February 12, 2006 Comments about our parties:
PARTY Great Success Thanks to you!
Lots of great comments, the life video feed from Sybian  bedroom to living room was great. Many gals offered gifts for free drawings - lots of winners - thanks gals and one guy provider for the girls !

We intentionally extended the social time before the formal program a half an hour for all the great socializing. Must had a hard time even with a mic to get everyone to quiet down for the formal part of introductions and drawings and then more socializing afterwards both in the social room and up in the condo.

Next time will have separate bowls for gals and guys tickets which got a bit funny, great how many gals handled gals winning sessions, and then winner offered combined sessions with both of them for next winner.

E-mail from new List member: "Tried to book an appointment but their all going to your party"

Special thanks to hotrod for hosting and organizing and ALL the great volunteers at the bar, sign in desk, and many that volunteered to help we didn't need to call on since had so many offers.

Lots of great e-mails after on how great it was which are appreciated but won't include them all!  Here however is one from our infamous grand lady of the Phoenix escorts Rose, with her permission:

Hi Dave
I wanted to Thank You for the invite, and having such a great party I truly enjoyed it, I have to say it was one of the better events I have been to in a long time and I mean this!! , as having started Parties here in Phx and attending many this one is at the top of my list.

The women were lovely and the gentleman charming!! the conversation was good and interesting hmmm and the host Dave and Hotrod were GREAT Kudos to you both .I am looking forward to your next Party I think you should have several during the year I vote yes!!.

Thank again Dave and Hotrod again for a really good event

Other samples:
Just a quick note to say thanks for the get-together last night. A great array of ladies in a fun setting. The views and demonstrations upstairs were fantastic additions. Thanks again to all who helped put it together.

That was such a great party. Loved meeting the girls and guys. It really feels like a bunch of old friends getting together to me.

October 16, 2005 As an Example
Phoenix Private List Weekly Newsletter
For Subscribers Only Not for Public Distribution
Providers sell their time and provide legal erotic entertainment and are not soliciting for prostitution
Reviews are for entertainment purposes only and are not promoting any illegal activity.
Is the discrete name for Liberated Christians which List memberships are billed as
Dave's Weekly Comments
Welcome to Latest Banner Exchange Participant at
Michelle Az Fun Girl at


LIST PROVIDER ANNOUNCEMENTS SHOULD NOT IMPLY ANYTHING DIRECTLY SEXUAL i.e. "$xxx for Greek" as an example.  Providers provide time and companionship not illegal prostitution since we have no consenting adult sex rights in the U.S. unlike most of the world.  Anything more is between two consenting adults with no payment provided.

Previously reported, Tennessee busted an ad executive for sexwork ads in a newspaper, and the anti adult freedoms religious right agenda is rapidly spreading like a bad virus.

25 Internet Board Busts and many Convictions from Discussion Board

Oklahoma City Vice revealed publicly that they have dealt a crippling blow to an Internet web site that promotes prostitution through advertising, reviews, and recommendations.

OKC vice touted at least 25-arrests of both prostitutes and their clients. Vice also acknowledged that there was nothing they could do to close the site under investigation.

The owner of JohnTv says:
A much better course of action (and certainly a more financially responsible one) would be to target the site owners, operators, administrators, and moderators for aiding and abetting prostitution, pandering, computer crimes, and profiting from prostitution in the form of paid advertising. This one blow (no pun intended) would solve whatever issues OKC vice and DA Lane has with the criminal activity on this site. While I personally think the site and its members should be left alone as long as the community at large is not complaining, I realize this has become a pet-project for OKC vice and their current efforts show no end in sight to the cost in real tax dollars, time, and manpower.

The site boasts, "the fastest growing escort reviews resource on the internet today!" claiming over 20,000 users worldwide. However, OKC vice shrank that number by 25 in recent months with the arrests of 13 prostitutes and 12 "Johns"; Several of whom have already been successfully prosecuted.

