October 2000 TBD Censorship Continues - even a favored provider had had enough of TBD, and one of few remaining long-time contributor leaves as TBD censors and growls again.

The Phoenix TBD Board censorship continues and another popular provider has had enough and leaves after many years on TBD as a very highly regarded provider. And another long time contributor also leaves after TBD again censors and growls.

The TBD Phoenix board of course has very little local activity since most have left with all the censorship and obvious TBD agenda clearly shown earlier when I was banned from the board since by agenda of honest, supportive discussion of all levels of providers yet protecting privacy, TBD clearly stated was not in line with his agenda. I have never violated any board rules but even my posts giving someone an address of a publically advertise massage place was censored off.

So the board is mostly from newcomers asking about Phoenix with usually no replies other than the same glee club for a few high priced (but good) active providers. But now even one of the long time very popular providers has had enough:

her message (including misspellings)
Bye Phoenix!! 
Posted by Sedona , Oct 29,2000,00:58 
I am off the Phoenix board until someone notifies me that someone is a little more fair about exercising their reguard for the FIRST AMENDMENT. Till then have fun. Gaurd your tongue and don't get on anybody's bad side. 

(Excerpts of articles with full credit, available for free on a public board being shared under the Fair Use provision of the U.S. Copyright laws and International treaties for educational purposes and for no financial gain)

What prompted this was a thread which started with someone expressing his being upset that Sedona was not willing to make another appointment with him. Sedona in one of the best responses to a common issue I've ever seen (I wish I would have kept it, but didn't realize it would get censored off), explained how she has been so harassed by local Phoenix men that insist on being boyfriends and wanting free services that she has stopped seeing new and many former Phoenix men. Her post was wonderfully tactful yet forceful. It was praised in the thread by many.

But it seems TBD himself deleted the post even overriding what the anonymous "TBD Phoenix Moderator", would have done.

As usual, some of the few folks still on TBD Phoenix were again upset with the censorship and the anonymous "TBD Phoenix Moderator" said TBD sometimes also deletes posts.

Regarding the post in question even the moderator said. "I thought Sedona did a wonderful job addressing the concern of a digruntled poster. If I remember correctly, the post was written as a legit complaint and not a slam. Her response was very professional and addressed the issue completely. In my opinion it showed Sedona's professionalism and self control under fire. In the end I thought her response commanded respect." (quoted under fair use of copyright law)

But I guess it doesn't fit TBD's agenda (whatever it is) HE must have censored and deleted the thread as is so common in the past on TBD Phoenix which has made the board useless for good honest information and any real community of discussion like it use to be before TBD killed it. 

Than TBD himself does his usualy growl:
No messages about board management... 
Posted by TBD , Oct 30,2000,13:32 
or else... Why don't you complainers grow up?
I'm going in and deleting some messages. They violate my guidelines. That is explanation enough.
Any gruff and we go to pre-modertion tomorrow. You know what the next step is... 

To which another long time contributor said
"I'm outta here!!"

And another reply:
Daddeo , Oct 30,2000,14:28 
why don't WE grow up? I don't understand why anyone would spend the time and effort to post on a board that is run like this. My last message violated no guidelines other than to have questioned the almighty management of this board. YOU grow up! 

Of course these messages were only seen for a short time, they were all removed by TBD censorship.

(Excerpts of articles with full credit, available for free on a public board being shared under the Fair Use provision of the U.S. Copyright laws and International treaties for educational purposes and for no financial gain)

New folks think those high prices (but great gals), are the only option in Phoenix. Most lower priced ($150-$200) FS, 1 hr attractive providers don't want the public exposure risk yet TBD prohibits any suggestions (such as I use to make) on how to find information about such providers).

And of course I'm banned from the board for my suggestions of lower priced availability and honest answers to many peoples questions over the years. Without sounding immodest, I think most in phoenix will agree I probably know more about the Phoenix scene than most anyone else. But that is a threat to TBD for some unknown reason.

It may be because I also protected privacy of providers who would not want to be mentioned on a public board as TBD, which is known that Phoenix vice cops monitor for leads to legitimate providers instead of the more common ripoffs in Phoenix

I totally support the idea of TBD boards and the Phoenix board was a great community until TBD himself destroyed it with his censorship, lies and slander.

For more proven details of the TBD Censorship and agenda see: