March 2002: The Big Dog TBD is growling and biting again on TBD-Minneapolis

Many of us a couple years ago saw TBD almost destroy the TBD-Phoenix board after his censorship of posts about lower priced providers and then lying about it as posts from different people disappeared. His agenda seems clearly to promote his highest priced top advertisers and I have been told by providers how his rankings can be bought for good services to him etc.

Now his agenda and colors are very clearly being shown on the Minneapolis board. I came from Minneapolis to Phoenix about 15 yrs ago but have never participated in the Minneapolis board, since its a very conservative town a bit like Phoenix, but not quite as bad. Plus its either very hot and humid or very cold, which is why I moved to Phoenix.

But .. I will share some of the TBD dog attack on TBD-Minneapolis discussion. NONE of these are my posts, I have not posted at all on the board. The original posts and TBD's posts have been deleted to protect the guilty as usual and I did not see them.

From TBD Minneapolis:
(Being diplomatic is) the art of saying "Nice doggie" 'til you can find a stick.

TBD said a lot of things that were uncalled for, in a manner that was far from diplomatic. The 'apology' was hardly diplomatic, either, more of a "well I said you suck, and I'm sorry that you find that offensive" kind of apology.

1.) TBD stated several incorrect bits of information, representing them as fact.
2.) TBD publicly took delight in the misfortune of MGC. (Dave adds, a LE bust is the misfortune)
3.) TBD reported a rumor that was highly damaging to MGC.
4.) TBD issued an "apology" that was barely anything more than a "you suck, and I'm tired of this" statement. Not an olive branch, but I'll allow it represented a desire to end the discussion.
... there is a certain level of civilized behavior that we expect in our dealings with others. TBD crossed that line, and got called on it. Publicly.

I guess I am probably the individual you castigated for NOT bending over for the Dog when he extended his version of an apology and challenged the rest of us to show our "balls". As I indicated in my post, I found his apology very condescending and insincere. If you don't find it as such, I'm sorry - you weren't in the middle of it and none of the people that were being offended are people you know. (I restate my position because the threads are gone).

As someone on TER said: It once was a good place for info until he decided to slant things towards the providers, or I should say "Special" providers.The TBD and his henchmen aka Moderators run a tight almost facist board where dissent and free speech are only allowed if you say nice banal things.

Dave says:
The previous TBD-Phoenix moderator is on this Private list and apologized for his simply following TBD's orders to delete any of my posts on TBD Phoenix (no matter how helpful or of interest). I recall I once answered a request for an address to a MP. I have the address and the post was even censored off. No wonder TBD hasn't been able to find any moderators for the Phoenix board since no one that knows his historic antics want to be involved.

Of course TER is even worse than TBD in some ways. Even public board posts are pre-censored by gals that only allow credits toward memberships in VIP area if you submit enough juicy details (whether true or not is immaterial) to be accepted.

While TBD's agenda is promoting his highest priced favored providers, TER wants to be Penthouse Forum with reviews of unsafe practices with juicy details. Since I treat providers with dignity and to me "EROTIC" (The Erotic Review - TER) isn't just bbj, juicy details, greek etc, so none of my six attempted reviews were accepted since they are not juicy enough - just honest. And of course many of my posts have been pre censored just like they us to be on TBD-Phoenix. Honesty and open discussion is sometimes banned at the whim of the owners on TER just as on TBD sadly.