This seems to be pet projects of OKC vice and DA Wes Lane's office. Neither the police nor DA Lane can produce complaints by citizens regarding this type of prostitution. That is, prostitution between two completely consenting adults that is solicited, procured and engaged in completely behind closed doors.

Yet, the police and DA Lane's office receive calls daily from citizens begging both agencies to concentrate their anti-prostitution efforts towards getting street prostitutes out of their neighborhoods and away from their schools, churches and children.

The Internet bust and arrests cost tax payers thousands of real dollars in money, time, man hours, man power, and contribute to an overburdened court system. As the convictions show, everyone of the "Johns" charged and convicted has received a slap on the wrist in the form of a deferred sentence and a $100 fine. Yet, what was the bill to the tax payers in each case?

Additionally, not a single woman charged with prostitution stemming from these arrests has even pulled their web site down. OKC vice confirmed these women make from $100-$500 an hour. A $100 or even $1,000 fine and deferred sentence is nothing but a cost of doing business in Oklahoma County. In reality, the biggest pimp in Oklahoma is District Attorney Wes Lane. Lane does nothing to offer rehabilitation to prostitutes, gives them punishments that only encouraged continued acts of prostitution, forces them to pay his office money in the form of fines, and when they don't pay he punishes them! Sounds like a pimp to me.

("Candie" on the Board) Amber Kay Sears was arrested June 3, 2005 and subsequently became a convicted felon on September 15, 2005 . Sears was convicted of offering to engage in prostitution, maintaining a house of prostitution and computer crimes. Amber's husband, Nelson Sears , was also convicted of prostitution related crimes. Amber was sentenced to five-years deferred, one-year suspended, fines and court costs - all supervised.

My goal being that if the site's members were too fearful of prosecution and/or public exposure they would cease participation and therefore there wouldn't be anybody to arrest. This, in turn, would force OKC vice to refocus on the type of prostitution that Oklahoma County residents are actually complaining about - Street Prostitution - and not prostitution that is kept away from the public and behind closed doors!
Dave comments
Sadly the board that ads are being used to prosecute from is the only major honest board, The largest disgrace to the industry board, TER does not have any separate Oklahoma local boards. On TBD whose owner was just as bad as a dishonest pimp and arrested but the many charges dismissed due to delay in bringing to trial, mostly due to DA and Fed's not wanting to name "confidential informants" the Oklahoma section is as deserted as the Phoenix section with almost no activity on TBD.  But TER and its exploitive, dishonest, disgraceful owner thrives with its juiced up review policies.

Amber (aka Bustygirl - The Mother Hen), the provider who founded aspd which I was involved with from its early days (as an offshoot of the old newsgroup) has been in e-mail contact with me regarding the situation. has in response removed its Provider Ad section. They say:
The section is the most troublesome on aspd and because of that it was removed. From a legal standpoint, posts and reviews are the sole product of the poster and without independent corroboration are nothing more than the posters imagination expressed on a website. Conversely, the provider ad section is basically an offer to engage. When a lady posts an ad, meets a gent and gives her username on aspd she has problems. And while I am the first to demand and expect my constitutional rights be honored I also understand that laws may be enforced within technical pigeon holes.

Dave comments:
Amber asked me about helping in trying to encourage a defense fund for Candie (I reported her arrest previously on the List). But she pled guilty. Further, while this is an example of local prosecutors going crazy over private sexwork, I believe the Internet crime issue is limited to Oklahoma which has a specific state law against using the computer in a crime which elevates a simple prostitution misdemeanor case into a more serious felony.

The Arizona Legislature HB2428 - "Computer Crimes" I think was passed in 2000 (I can find the bill and I assume the X signed into law means it was passed) which includes using a computer for sex crimes. But it seems to only apply to child sex crimes. However, I am still bothered by the Tenn case where an advertising salesman for an alternative newspaper was charged with six felony charges of promoting prostitution by accepting ads for his newspaper! The religious right march across America to stamp out private adult rights is moving fast in many adult areas.

