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French - Canadian Music 

French -Canadian music is, foremost, a way to express the French Canadian culture. It reflects that culture and criticizes it through sometimes humorous, sometimes ironic lenses. It also exploits different styles (pop. blues, country, traditional, rock, jazz¡K), which demonstrates the influences that it has been exposed to.  It remains always rich in emotions, and these are wonderfully expressed by its authors and interpreters.

Traditional Quebecois Music
by Danielle Tremblay

Original French 
Our traditional music, from its first appearance four centuries ago, has constantly evolved over the years, adapting itself to social and cultural influences. It took on a more urban flavor at the beginning of the twentieth century, thanks to the brilliant work of Conrad Gauthier and was further nurtured in the 1930's by the innovative approach of musical storytellers such as La Bolduc.

Today, traditional francophone music s'habille de nouvelles couleurs due to the influence of other francophone cultures in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Our old songs of love, celebration, legend, and woe are played to the beat of Latin Jazz, Calypso Antillais or even African Soukous!

Here are some recommended sites giving an overview of contemporary traditional francophone music:

Les Productions Mille-Pattes
To find out everything about Michel Faubert, Danielle Martineau and Rockabayou, and La Bottine Souriante. All are veritable pioneers in exploring traditional francophone music styles.

La Vesse du Loup
An excellent group of musiciens whose well-documented site is complete with texts and sound clips.

La Volée de Castors
A promising young group from Lanaudière whose site, in spite of being under construction, nevertheless contains impressive sound clips and dynamic color photos.

And don't forget to visit Trente sous zéro/Thirty below, a site with the latest news about and links to sites discussing the most popular traditional francophone artists in Canada, Europe and the U. S.

Francophone Women in Music 
Since the beginning of the century, there have been hundreds of female musicians, authors and composers of songs of all types across French Canada. Of all these creative women, only a few are present on the Web: but what a presence! Their sites are often the best designed, the most complete and the most dazzing of all musical sites. Let me introduce you to la crème des sites. Some are official sites, maintained by the singer or her record company. Others were developed by fans and avid collectors.

Diane Dufresne :
The most original. Includes the biography, discography and the best press releases from this non-conformist québécoise singer and songwriter. Also includes several multi-media projects and works in progress coordinated by the artist and her production house: an interactive journal, a collective Web novel, etc. A must-see! In French.

Passion Céline Dion par Sylvain Beauregard
The most complete site I've seen developed by a devoted fan. An exhaustive discography, many rare pieces (promotional souvenirs, song lyrics, photos and post cards, etc.) and the latest news on the career of Quebec's diva of Pop. In six languages: French, English, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Afrikaan.

Édith Butler
The first Web site developed by a female francophone musician. This Acadian artist is a pioneer at many levels. Radio Cyber-Édith is being revamped, but should be back soon and better than ever! In French.

Kate et Anna McGarrigle
Bilingual (English-French) duo from Québec, are part of the attractive catalog from Rykodisc. English.

Annette Campagne
The first solo album for this ex-member of the group Hart Rouge, from Saskatchewan. Her debut album, Sauter de haut, has a pop-rock style. Annette is with the Québec record company Zéro Musique. French.

 Four of the most interesting authors-singers-songwriters in Quebec have inspired these lovely pages at the Web site of their record company, Audiogram: Marie-Michèle Desrosiers, Laurence Jalbert, Geneviève Paris and Sylvie Tremblay.

Celine Dion  Extensive Celine Dion Website with Sample Clips
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Dateline: 12/31/99

Tonight, Montreal's Molson Center is the place to be for the farewell concert of the world's best-selling solo artist, Celine Dion. The concert, which also features rocker Bryan Adams and the stars of the hit play Notre-Dame-de-Paris, will be broadcast live on the TVA television network.

The international superstar, who has sold over 100 million albums in the last decade, will be taking a well-deserved break from her hectic performance schedule to relax and start a family with her husband, Rene Angelil.

"For now, I want to step back a little bit from the spotlight. I want to enjoy the simple things in life for a change. I want to spend more time with my family, my friends and especially with René." - Celine Dion

Born March 30,1968 in Charlemagne, a small town 30 miles east of Montreal, Celine Dion is the youngest of 14 children. Her parents, both musicians, operated a small club, Le vieux Baril (The Old barrel), a piano-bar restaurant in her home town. On weekends, the entire family performed and entertained the local population, with Celine's father playing accordion and her mother the violin.

Celine began performing at the age of five. By the age of twelve, she had decided to pursue a career as a singer. That year, Celine recorded a song, Ce n'était qu'un rêve (It was only a dream), she wrote in collaboration with her mother and her brother Jacques.

The demo tape containing the song was sent to Rene Angelil, who was managing the career of Celine's idol, Ginette Reno. Angelil was so impressed with her talent that he mortgaged his house to finance Celine's first recordings. They eventually married on December 17, 1994, in Montreal.

Celine Dion is now known throughout the world and has won numerous awards, among them five Grammy Awards and two Academy Awards, including one last year for " My Heart Will Go One ", theme song for the film "Titanic". She also received three American Music Awards, seven World Music Awards and seven Billboard Music Awards. In Canada, she has won 20 Junos and, in Quebec, 42 Felixes!