Non-Sexual Therapeutic
Professional Massage

Its Nice To Be Kneaded - A Touching Experience

Do you feel like you're carrying the world's burdens on your shoulders? Enjoy a relaxing, touching experience. Place your trust and your body in the loving hands of a trained professional Massage Therapist.

Professional, Therapeutic Massage is a healing art, not a sexual technique.

Massage alleviates the effects of stress you often aren’t even aware of. Large muscle knots create pockets of tension throughout your body, blocking vital energy, reducing circulation and glandular function. Through massage, your body gets the healthy attention it deserves without pills or drugs.

Specific Scientific Physical Benefits Of Massage

Massage accelerates blood flow throughout your body, without straining your heat, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles. It helps your body restore itself, rebuild tissue, and you enjoy a more relaxed, comfortable feeling.

Massage soothes nerves to your organs, which causes related blood vessels to dilate increasing blood flow for healing or more efficient function. Most internal organs are supplied by nerves, which branch at the spinal cord. Also meridian lines have been mapped containing a non-cellular liquid not fully understood but Chinese have long recognized their importance as "energy" flow. Acupressure techniques were developed to open blockage to this energy flow. Your feet provide easy access to these meridians - thus Reflexolgy techniques are often used as part of massage.

Acupuncture points along meridians trigger the nervous system to send messages to the brain, releasing pain feeling or relieving tension-causing pain.

Lactic and carbonic acids are waste products of muscle activity, which results in fatigue, muscle soreness and even cramps. Lactic acid, the prime irritant, is formed when glycogen is burned during exercise. Massage stimulates the metabolic process to speed flow of lactic acid through the body's complex lymph system to either be released or reconverted to sugar.

The very successful East German track team uses massage very effectively. A study shows after exercise, a 5 minute rest results in a muscle recovery rate of about 20%. But 5 minutes of massage using fluid release techniques increases the recovery rate to 75%-100% or more!

Oils used in massage can help the skin become more elastic and supple.

We often treat our autos better than our bodies with washing, wax, tune-ups and preventative maintenance. Yet our bodies can't be traded in every 3 years or 60,000 miles. Our bodies come with no written warranty and no replacement parts are available from the manufacturer! 

Because massage is not a common part of our contemporary cultural experience, many people do not get the most out of massage. 

  1. You need to be nude. Once you get use to it you will feel very comfortable. Clothing gets in the way of the most pleasant sensation of total wholeness and connectedness of your body. In our culture with its preoccupation with sex and discomfort with nudity, in professional massage you normally will be covered by a sheet or a towel will hide those "dirty sexual" parts of our body. This need of course is due to sexual immaturity as a culture and the fact so many confuse nudity and touch with sex. Normally only the areas being massaged will be uncovered.
  2. The recipient's only job is to relax as completely as possible. Breathe deeply and regularly, allow the body and its parts to sink into the table; as the therapist's bands locates areas of tension, consciously try to let go and release these tense areas.
  3. Talk for the most part is distracting. Good massage requires concentration on the part of the therapist. Great massage is the result of good "energy" between therapist and recipient.
  4. However, feel free to give feedback if any manipulation is uncomfortable or if you would like something done longer or differently. It's you who've come to this encounter to feel good. Let the therapist know if you are very ticklish. Strokes can be varied. Normally this is not a problem unless you are very ticklish.
  5. Just lie there. Allow the therapist to move your limbs into whatever position is required. Be a rag doll. Don't try to be helpful. Simply receive. The therapist is a trained professional who can be trusted to take good care of your body.
  6. If emotions surface, do not be afraid to give them expression. The body is the seat of emotions. Sometimes during massage these emotions will come up and it is a great benefit if these can be let go of and worked through. Many people unaccustomed to such tender physical caring may express their emotion by crying - don't be embarrassed you will be accepted and understood. Also be aware that the body holds memories of sexual abuse. I have worked on sexual abuse victims in replacing bad memories in the body with loving good feelings. For example, in one case a woman couldn't help but cry when I touched her at a certain point on her neck…which was where she was hit by a gun butt while her father was raping her. The body does hold these emotions within and they need to be released and lovingly replaced with good feelings. At the very least, don't be afraid to sigh with relaxation or hum with pleasure.
  7. Close your eyes. See with your sense of touch. Feel your body both inside and out. Closing one's eyes in the massage experience tends to being one's center of energy out of the head and into the body.
  8. Enjoy!

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