Of course the Private List receives no income from provider ads and the List has far more privacy protection than a public board.  The private list enjoys the same privacy rights as a mailed letter, but it is still a concern we should be aware of and protect against.  I remind folks of the well known provider a few years ago convicted of prostitution solely by "GFE" on her agencies public website which a Scottsdale jury was convinced was solicitation of prostitution. She was arrested showing up for a "date" with a couple and spent time in Tent City.

Legal Fight Options Limited
Since other than for paying sexworkers to cross state lines, or child prostitution there are no anti-prostitution Federal laws so its all the local laws that need to be challenged - a hard local task.

What we need is more action like what SWOP did in Berkley but without dooming the outcome by including street hookers since no city is going to vote to not enforce laws against street hookers. SWOP had the opportunity to do something positive. Too bad it was doomed and a wasted effort since mostly for public nuisance street hookers.

The other avenue would be for a gal charged with prostitution to challenge the constitutional legality of the law using the Lawrence vs Texas case. Here it is strictly a privacy issue and that laws based on morality are unconstitutional. However that case was a 5-4 decision and may not hold up under the new Bush court which will be in control by the time any case was heard. And we are talking about very huge legal costs to defend and appeal. I think support money could be raised to some extent for such a case, but with a new Bush Supreme Court, this may not be a good time to try.

In the current political climate the best attack on private consenting adult sex laws, is at local level, getting citizens upset enough over the waste of taxpayer funds to enforce morality laws against private adult sexwork, legal in most all the world except the U.S.

Amber (aspd founder) Comments edited down which I agree with:
The ad sections .... are no longer viewable to members at ALL ...until/unless the constitutionality of the computer crime laws OK has implemented are challenged...since they are using them to first CREATE a case where one does not exist, and then to upgrade it to a much higher penalty than is legal otherwise.

Paid companionship is NOT illegal....and as a site, I honestly cannot say with honesty that ANY of our users do or do not break the law...that is not why we exist either way. We are a community. We are here for adults who choose to discuss a variety of issues, from tantric and dungeon forums, to film reviews, strip clubs, and yes, escort and MP reviews. There is no one pigeon hole anyone fits into simply by being a member, and I personally resent the hell out of Bates' (John TV site owner) attempt to put every one of my users (including myself) into any particular mold (prostitutes and johns) . Our very differences are what MAKE us a community. Regardless, we do not pursue "Mr." Bates to attempt to force our beliefs on him....and I resent his failure to give the same respect to others.

My recommendation to remove provider ads, was for the protection of our providers. Apparently, OK has a witch hunt going on...and are using some VERY questionable (from a constitutional standpoint) methods in an effort to succeed in it. I find that sad...especially considering the repeated vigalante bombing episodes going on up there.....are there not more important security issues for the police force to be applying tax dollars to? Such as security at Sooner games.

Show your politicians that you want more NATIONAL security......AIRPORT security....ECONOMIC security....and that you don't enjoy seeing your taxpayer dollars being dropped for cops to get services 3x before making an arrest.

I would encourage someone to get a set contact point established, and consider filing of a class action lawsuit against the state for the harassment that has been going on. The computer crime issue which is being used as a cheap effort at applying a more severe punishment for a misdemeanor crime has not yet been tested as being constitutional....and freedom of well as freedom of speech are far too vital to the success of this country for any judge to dismiss them lightly.

Law enforcement tactics that are this petty are typically used to scare people. Only in fighting back THROUGH THE PROPER LEGAL CHANNELS, will any of this end. Send the politicians dreaming this nonsense up out of office, and get some folks in who will address more serious issues your state is facing.
Montel Williams GREAT SHOW on SEXWORK !
Montel Williams October 12 "My Secret Sex Life" featured Tracy Qwan, Jeannette Angell, Kimberlee Cline and Dennis Hof along with one of his girls and Kimberly who had a lot of wisdom.

Although I don't have time to watch I have liked Montel Williams and his ideas when I do hear him.

The show was mostly positive about sexwork and Montel made the point about what I do in private should be no one else's business. I wish after all the "stories" were told there was more time at the end where Montel started a good audience discussion about why this should only be legal in parts of Nevada etc.

