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 Quebec Government Sponsored Sexwork Research Finds Most Sexwork Exploitive
Organized Crime even when Prostitution Isn't A Crime

It is too bad that some of the best examples of cities for great sexworkers such as Montreal, without the legal risks of the U.S. seems to be so controlled by organized crime even when the act of prostitution itself is not a crime. The result is a bias of the Quebec government that Canada should consider the Swedish model that assumes all prostitutes are victims and make it a crime only for the customer to engage a prostitute, even if is in private with a adult consenting women prostitute.

The issue is being raised in a Quebec prostitution study that indicates a great deal of trafficking and organized crime in Montreal as well as Canada in general. It seems ironic that we don't have it seems the same level of organized crime in the U.S. .. where it is a crime vs legal in Canada.

I will have the English summary that was provided me by an editor of the Montreal French publication Voir, on my Montreal site shortly of "La prostitution: profession ou exploitation? Une reflexion a poursuirve" May 2002. For those that read French it is at The English version of the site doesn't seem to have the study.

In my view the research is very biased because it is only the unhappy, often ex street hooker that is a major part of the research, who is willing to talk about her terrible experiences, how she had to work for a pimp to get her drugs...the usual terrible stories mostly associated with street hooking which is such a minor part of the total sexwork industry. More private, happy adult women who freely choose sexwork are not participating in these interviews and being so open, in my opinion. And the feminist groups behind the research are looking for the terrible stories to find not the "happy hooker"

An editor of Voir Magazine in Montreal saw my big Montreal report and the Escort Spreadsheet I host. He interviewed me late last week for an article coming out Thursday in response to the "research" which concludes that all prostitutes are exploited and "Prostitution also affects women who are not prostitutes. This is what 75% of Quebec women who were polled by the Gazette des femmes believe: they consider that prostitution degrades all women."

The Voir editor asked questions I tried to reply extensively to and I also referred him to Doc Holiday a very active poster on a Montreal Board. Doc and I have shared a lot of information previously.

The Voir editor says:

"One thing you should be aware of, though. It seems organised crime is very much involved in the sex trade in Quebec and Canada, especially when it comes to escort agencies and strip clubs. The agencies are not illegal, but it's a very gray area. I would guess their main interest is money laundering.

-This study recommends the status quo for canadian laws, with an obvious bias for what they call the swedish model (legalisation of prostitutes, criminilisation of patrons). Prostitutes groups I talked to say this is no good. They want full decriminilisation and access to workers comp, etc... Any thoughts?

-The study indicates a strong trend towards clandestine operations run by criminal gangs that bring in women from asia and eastern europe and 'force' them into protitution once in America. Obviously this exists, but is the trend really as strong as they say? What do you see? In Montreal, Canada or other places you visit?"

In my long replies to these and other questions, I said the Swedish situation makes no sense at all, and many prostitutes go to Denmark and other neighboring countries where there is total decriminalization. The whole attitude that all prostitutes are exploited and need protection may apply to many of the street hookers, but ignores the vast majority of private sexworkers who choose sexwork by choice with no exploitation. I discussed the UN Treaty that calls for decriminalization as a basic human right to choose "volunteer prostitution", which has been ratified by 171 countries (not the U.S. and I don't know about Canada).

I also strongly pointed out that organized crime and International trafficking is a separate issue already illegal and should be dealt with total separately from the overall prostitution legal issues.

I indicated I had never to my knowledge had any experiences with forced prostitution in Canada, nor heard about any in my years of monitoring Canadian discussion boards.

The Voir editor replies:

"Most stories I've read focus on the views of community orgs, police and the odd sex worker. It's really refreshing to hear the patrons point of view.

The Gazette is a mainstream daily with conventional views on conventional subjects. As an 'alternative' culture and newsweekly, Voir has more wiggle room for different views. (The Gazette in 2/02 had another less negative article on the various types of sexwork in Montreal including lap dancing and its history, massage and escorts)

I'll just say that your general perspective, especially on legal issues, is not shared by the governement agency that wrote the report, but is shared by the sex workers I did talk to."

Since I am more personally interested in Toronto (have whole domain for Toronto at than Montreal, I asked about the Quebec study on a couple Toronto Discussion boards. Some interesting responses:

"The Russian mafia involves itself in all areas of Russian life, so why would anyone be surprised when those citizens emigrate to Canada or anywhere else, that the mob follows behind. A Russian friend tells me that when he meets another Russian he is especially careful not to indicate what his job is or how much money he makes. Russian sexworkers must be especially vulnerable - lots of money coming in and an ideal target for blackmail. I never patronize Eastern Euros for this reason.

I have no doubt that Quebec is riddled with corruption. All aspects of their nightlife have been controlled by organized crime for years. Nobody gave a crap until a journalist almost got whacked. Then, of course, it was all Ottawa's fault (LOL).

I find it really presumptuous of a Quebec journalist to make the same judgements of Ontario, when there has never been even a whisper of bikers or criminal organizations running strip clubs here. Given the rough ride the Hell's Angels are getting here, I would expect harassment of any strip clubs, agencies or whatever that had a known mob connection."

But another says:
"What little I know comes from the paper. From what I've read various factions which used to be content with supplying dancers to clubs have become rapidly expanding sc club owners. In fact, one article I read suggested that the majority of sc's in Southern Ontario have fallen into OC control already. Seems they buy up any club for sale or which closes the doors. (Or simply an offer you can't refuse)." 

In discussion in Toronto about article suggesting many sexworkers hate sex this sexworker replies:
"As for the bozo who claims we charge so much because basically we don't like having sex, your illogical, moronic ideology escapes me.  If you think most women in this business don't like intimacy, then sadly you are either misoygnistic or you've been meeting the wrong ladies.  There are plenty of us who get off from great sex not alcohol and not drugs and certainly not rotten attitudes like yours. We are in it for the pleasure as much as you are. The difference is, we get paid for our time."