Singapore Report (three weeks in Singapore)

by Hotstuff_az  shared with his permission

Another great example of how great intimate, girlfriend like experiences are so much more common in Asia than in the U.S.! Price in $US higher than in Thailand or the Philippines, but much more educated women seem worth the additional price.

1. Orchard Tower

This place is fascinating since it offers widely available women (prostitutes). These women are mostly from Thailand. The asking price for a good night of run is about S$150 (or USD$90). This will usually include shower/bath with the girl, full body massage, and sex w/ multi-pops/multi-positions.

2. KTV

More expensive options but get lots of fun with this also. The girls are usually better quality and more variety. They range from Singapore-Chinese, Malay-Chinese, Filipino, and Thai (in the order of price, most expensive to least expensive). Anything will go in the KTV room as long as you pay. You get make-out-kisses, breast sucking, bbbj, and hard-core sex. Your friends can be the audiences and sometime group activities can happen. For the more conservative type, you can always bring the girl “home” with you (hotel, etc…) and spend some quality private time together. In the KTV room, these girls are trained to sing their lung out! If that’s what you like, you can sing along with them and usually make better friends and lead to better service afterward. The price here range from S$200 to S$3000, or higher!

Singapore Experience

1. Mei

– met this woman at the country bar in Orchard tower. I was sitting at the bar drinking with friends. She was sitting across from me and made eye contacts. That’s all you really need to do here. She came over and started a conversation with me and of course asking me to buy her a drink. I bought her a drink for S$8.00 and continue on our conversation. We danced for about 15 minutes. The dance was “dirty dancing” type where her butt was rubbing my cock nice and hard.

After the dance we sat down and finished our drinks. I was busy “socializing” with my friends’ girls since it’s a very normal practice to do so… Later on Mei asked me if I was going to take her home tonight. We negotiated the price of S$150 and head off back to my hotel. Once in the room I offer her another drink and we were talking more and standing in the patio looking out the Singapore night-lights.

She offered me to talk a bath with her and we cleaned each other up very good in the bathtub. BTW, she was petite about 25 yrs old, 5’-2”, 36-21-34, really nice hard body. After the bath/shower, she gave me a full body massage follow by bj (covered by my request). After I was came she clean me up very nice with hot tower and started to massage my little guy again. She got me hard again in no time and we begin fucking, she on top! Her technique was wonderful and I was really enjoying every moment of it. After a while I decided to do her doggy style and we finished again.

Once she clean me up, she prepared some hot tea for me and we laid in bed watching Jay Leno on TV. During the show she lightly massage me again and told me that she understand I must be tired. We fall asleep in about 20 minutes after the “tonight show”. In the morning hours…

It was to my surprised that she woke me up by massaging my little guy again. She put a condom on me and started to giving me a bj. I was really up and going by now and started to drill her passionately with me on top of her. I offer her to have breakfast with me (this is Saturday morning) so we decided to have breakfast in my room. After breakfast, we took a shower and finally got dressed. I paid her S$150 all together. She even asked me if I wanted her to be back this evening but I said I would see her in the “tower” tonight. Overall… This S$150 (which is equivalent to USD $90) was well spent.

2. Lisa

– I met her in a more hit-top bar in Orchard tower which I forgot its name. But it is in the same floor of the country bar I wrote in the above paragraph. She came over to our group and started talking with my friends. Once she figured out we were guys who don’t mind companies she brought in more of her friends inside this bar. So four of us “guys” now have four beautiful attractive women with us drinking and dancing.

About 45 minutes into this Lisa told me that she was getting tire and wanted me to take her “home”. We negotiated on price which she started by asking for S$300. I told her for S$300 I can have two very beautiful women for the night. She now figures out that I am not new to this and starts to soften up her request to whatever I wanted to pay.

By now this kind of messed up my mood and I rejected her offer all together and went on inviting other woman to dance. The new woman I was dancing with was wild and sexy. Her name was May.


May, in her mid 20s, 5’ 6”, and very nice slender body. She asked me to buy her a shot of Tequila for her effort in dirty dancing with me… Just for fun, I offered her five shots of Tequila and she really wanted to have Tequila. Since we (she + our friends + Lisa) were all very hyped up on this proposition, she agreed to do so if I was willing to take her “home” if she got drunk. I said no problem and the shots went on…

After the shots she was really “hot” now and started to dance even wilder for us. To honor my promise, I offer to take her to my hotel… since it is now 2AM in the morning of Saturday. Everyone in my group started to go back to their hotel with their girls… so this leave Lisa alone. For these prostitutes that can’t find a customer to go for the night is a very sad and bad for them.