One good point Montel made was looking at the audience reaction he pointed out that most of the older generation folks were shaking their head in disbelief and disapproval of the idea of consenting adult sexwork while overall the younger generation was nodding its head in agreement.

Montel made the comment that prostitution is illegal everywhere except in certain brothels of Nevada. I wish he had pointed out this was only true in the U.S. and that private consenting adult sexwork was legal at least outcall in almost all the world except the U.S. I did e-mail him with some comments.

Here is a pre show introduction:
Why is selling sex the best kept secret? Today's guests work in controversial jobs that's arguably one of the oldest professions around. Our first guest Shelly was left in a new town with two children and no options. She decided to become a call girl for the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. This establishment is different from an escort service because men walk in and pick the woman they want off a menu. It may sound strange but it's totally legal! Our next guest Kimberly is a college student who feels she is an adult and can choose whatever profession she wants. She has her own call girl business and even pays taxes for it. Find out why she chooses to remain anonymous even though her business is legit. Tracy had fantasies of being a call girl since her teen years and says it made her feel like a goddess. She liked the idea of having cash in her hand for her services. At one time she worked for a brothel, escort service, and had a sugar daddy. Now she's written a novel about her experience as a call girl: Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl and is now coming out with a second book called Diary of a Married Call Girl. Our final guest Jeanette was a teacher by day and escort by night. She looked for many jobs but thought this was the quickest way to get out of debt. After her experience as an escort she has written a book entitled Call Girl. Find out why she's finally coming forward with her secret.
Tragic Accident and More strikes well known Provider
Our sympathy, prayers and support should go to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfor two traumatic events.

First she reports "Before any rumors start to fly....." I am sure sooner or later the word will be out about my personal situation so I decided to just say it once here and save the whispers and back channeling speculation.

Details deleted on sample for privacy.
Dave notes the accident is a tragic reminder that no matter how safe a driver you are, someone else can crash into you as is the case with xxxxxxxx's uncle and father when an car driven by xxxx crossed the center line and hit them head on.
Midday collision kills 2, injures 1
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Two people died and one was airlifted to a Phoenix hospital in this two-vehicle collision just east of Walker Road on Highway 69 in Prescott Tuesday morning.

rest of article deleted in sample.
Reverse Massage Comments from my Last Weeks Suggestion
I would love to provide "Reverse Massage", actually I do provide that for alot of my clients! I never knew that is what it was called! Duh! Blonde moment I guess!! I love your updates, I look forward to reading the news every week!
Gina deMilo
I want to add my two cents about reverse. About twenty years ago there was a club on First Steet/Rio Salado behind the Zodiac book store. It is long since gone and I don't remember the name, but it was a nude dance club with massage. On several occasions I went for reverse, and never got a massage myself.  While they were very strict about not touching between the legs, the rest of the body was okay, including breasts. I never even took my clothes off, because it was not really even sexual, per se'. I just really enjoyed touching and caressing the women. Although I'm not as interested in reverse as I was 20 years ago, I still like being able to get some physical contact when I'm getting a massage or 'serviced'. So, count me in on the side in favor of reverse.  Dave says, Yep, I agree of course.

Dave owner of TER ABUSE  (Sample of many reports received recently)

my name is xxxx (from Las Vegas)  and till yesterday I was the highest reviewed escort on TER I had 300 stellar reviews, yesterday they were all removed.not because they were false or anything unscrupulous,I have the best reputation (did) dave informed me the last time he did this (2yrsago) I could fix it for #39 dollars "whats $39 ?" I asked " a one way ticket to LA" said Dave.


