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Canada's Best Entertainment Supersite Discussion Board
Adult Canada - Some Montreal Reviews

Escort Agency Sites - Many have pictures of choices and good information
Note only a Few Agencies in Montreal Have websites. There are many more with ads in the Mirror which published in English (but not on web - very easy to find in stores) and Journal de Montreal at in French

A Beautiful Adventure
Agence Fantasme (last known site)
Allisa High Class Escorts
Annik & Friends
BetterHalf Escorts
Escort Top Models
Europa Escort
Executive Class Escort
Exxxclusive Escorts
Fantasie XXX ) last known link but broken
Heartbreakers Closed - pimping bust by police and underage prostitute.
House-of-sins link broken
Ladies of Prestige
Meilleur Choix Agency
Private Lies
Sweet Dreams
Most Popular Escort Ad Suites usually with pictures
Sex Trade Guide: The following lists with any links all the agencies, strip clubs and even nude Restaurants in Montreal.  It has some obnoxious pop up pages but otherwise is valuable.
Montreal Sex Trade - Extensive Listings

Comparisons To Other Canadian Cities

Most all Canadian cities of any size have some great escorts.  Many reports rank Montreal as the Best followed by perhaps Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

In Ottawa , the city is divided between the "Oataouais" French section and the English Ottawa sexworkers. Reports are that the services are the same, but  In Ottawa the girls expect $200-230 per hour. On the Quebec side you get the same service for $130-$150. 

The English escorts in Ottawa seemed to be influenced by Toronto's higher  prices, whereas Outaouais girls tend to be more influenced by Montreal prices.  But this is just a generality there are exceptions.

Toronto vs. Montreal

Montreal seems to be best for escorts considering beauty, sexiness, price and services.  If you enjoy massage more Toronto seems to be the best for a wide range of Eastern European, Asian, Latin or Canadian therapists great for both non-sexual and sexual massage. 

If your interest is strip clubs, Downtown Montreal has incredible eye candy but mostly no touch or limited touch clubs.  Outside of downtown there is more touch at some clubs and sometimes even bj's at such clubs as Grand Prix or Chez Diane.  Toronto strip clubs tend to me more conservative as the city has a no touch bylaw it tries to enforce.

 The girls in Montreal are often French-Canadians from small towns throughout Quebec, Toronto tends to offer more International variety, While language is more of a problem in Montreal (unless you speak French), it the warmth of the typical French-Canadian gal can more than make up for lack of oral communications.  Most of the gals are use to English speakers and know how to make you comfortable without a common language.  I had no problem in Thailand with a much more serious language barrier.

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