TBD Senseless Censorship Continues

A Phoenix well known provider posts 8/29/00 on the TBD National Board:

"HEY GUYS.... I need you help" which asks for input about how to create a great massage parlor which she is planning to do in Phoenix and she shared some of her thoughts for others reactions.

A number of good replies followed. Since I'm in Phoenix and probably know as much about Phoenix massage as anyone I offered a reply. My message was censored off the board, I reposted it and it was again censored off by the idiot TBD since it doesn't comply with his agenda. 

I E-mailed my post to the person after it was censored off TBD. She replied in part:

"Hey Dave, Thank you soooo much for your response...I took a map and put a stick pin where there was a MP.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think there are more MP's than there are connivance stores...I'm in agreement with you on hiring skilled talented hands.  But, you must agree that it is hard to find beauty and brains.... but I will do my best."..deleted other good discussion...and she ends... "thank you again on your imput" 

Obviously my post seemed very helpful and relevant to the person who asked for response, yet it was twice censored off the TBD board so it couldn't be part of the public discussion that others were sharing.

Here is the censored post. Just what TBD policy could it possibly violated other than his senseless agenda?

We get tons of massage parlor reports on the private Phoenix list. There is a MP about every mile in Phoenix, some physically quite nice, huge oversupply but not many that most reviewers really like except a couple Asian ones. So there is a big opportunity if done right. But I think your focus is on the physical setting, which is not nearly as important as attitudes of the therapists.

The number one thing the about 200 guys on the private list seek is better attitudes and some skills not just a rub, grab and yank! It is very hard to find the combination of good massage skill, and the intimacy and caring personal attention most men seek but usually only find in Asian parlors.

I just returned from Victoria BC (have huge report on sexwork.com) and enjoyed a great massage place called "Escape and Relax". Most of all they offer what men seek from some very attractive girls. And the attitude from Canadian providers is far different than in the U.S.

Most popular is the body rub, which I found even nicer than the "soapy" massages in Thailand.

Here is their description from their website at http://bcadult.com/escape/index.asp:
"BODY RUB PLUS - 45 minutes to an hour. This one definitely
keeps you coming back! Your attendant gives you the massage 
and then uses her naked body to complete the massage, sliding 
all over both sides of you with her.....................................$110.00"

It included a good regular massage, front and back bodyslide with her being very comfortable being naked, followed by a handjob. All for $Cdn $110 ($US70) and never any tips expected.

They have descriptions of the therapists, but not pictures like many of the agency sites do in Canada - with standard one hour pricing full service of $Cdn 150-160 (about $US100). Pricing structure pretty much the same all over Canada (have also done extensive reports based on visits to Montreal and Vancouver)

Of course Canada (and most of the world) doesn't have the legal issues that we do in the U.S. And all massage persons in Phoenix have to have at least 500 hours of accredited training etc.... Yet that doesn't assure any good regular massage as I can certainly attest to since I enjoy good regular massage as well as sensual.

Few American women have any good handjob skills. You need to usually go to an Asian if you want more than a grab and yank experience.

Maybe you will come up with the ideal solution. I hope so! Best wishes


Since some people still don't believe that TBD censors posts, I am keeping track of these types of obvious censorship so if he is asked about it he just can't lie his way out like he usually does with his slander and false attacks based on his fantasies and agendas instead of the truth.

I have no idea why TBD is so immature and ruining many of his good boards by his actions.