I refused then and I refuse now ,I am upset of course I have the best reputation, really people LOVE me and I LOVE what I do,I would appreciate any advice you can give except how to get my reviews back, that I do not want I have copies of all of them, and am going to post all 300 on my site, in a different format of course, I am very upset about the manipulation and exhortation tactics of ,him, basically a bad client, thats what he is ,a bad client with a big bargaining tool ,and being from the East Coast we don't fold to that kinda stuff, I am hoping to be able to do 1000 times better ,basically to succeed without him ,as he told me "without me you wont make a dime" none of you girls would, anyway I appreciate any insight you may be able to give and if nothing else you let me vent:) Thanks so much


Dave says, yes this type of extortion by Dave of TER (not to be confused please with me, Dave in Phoenix), is going on frequently.  Hopefully some day LE will catch up with him like they did TBD for his similar antics but charges had to be dropped since confidential sources didn't want to testify publicly.   I think you have a summary of the reviews on your site listed about as well as you can.   I'd also suggest getting more active on honest sites such as, although it doesn't have as much coverage in your area. 


I also encourage you to make his extortion public - the only real way to hit back is to expose his dishonestly.  Unfortunately he is already known for it yet a lot of folks still support his board and use it vs boards with honest owners.


Of course in Phoenix the Private List is known as the best source and I keep my own activities very separate from the Private List.  In fact I mainly go to Canada to participate with far lower costs and without the legal risks.  No one can accuse me of doing anything like what Dave of TER does as did TBD a few years ago before he was finally busted.  The extortion by Dave of TER probably is pimping as well as other potential legal issues having nothing to do with simply hosting the board which is a perfectly legal since we still have the right of free speech in the U.S.

A Providers Debt - Comments from Last Weeks Warning
Daphne spotted in Kansas
I had only gotten down to the part about Daphne in Denver when my jaw just dropped.

I am not sure if this is the state that you were referring to, but check out this link:

SEVERAL people were rather disgusted at her public cry for help - it would be nice if she could learn that she would probably garner more business if she insured that she was a little more stable..
Just my two Cents, thanks again for your letter,

Dave says you have to join the yahoo group but here is the message referred to:
Sun Oct 9, 2005 2:06 pm
Subject: In Wichita Today! daphneofdenver
Almost have enough money for my plane ticket! I only need one more sweet gentlemen to help me out. Please give me a call at 316-265-2225, to see me. Outcalls Only Please!
And thanks to all that have tried to help me out!

Dave notes it looks like she has been in Wichita and Kansas City since late August.
Gina Responds
I am like so totally upset w/ reading this, there are times, I am really hurting & I have taken in order to survive & I have paid it back w/ the sessions down the road. This just hurts all of us who need that once in awhile & actually do pay the customer back which with it was agreed upon.

For a provider to do this hurts us all not only as providers but also anyone who is on Dave's list where the trust is here & the awareness of brotherhood & sisterhood is so felt in this 'community' I call, it. I am really sorry someone went through that & let us all know, but please understand we on Dave's list is not like that.

I would like to extend my services to any of those who would a lady to experience & trust.

Thanks for listening
As Needed At Home LLC
Mellissa "the Hot Body" same experience warning
Doesn't want details public but be warned. Dave notes, this is not "our" Melissa of Tempe who is popular and gets many good reviews. It is Melissa on xxxs site  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Responds to Complaints about being hard to reach
Well gentlemen,
I have been swamped with a barrage of personal matters this last week or so. None of which is my obligation to inform you of. I understand you all want service and I don't blame you. You need to understand that there are umpteen of you and one of me. Imagine trying to make an appt with 50 of me...not to mention having to weed out and check references in light of all the sheriff Joe Action. (in addition to being ripped off twice in one week 2 weeks ago)I am still wet behind the ears and learning as I go... Yes Dave's List is a "safer" community. ...
Phoenix Councilmen Join Vigil To End Prostitution
October 10 , 2005
Councilmen Claude Mattox and Tom Simplot will be participating in a candlelight walk to curtail prostitution. The walk is organized by Catholic Social Services of Phoenix and will be held 7-9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8.

Participants will march down 27th Avenue, between Camelback and Indian School roads. The area has been troubled in recent years by prostitution and has become the focus of increased enforcement efforts by city police.

