Vice cops, priests, and now FBI are real people too with sexual desires which can be legally met legally in most of the world except the U.S.

Police arrest FBI agent in Miami prostitution sting
Web-posted: 11:54 p.m. July 27, 2000

MIAMI -- First they bagged one of their bosses. Then they busted a priest.

And this week, undercover Miami police detectives posing as prostitutes landed their latest high-profile catch: an FBI agent.

"We're not doing it by choice," said Miami Police spokesman Jorge Pino.

About 7:50 p.m. on Wednesday, Special Agent Jacques Island, 52, was driving his green Mazda CV around the intersection of Southwest Eighth Street and 44th Court when he allegedly approached a Miami policewoman posing as a prostitute. "He offered me $30" to have sex, Officer Norma Farmer wrote in Island's arrest form. Farmer gave the take-down signal, and other officers moved in. The officers confiscated Island's Glock handgun and took him to the precinct, where he revealed he was a 19-year veteran of the FBI.

Special Agent Hector Pesquera, who is in charge of the FBI Miami Field Office, said in a prepared statement that he is "saddened whenever an FBI employee is associated with even the appearance of impropriety." Pesquera said an internal investigation is under way.

Island is the third unlikely suspect Miami police have busted in prostitution stings in the past month.

On June 24, Miami Police Maj. Juan Garcia, a one-time finalist for the chief's job, allegedly offered a female officer money for sex and left the scene when other officers went after him. Garcia once supervised undercover prostitution stings.

On July 5, the Rev. Patrick H. O'Neill approached Officer Albert Guerra on Biscayne Boulevard and allegedly offered him $100 for sex and affection. O'Neill is a former president of St. Thomas University and the executive director for the Jubilee 2000 Program, an effort to bring stray Catholics back to the church.

Info on the earlier stings:

Police are human too and seek sex. Lots of folks seek sexual release. Politicians, Lawyers, Ministers, Priests, Top Business Leaders, have all been caught for simply seeking the sexual service that are legal and no big deal in most every country in the world except the U.S., It is also well known that lots of police are clients of many sexworkers. They are human and naturally seek sexual variety just like everyone else. Then the same police make life a living hell for offering or soliciting such a natural desire, If sexwork were legal as in most countries people could go to incall or outcall services not the street. But this is the US where their is a religious agenda to make sure laws prevent us from seeking wholesome sexual variety since they know what is good for us.

Senior Miami Policeman Caught in Prostitution Sting


MIAMI (Reuters) - One of Miami's highest ranking police officers, who helped in the Elian Gonzalez raid and was runner-up to become city police chief, has been removed from his post after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover police officer, Miami police said on Monday.

Major Juan Garcia, who heads Miami's Special Investigations Section, an elite drug and money-laundering investigation unit, was nabbed late on Sunday night in a prostitution sting operation north of the city's downtown.

Police said Garcia, an 18-year police veteran, was stopped while returning home from a farewell party on Miami Beach for former Assistant Chief John Brooks, who resigned during the fallout from a raid in April to seize Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives.

``It's very difficult for us to deal with situations like this,'' Officer Angel Calzadilla, an aide to the Chief of Police, said on Monday.

``Our first reaction is disbelief -- it can't be. In the back of our hearts we still hope that's the case, that there's an explanation.''

Garcia has not been arrested, said Calzadilla, and State Attorney's office spokesman Dan Ungarait said it could be days or weeks before they decide whether or not launch a case.

Garcia has been reassigned to a paid desk job, Miami police spokesman Lt. Bill Schwartz said. He is the seventh Miami police officer to be relieved of duty in three days. Schwartz said he could not release more details pending an internal police investigation.

Garcia, 40, was one of three Miami police officers who played a crucial role in assisting federal officers to remove 6-year-old Elian from his Miami relatives' home in an April 22 raid to reunite the child with his father. Garcia was in charge of maintaining a barricade around the Little Havana home.

Garcia was also one of two senior officers considered for the post of police chief following the resignation of Police Chief William O'Brien during the raid's aftermath. Then-city manager Donald Warshaw said he finally chose Raul Martinez for the post because he had more experience, but said he expected Garcia would some day become chief.

And on the same day yet another....

Hartford Sergeant Convicted

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A police sergeant was convicted of violating the civil rights of two prostitutes he took in his patrol car to secluded spots where he forced them to watch while he exposed himself and urinated.

Albert Beauchamp, 35, was one of six police officers indicted last year after an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct within the Hartford Police Department.

Beauchamp was also accused of fondling one of the women and, during one incident, directed one of them to perform an erotic dance for a retiring captain.

He was in uniform and on duty at the time of the crimes, prosecutors said.

Beauchamp, who maintained his innocence, faces up to 2 years in prison and $200,000 in fines when he is sentenced on Sept. 11. He had been suspended from the police department.

Beauchamp was the first of those indicted to go to trial. Four others have pleaded guilty to similar charges. A sixth faces a trial on civil rights charges later this summer.

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