Isabella's (From Phoenix) Taping for Tyra Banks Show

Trying to show escorts not just prostitutes with negative public image

My hope was to be a strong, confident woman showing that our industry isn't just filled with societies stereo types. I wanted to say that I think prostitution should be legalized and that you should have a right to do with your body what you will. And yes, many of our clients are married. But, we are all grown ups and need to start answering for ourselves....I happen to be single. And I don't have the right, in my opinion, to turn away a married man or judge him for it. If you want to bring religion into it, Mary Magdalene was supposedly a prostitute and Jesus loved her, so who are you to judge...etc. etc. etc.

I planned on saying it all. They filmed me at my home and in the studio on separate days. Everything is true to form at my house except for the fact that they wanted to film footage of a private masseuse giving me a massage at home. I've never had a masseuse come to my house. They also asked me to drop the price of things around the house and I never brag (it's so tacky!). I really hated that. But, they convinced me that it was only to show that we aren't all on the streets, have pimps or shoot up etc. I am thinking, baby steps...

When I got to the studio, I saw that there were other girls that were going to be on the show that outright say they are prostitutes. Now, hear me out. I don't think I am any better than this....but, prostitution still isn't legal in most of the US and I wanted to first get people used to the idea of a paid companion (call me crazy, but I really DO consider myself an upscale companion above all else). It isn't in my nature to walk into a date and exchange sex for money. No judgement, just not me. And yes, sometimes I have sex with my clients. But, what girl doesn't do that on a date? Remember, baby steps...

I freaked out and wanted to walk. All of the producers, one at a time, take their turn in my dressing room trying to convince me to stay. Bruce didn't work, he doesn't have that sensitive side, oh, let's try Julie, she's into that whole PETA thing too...or, how about Steve..he just came out of the closet...he can tap into that empowerment thing she has going on... (you get the gist)

That wasn't working. So, they call in the big guns. "Give me a hug Isabella", Tyra says closing the door behind her. We chatted in my dressing room for about 15 minutes. "Tyra never does that for anyone", the staff all echo. They just didn't realize that I could care less if it was Tyra Banks or my next door neighbor...

In the end I stayed not because Tyra convinced me to, but because they were going to be in a huge jam if I backed out and I committed to it. But, my entire outlook changed. I wasn't the confident woman I thought I would be and I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed that these people would judge me. I didn't want to look like a slut or a husband stealer. When I think logically, I know that there is nothing immoral about sex and money or sex for money, regardless of the legality. I just wish people would start thinking for themselves and stop relying on what conservative society puts into their heads. Anyway, I was overcome by this feeling of being judged and it overshadowed my original intent which was in a nutshell, "Until people see that it isn't all about pimps, drugs and all that they consider bad, it will remain scandalous, taboo....and more importantly, illegal." These are the times when porn is more mainstream and business meetings are being conducted in strip clubs. I wanted to take the next step, however small that may have been.

Every woman has prostituted herself in one form or another at one time in her life. If anyone says differently, well, they are in denial. It's human nature. And it's okay to be human (smile). My apologies for not coming through. Just hold on to the belief that being moral is being a good person. And if you have a good heart, you are doing just fine. If only I could have a "take II". I would be fabulous! XO Isabella

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Dave comments:

The taping is for an upcoming show - the Tyra Banks Show which premiers this fall. I suspect Isabella did better than she thinks she did but she hopes they don't air the show since she is probably a perfectionist and doesn't think she did was well as she wanted to.

Of course this is exactly the message I often say needs to get out to the public - most sexwork is private consenting intelligent adults - not the more visible street hookers on drugs with a pimp. As she says this incorrect public perception makes it unlikely to get laws changed to make private consenting adult sexwork legal in the U.S. like it is in most of the rest of the world with no major negative issues.

Another problem is that is she did too good of a job presenting escorts in a positive light, it may get canned by the network. Some of the poly folks at had a great taping on Geraldo a few years ago getting out the sex positive message. But it never aired because the head office thought sponsors would be upset since it was too sex positive which may offend the Christian right viewer.