Since they have to now go back to their very low class hotel/motel for the night and no income. They’re all on a two-week visa from Thailand. Therefore, every night they can’t make anything it is a big loss for them.

Lisa was making her eye contact with me and I told her that now I got May. Lisa offered me (which was surprising to me…) to come back with us and will not charge me anything. I then now have two women with me and heads back to the hotel. May was very excited and said to me that I will be the luckiest guy tonight. I agreed!

When we got back to the hotel, I asked them to take a shower and waited for them to finished. They came out wrapped with the big white tower and asked me to take a shower too. I complied asked them make themselves comfortable. I came out from my shower they were already in bed waiting for me. I jumped into this wonderful place on Earth and enjoyed myself until 5AM in the morning.

We did ‘almost’ everything I wanted. I was “popped” four times and enjoyed the best massage possible. We slept until noon on Saturday and went out for lunch. After lunch I send them away by paying May S$150, Lisa S$80. Both of them went away very happy and enjoyed probably one of their best lunch in Singapore. Sometime I really feel sad for these women but it is just part of life! I tried to treat them fairly.

3. Janet – KTV girl.

I was lucky enough to be able to take my customer out for dinner and later on went to this KTV and met Janet. Company gets to pickup this tab. In summary, the entire bill was S$2800 (USD $1680) for four of us and four girls to take home with. Quite expensive when compare to the Orchard tower activities. However, this is a totally different class of service and total quality difference in the girl.

I can describe on my girl better since I have spent the night with this person. Janet was a Malay-Chinese in her late 20’s. She told me her age was 27 year old. She was well educated and able to carry on very sophisticated conversation regarding to local politics, international news, and business decision in the field of semi-conductor field. It was a pleasure to spend the quality time with her.

Since my customers were not the “wild” and “nasty” type, we just did some drinking and singing with the gals in the KTV room.

For those don’t know what KTV is… it is like a Kareoke bar here in the US but have private rooms. There is a mama-san and just describe the type of girls you like and in 15 to 30 minutes, she will be able to arrange them for you. The girls will do almost anything with you (depending on if you have requested a wild type or not) in the room… Of course, they will always be available to go “home” with you. Anyway, after all the drinking, talking, and singing… it was time to call it a night so we can get some good rest. After all, it was a Wednesday night and needs to work tomorrow.

Janet went back to the hotel room with me and immediately asked me if I wanted to have a shower/bubble bath with her. Of course I wanted to do that and she went into the bathroom and created this wonderful bubble bath and adjusted the proper temperature for both of us. She even suggested to open up a bottle of white wine during our bath. She gave me the nicest back rub and body massage during this bath. We continue our wine when we got out of the bath and enjoying the nigh-lights from my hotel windows (50th floor). In the mean time we were chatting up on all kinds of topics and including our sexual needs. We decided to try out our fantasy… The night went on very nice and we ended up chatting almost all night. I have to call in sick the next morning.

During the morning, we had a late breakfast and she suggested taking me to sight seeing in Singapore (which I have not yet done). We enjoyed a very nice lunch up in the hill and went on our sightseeing and shopping. I offer to buy her a pair of jeans and a white blouse to match it. She is like a girlfriend to me during the rest of the day.

We ended with a nice champagne dinner and exchanged our phone numbers. She told me not to go through the KTV anymore to avoid her mama-san’s charge. I offer to tip her S$200 but she refused to accept. We ended up becoming friend and have a couple more private encounters during her off-days before I came back to the US. It was nice to meet someone intelligent and in the same time really understand what the needs are for their men.

Dave thanks Hotstuff_az for sharing this report on his experiences and allowing its distribution.

Some people have been asking directions to the KTV that hotstuff_az referred to. Here is his response:

I do not have the specific direction at this time. I was brought over there by a customer so all we did was hop into a taxi. However, I am heading back over there in the next month and will definitely get some business cards for future direction. One of the KTV I went to was actually the one next to the Orchard Tower. That's a pretty good one but as you all know...the price at KTV are relative high.

I much more preferred going to the massage parlors and Orchard Tower. Different kinds of "fun" but they're both nice place to go...

I still think the Orchard Tower is fun to go since you can talk, dance, drink, and just social with the girls... It's much different than going to massage parlors and/or sex-house since you really never know what to get from the tower. It is a really open ended journey.

By the way, I am heading over to Singapore and Hong Kong this Sept., perhaps will fill you and the list in with more info. I will try to bring my digital camera with me this time to get more pictures.

Dave adds here is an interesting Singapore website

This is the same Sam Leong of a delphi forum for Singapore and environs sexcapades. Warning can be very adolescent at time, but your bound to glean some information.