictments and the currents busts which may result in many more gals interrogated to strengthen the case which may lead to more arrests. The thousands of customers found in the computer records is not clear.

Undercover clients did get naked but then had a code word (assume they were wired) which resulted in a cell phone call, they said was from wife and had to go before did anything sexual but after the "deal" of sex for money was established.

Paul and Peter took an undercover cop to lunch and told all about the agency operation including how to hide money. Discussed Dave Elms and how to play the TER game and get good reviews. TER reviews are now in an evidence binder.

I am told by my source that an undercover has a TER screen name, actively posts and has 3 sting reviews of gals. TER is known for undercover activity and Dave Elms will not allow warnings about them since he could be charged with interfering with a police operation. The police report has extensive info about TER and they have a binder of all the reviews for evidence. I do not know the screen name and if I did I could not tell anyone or it could be interfering with a current police operation. We have been misguided in our thoughts that reviews can not be used against gals or customers. They can are are being used as evidence - more discussion of how in my comments in the police report detailed review below.

Paul wanted to wipe out the other competition in Phoenix and rule the city as escort king as well as move his "business model" to other cities. He was arrogant and boastful. He also had a close relationship with Dave Elms of TER to help him rid the industry of honest competition. Many informed sources have told me about this connection and goal beyond what is in the report.

After more gals arrested very possible more gals are cooperating for plea deals.

One attorney involved in the case strongly urges companions to try and get any reviews taken down from TER or other public boards LE may find, although it may be already too late if they have already extended the investigation especially too independents. The remaining honest agencies have already lawyed up and taken actions to protect themselves, removed reviews etc. That leaves mostly the independents still exposed if they don't act. Ads if no sex acts are mentioned only hourly fees, are probably less of an issue than reviews that report on illegal sex acts on public boards.

Speculation - the further busts promised and perhaps release of customer names may come closer to the election to remind folks how great the County Attorney is in ridding Phoenix of the terrible crime of prostitution that somehow makes our city so much safer. There is also fear that there may be another wave of activity going after independents but this is totally speculative. Better to be safe than sorry. Attorney involved strongly urges reviews and ads not be on public boards to be used by LE, especially TER known to be swarming with law enforcement detectives out to stamp out and be sure we do not have the sexual freedoms most of the world enjoys. This helps win elections they seem to think.

This conflicts with my comments last week that perhaps it is safer now since the courts are so tied up with the current 55 cases. I hope I was right last week but I am hearing from other they think more busts are coming. The bottom line is no one but law enforcement knows but considering the serious consequences of being arrested I urge caution.

LE Insiders who are upset with busts of these victimless crimes may be more careful after a dispatcher that had previously fed info on ongoing operations was caught doing so. Heck, many in law enforcement are reported to be customers!