Sex in the Vietnam War

Excellent story on History Channel, on how sex kept U.S. solders from going crazy with so much bad things in war, but could have emotions and spirts lifted by physical intimacy and sex with the many great women available either working as prostitutes or becoming girlfriends.

Then they returned to the U.S. to their girlfriends and wives but had a hard time integrating back into a culture so sexually repressive other than tease to sell products. In part that is why there is so much sex tourism to Asia, such as Bangkok which was a favorite rest and relaxation (R&R) city for troops with so many wonderful open Thai women. Of course I fell in love with the openness and physical intimacy of Thai women when I visited Bangkok and especially Pattaya a few years ago.

I hear great reports from Vietnam also, although it is not as tourist friendly or as easy to travel to as Thailand and has strong anti-prostitution laws. Thailand was very wise when due to pressure of U.S. made prostitution illegal, but then exempted "special services" from "Entertainment Place" and doesn't enforce law against local brothels that have been a part of their culture, with no big deal, for thousands of years.

Of course the result was the huge number of Amerasian children since there was no birth control available even condoms were very expensive so usually not used. The children were hated both by the North Vietnamese since they hated Americans, as well as the South Vietnamese since they felt America deserted them when they were most needed. In 1980s many of these Amerasian children were allowed with their families to immigrate to the U.S.