An Australian Christian Sexworker Speaks Out

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Hello, my name is Paris.

I started prostitution five years ago after I finished my post-graduate studies. I work part-time in my profession but I earn most of my income selling sex in a legal brothel in Melbourne, Australia. I was raised as a Christian but have been atheist for many years until recently God revealed himself to me. As a new-born Christian, I waited and waited for a call from him, from a word from him to tell me to stop this job but he has never told me to do so.

When God came into my life I was sure that the sky would fall on me, that something really bad would happen to me because I was doing this job. It appears that God continues to support me in that second profession and has never let me down so far. I am a very attractive woman with a high libido and I love listening to men, touching them, healing them. It is sort of a therapy. I feel I should have studied psychology because this is mostly what I do with providing sex services: i listen to men and entertain them, which makes them feel happier I believe.

I read the whole thread since the beginning and it has captivated me. I feel that God loves me and that whatever I ask him he is giving it to me. I have a real talent for what I do but the only problem this second profession of mine brings in my life is the difficulty to have an honest and respectful relationship with a compassionate, caring and loving man.

There are two reasons I would leave this job: finding a highly paid job in my first career and/or bearing the child of the man that would love me as an imperfect human being who sins, just like any of us. I guess that I would also continue this job on a part-time basis just because it bring lots of excitement and a bit of extra money to pay off the mortgage faster and make sure that all this interest rate doesn't all go to those coward bankers who don't know God and do not show compassion in this world.

I know some of this might sound a little simplistic but can you please tell me why God agrees on me doing this job? Prostitution is part of democratie in Victoria, Australia as well as many religious organizations in the country. Its been a couple of months since I attend church on Sunday and I feel God's presence more and more in my life. My second profession is a profession like any other and most people at church believe that I work solely in my first profession.

Lying is a sin, I know. I lie about how I occupy my time with my second profession. Do you talk about your sins to people when you first meet them? And with your closest friends, do they appreciate you because you are floor weeper, a receptionist lying on the real time occupation of her boss to the person she answers to, or do they appreciate you because you put cash in a cashier machine at the Supermarket all day long? Do people judge you because of the boring job you do? Do they refer to that everytime you speak to them?

The main reason why prostitutes need to lie (some don't) about their work is the stigma attached to the job. I feel I bring a lot of good to these men that pay me to have sex with them. They bring a lot of good into my life too because they helped me out of outstanding university debt and also to be independent and to own my own property. I also buy equipment and software to run my business (related to my first career) so when i will be pregnant or when I will not desire to continue this job anymore, I can spend all my time in a recognised and highly sought after profession, which I got a university degree for.

The Bible and religious books are an important part of my life as a prostitute. In my second profession I met many women who are happily married while selling sex for money. At the moment I am reading a book called 'Boundaries before marriage" from Cloud and Townsend and it helps me a lot to develop non-sexual relationships with male friends or dates (leading to a possible commited relationship) before giving away any sex at all, which I reserve, at the moment, for the consenting men (clients) who pay me for sex, not for relationship skills developing (a normal and responsible Christian way to get to know someone) conducting to a committed relationship. It took me a long time to realize that. God still helps me to fine-tune my approaches with men.

I am looking for a committed relationship but I do not give away my body to the men I am getting to know as friends. Maybe when I get married I will commit to one man only and only this man and I will share sexual intimacy. At the moment the job I do brings me money to secure my future and a lot of woman should do that instead of relying on men to provide for them. In a way, they are worst slaves than me, prostituting themselves for a roof on their head, a warm body in their bed and a chauffeur to go to church on Sunday... (no, I am a bit exaggerating there). In our contemporary world, it is impossible to keep women slaves of man like they have been for thousands of years. You can follow God's word and be his or her slave but most of us are not saints and cannot devote all our life to the Christian teachings. God has made us to participate in our society with all the spiritual gifts he has given us and that can include for a woman the gift of prostitution.

