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Language Conversion Programs & Ideas

For those of us French Challenged

I found myself wishing I knew French when most of the escorts even at the English agencies clearly knew French much better than English.  And its been reported the French Agencies have even better service and the sweetish French women who usually only know French.

You can survive very well as I did without knowing a word of French.  Most everyone in hotels, restaurants at least in the tourist areas such as downtown spoke English well, since they have to for so many English only speaking tourists.

 Unlike Thai, French is relatively easy language to translate using computer programs.  It is almost impossible to translate Thai electronically since its a tonal language where different pitches can make the same words have different meanings depending on the pitch.  

Before my next Montreal trip, I may research various translation software programs which I can have on my notebook that I take with me.  And/or I might sort of do a printed introduction and a few printed specific purpose notes done in French for my next trip.  Then it may be even more fun to spend perhaps more time with a escort since I like a bit of intellectual intimacy as well as just physical!

Many Quebec and Montreal websites are all in French.  In fact I  was told there at least use to be a law in Quebec that any websites had to also be in French if they were in English.  It seems however some of the English agency sites are all English.  Either the law has changed, I was misinformed, or perhaps if the web host isn't located in Quebec it doesn't have to have a French option.

To translate websites or passages you can cut and pasted into the web page, I found was very useful.  You can tell it a url to go to and the whole website will be converted from French (or any language) to English (or any language).