Downtown & Teazers Detailed Review of Dave

Warning: Long and detailed and boring if you are familiar with Montreal clubs. But my intent is to share my experiences and observations more to help the new visitor to Montreal to better know what they might expect and make decisions where to go, based on their interests.

I am reporting  from the eyes of a first time visitor to Montreal from an old guy with perhaps not typical tastes. If you have read any of my other travel reports (at you know I am sort of an intimacy nut. I love to nicely touch, stroke, massage and interact with a woman's naked body in ways many dancers/women say they enjoy. I have no interest in just gawking at a woman's body no matter how sexy she is. I've seen zillions of naked women, I its boring to me. But I love good touch interaction, but yet I have no desire to get in her pussy - unless it's my penis with a F/S escort - but not just grope a dancer .  I am not putting down those with different interests, I support all forms of sexwork but just sharing my bias's.

Club "Downtown"  1196 Ste Catherine St Between Stanley And Dummond
Next to Mr. Steer on Ste-Catherine. Peel Metro. Diagonally from Chapter's.

From reading a great deal of reviews on downtown Montreal clubs I wasn't expecting to find much interesting. But I'm downtown without a car and I didn't realize this is a holiday weekend. 

From reading many reviews I thought Downtown and Teazers may be worth at least checking out. I was a bit too tired to try some escorts but hope some are available on Sunday and Monday.

While Downtown was packed and had lots of beautiful dancers, I saw almost no private dances going on. The crowd on Saturday night was even louder than the music, mostly college kids. Later I found out this was graduation weekend which is why so many college and high school kids (not in clubs) were in town.

Teazers  is on Rue Crescent just southeast of St. Catherine Street and across from the Comfort Suites Hotel
I spotted Teazers near my hotel and checked the reviews. "Air dances" didn't sound very interesting but the allowing touch did…but seemed very limited. The legal issue has been resolved it seems with the Canadian Supreme Court decisions that says touching is not lewd etc. In Toronto there is a big split between dancers that just want to dance and tease but don't want to be pawed, groped or be as they say "a prostitute".  It seems downtown Montreal clubs are either totally no touch like Club SuperSexe or  in between no touch and full contact lap dances reported in some of the non-downtown strip clubs.

A big burley doorman seats you at Teazers and stands there till he gets his tip. You have virtually no choice in seating, although I really didn't want to be right at the stage and he did let me sit back at least in the next row. Door charge was $4 and my coke (they didn't have my preferred diet coke) was expensive - like $6, I believe. Contrary to what seems to have been implied by other reviews, I did not experience any pressure for more than the one drink. 

The stage show was far more interesting than at Downtown and  far more liberal than anything in the U.S. Most anything except actual sex seems legal which is what the recent Supreme Court case upheld.

Dancers were doing oral sex on other dancers…or so close it looked like they were licking each other.  Guys lay on the stage and the nude dancer climbs on top of him. She may take his shirt off, rub her breasts down his chest (couldn't tell for sure if actually touching but I think they were (I'm use to this being totally illegal in the US!). Often she would take his belt off and play with his underwear. She would have her vagina over his face and then with her mouth take the dollar he had in his teeth, usually kissing him in the process.

While this isn't what I would be interested in, I was interested in what they could do.

Another "act" had a guy (college age, Jason from the audience) in a chair. He couldn't touch the girls but they were naked and touching him almost all over.  For some reason they never actually sit full on a guys lap but caress his chest and slither their bare breasts over his body etc. Then they had him lie face down on the stage. They pulled his shorts down exposing his butt and did some fun whipping/spanking of him. They also had candles and they tried to drip  some melted candle wax on his body. Another dancer at his head had her vagina over his face. 3-4 dancers were playing with him to the great pleasure of the audience.

However I was really more interested in seeing what the lap dances were like. But I had been given this assigned seat it seemed by the burley host man. I saw the big booths opposite the stage but only a few dancers ever went in them with a guy. No dancer came anywhere near my side of the stage where lots of guys were. Dancers didn't seem to be soliciting anyone.

But then I spotted the more hidden booth areas across the way to the left of the bar. Guys were just coming up to the dancers to get dances in the larger area with lots of booths. Finally I decided to slip out of my "assigned seat" to stand in the bar area. Oh yes, you sort of solicit a dance as she comes by looking for customers. The problem was the guy/dancer ratio was huge. Maybe 50 guys per dancer instead of the reverse in some of the clubs in the Philippines and Thailand! I prefer when dancer sits with you and you can talk a bit first but clearly that isn't possible here. Dancers were snatched up by standing by the bar area and quickly soliciting them as they finished prior private dance before someone else got them.  I later had reports that during the day and when not as busy the girls do sit and talk with you when they have the time and not just getting solicited for dances one after another on a busy night like tonight.

The bad side is by now (2am) they must be tired of being pawed by so many men for so long with all the private dances between their turn on stage.

Well Dave played the game and over the next hour had "booth dances" with four dancers each for two songs so $20 each dancer ($10 per song). Surprisingly the songs seemed longer than in many U.S. clubs.  I don't know if your suppose to tip, but I was never asked for one or get any hint they were expected.

The dance was a little better than I expected. It was interestingly the differences I often experience between nationalities of dancers. All were a bit mechanical, which is very understandable when they "do" so many men. The Russian and American dancers were more just a fast shake and be sexy. The two French speaking dancers were far more slow and sensual and with one in particular we seemed to dance together with my hands moving with her body and she seemed to respond to what I call intimate touch very nicely. You can stoke her entire body other than genitals. I especially like doing a type of breast massage that many woman have told me they like. I prefer to do it on a stationary body on a bed or massage table, but the two French dancers stayed in position long times when I was doing it. 

In summary, the dances were quite good. The inability of the dancer to stop movement or fully sit in my lap, eliminated some of the most enjoyable cuddling and caressing I enjoy, such as at LA hostess clubs. But the physical touch experience was enjoyable. The negative was that it was far more mechanical than I prefer, partly due to the fact they seem to have to keep moving certain ways and "dance" and can't nicely sit in lap and cuddle etc. But overall a good experience and I may try the day shift on Monday.

I am even more looking forward to trying some agencies and far more intimacy than can be done at the strip clubs.