It is the least talked about profession in this world and even men between each other do not tell each other that they have used prostitute's services before. My girlfriends outside the sex work world do not know I do this job but still, I developed very close and personal relationships with them. Prostitutes are everywhere and clients can be you or your best mate but no one can ever tell for sure who the prostitute really is.

God loves prostitutes, the Bible tells us about it. In our society, women are becoming more and more respected and present in all professions but still, to get highly paid, we got to become high executives and a very small percentage of women, because of different pressures from society --having babies, men's judgment on their capacity to do the job, men's mateship a woman cannot access, etc-- do not reach highly paid positions.

The first year I worked in my second profession I earned 100 000$. If I work only part-time in it I still use my skills from my first profession (4 days a week) which I love, and the rest of the time, I earn most of my income, which can range from 40 000$ to 70 0000$ a year with no paid holiday, sick leave or superannuation.

God is with me. Without my natural skills as a sex worker, I would still be into debt from university studies for another twenty year and I would be far from owning a 250 000$ property. i know that the Bibles teaches us to be frugal; I am buying a house just like anyone else, I need to secure my future Who can offer me a highly paid executive job as a pastor in his Church? No one, because I am a woman, and that church leaders are all men. This is why there is such word as "prostitution": women do what they can because men kept them apart from their world and politics for too long.

I follow the ten commandments, apart from the adultery one but still, I am not married. I keep sex for marriage with my date, who doesnt know I do this job but yet, I lie to him. Does anyone know how i can get out of this vicious circle? I want to be respected as a prostitute, it is a very wholy profession.

I know my ideas are going a little bit everywhere in that post but i believe that men are animals with testosterone to spend and the sex industry has higher annual profits than the Hollywood Cinéma industry. Men, religious or not, pay prostitute for sex services by thousands everyday. How can you pretend to want to save us all prostitutes or save them all clients of the sex industry in the name of God? How can God stop prostitution around the world? If you love God you will be compassionate for the clients (a natural instinct to have sex often, if they would not they would be more violent) and for the sex service provider, the woman (who no one can stop having "sex", we have a beautiful natural vagina that can welcome a penis all day long without running out of sperm (we have a similar secretion called female sperm but has no spermatozoide in it, and still we can use a lubricant to compensate for the lack of female sperm), men can't keep their penis hard as long as a woman can keep her vagina open to receive their penis, hence I believe prostitution is natural).

Prophets have written about God but they were not scientists: they were witnesses of Jesus-Christ presence and message on earth. The place of the prostitute in our society has to be placed into perspective with the bio-technological, brain-chemical and medical technical advances of our time. It has been scientifically proven that men and women have different bodily responses and that their brain process stimuli differently because of the two brains for a women being connected with more nerves than the male two sides of the brain. History has proven that men behave differently than woman. Woman have the capacity to be prostitutes and the arrival of Jesus-Christ on heart hasn't change their natural capacity to receive a penis without running out of energy like the penis does when ejaculating. The Bible has been written by men to regulate our world and bring more harmony, according to God's teachings though the prophets. They had the capacity to do that, women couldn't really talk out loud at that time. Time has come for us to speak out loud and to present reality as it is without denying the teachings of the Old and New Testament. Women want to be respected in all professions they do including being a prostitute and many of them, including me, believe that the world needs to be saved by showing how Jesus has died on the cross for us.

I might be the sort of women that will never get married because i am too liberated. I want to do good on this earth. I would love to have a family of my own and teach my children all the goodness of the Bible. I discovered prostitution by coincidence so I would not talk about this profession with my children necessarily, society is afraid of this I think, a mother prostitute bringing her children into that profession as well. Not for me, no. We don't own our children, they will discover the world the way they want, under my loving guidance and supervision until they have a reasonable age to make their own decisions.

I can't wait to see one of my client's in the first row at church next Sunday. You are many of them, on the outside a fervent catholic but on the other, a prostitute payer. God bless you all.

“Paris”, 08.10.2004

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