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I would like to let you know about a new, little known board, that is NOT the typical "bro's before ho's" attitude found on most of the review sites. It was created BECAUSE of this type of drama... The creators of this new site want providers, and gents, to know that there is a site that will LISTEN to them, and treat them with kindness, and even offer a MENTROING PROGRAM for new providers, to help them avoid pitfalls that us veterans had to learn the hard way. They are all about "team work", and comaraderie.

The owner would NEVER treat ladies in the manner that TER's Dave has. The owner of "AHC" is NOT a PIMP. I hope you will investigate it yourself, and find that is a new, better, alternative for the ladies and gents, to feel more comfortable, like they are being heard, and that ANY drama will be minimized, and handled with honesty and discretion, seeking truth only.

There are REAL people out there who CARE about this industry, and want the BEST for the people involved in it. There are people who are genuinely interested in making the Hobby better, safer, and more reliable online. No more BOGUS reviews. After all, how is a new "hobbyist" supposed to accurately do his "homework" on a provider, if the info he is getting is BOGUS?

This new site is called "AHC".  . We are just over 3K members strong now, and growing exponentially in all areas of the country. I believe it is the same attitude you display here, that is attracting only the cream of the crop at this new site. Mature, intelligent providers and gents, stand up, speak out, and let's make the Hobby a better, safer place to play, together.

Thank you for a wonderful site, and for being bold enough to write TRUTHS, no matter the threats, or fear of reactions. THIS is what we need in the industry. HONESTY OVER POPULARITY, ANYDAY!!

Please post this, if you agree with my statements. I feel MANY need to know about this site, to avoid the drama of the bigger, much more corrupt sites.

Sparkling Ruby  (my website)  (the BEST adult resource guide online)

11/06 New Board - Honest Alternative
I believe we hold the same values. I read your article on TER. TER is not so large here in Texas, we have ASPD which has it own set of problems.

I would very much like for us to join forces in whatever way will improve "the hobby". I am the owner of a new board (about 14 months old)  We have had fairly rapid growth because of our attitude of fairness and we are becoming the known as the "kinder gentle board" .

Please check me out to insure that I meet you high standards, you will find that I have built a stellar reputation. Then let us see if we can arrange a way of working together to reduce the power of some of these boards who will, can and do ruin ladies businesses for now better reason than their personal agenda.

Warmest regards

Dave says
Thanks for your note. Obviously we agree on the need for more friendly honest boards.

Your board looks good and I am including your note on our Private List an on

It is hard to get the participation going on a new board vs. the widely known dishonest boards like TER, especially when the owner spend zillions on advertising even in Playboy, local alterative papers (full bottom page strip ads a few years ago in the Phoenix New Times).

Obviously he makes lots of money from TER and still acts as a pimp demanding sex or money to not "ruin your career" as he tells providers. Such a disgrace, but it is hard to get a honest board widely known the way TER has become so dominate like TBD use to be before his big bust for the same kind of pimp activities.