“The Phoenix City Council won’t sit by while this happens,” said Mattox. “This is a problem that endangers our neighborhoods and families.” That sentiment was echoed by Simplot, who said the city must focus its law enforcement efforts in areas that will do the most good. “We will keep speaking up until our residents can live day-to-day without crime on their doorsteps,” said Simplot.
Alerts, News For Providers & Sharing Provider Ideas
Bad Client- Jack k
I had seen this guy, Jack Kxxxxx  few times & never had any troubles with him. He was nice as could be, even emailing me daily just to say hi. But tonight he tought me that you shouldnt trust ANYONE! When he arrived he gave set the money on the table, like he always did & we went about our business. Afterwards while I was in the bathroom he took the money & left. I immediately called his cellphone when I realized but got no answer. After calling several times with no answer I got a return phone call from him. This came after leaving a message, threatning to call the police & file a "theft of services" report, on his voicemail. He told me it was an accident (ya right) & because of the distance he'd have to travel to bring it to me, he would mail me a money order if I emailed him my address. Not wanting to give out that info I told him I would come & pick up the cash. He came up with a lame excuse for every suggestion I made & finally hung up. I havent been able to contact him since.
His name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Work Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cell Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dave notes his e-mail address has never been on the Private List
Predator Alert !!!!    Prior warned of Leif K, now is using BjornE with same phone as prior warning as Leif
Watch out for this person calling himself Eric stalky body builder type likes to prey on providers.
email - xxxxxxxxxx
Drives a White Jeep Cherokee
His Phone# xxxxxxxxxxx

Comment: This is that same guy who got me. A real piece of shit. also goes by leif K. same guy i posted about earlier short body builder looking blond looks like hes been to the tanning booth one too many times. claims to be a firefighter. WATCH OUT ...
Phoenix Massage Ordinance Meeting

Pursuant to A.R.S. Section 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the City of phoenix CITY COUNCIL PUBLIC SAFETY subcommittee and to the general public, that the PUBLIC SAFETY subcommittee will hold a meeting open to the public on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. located in the City Council Subcommittee Room, 12th Floor, Phoenix City Hall, 200 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona.

Agenda Item 6:
Massage Ordinance Update - Staff will recommend revisions to the current ordinance to integrate the City Code with state law and refine the regulation of the massage establishment, which the City is still permitted to regulate. This item is for discussion and possible action.
Provider Intros, Announcements or other Updates
NOTE: All Provider Posts are NEW every week. We do not recycle them like another List does. All are fresh and new each week. Providers are welcome to send in updates as often as they wish .Providers sell their time and provide legal erotic entertainment and are not soliciting for prostitution
DYLAN xxx-xxx-xxxx
(Formerly “Jill” in the Historic District)
Hello Gentlemen,
I am a sexy, petite, all-natural blonde that provides the ultimate GFE in a relaxing and discreet environment. My quality, unrushed sessions (225.00) are all about pampering YOU. Indulge yourself, you deserve it. Let’s get better acquainted and enjoy some quality time together. Please have a couple references available and keep in mind that I will not answer calls from blocked telephone numbers.
Yours Truly,

Pictures on the Private Board at:
Leisa Ann
My name is Leisa Ann and I offer just about everything a man could enjoy! I have done erotic dancing, professional modeling and both therapeutic and sensual massage.My stats are: 34C-27-34, 5'5, 120lbs, Auburn hair, brown eyes, a nice toned, tanned body and a neatly shaved cookie. I am available: Mon-Thurs: Noon-6, Fri: 10-4, Sat: By appt, Sun: OFF. I Like to schedule on 1 or 2 hrs in advance if not 1 day before. Please have a Provider reference to give me the time you call to see me. You Can e-mail me at: xxxxxxxxxxxxx  , or call me on my cell at:
xxxxxx4x Me fee is $200.00/hr--in call, $250.00/hr--outcall.

Pictures on Private List Discussion Board at:
Please announce that I will see people for Special of 120.00 hr flat rate call and check fro avail. In call only.

My phone (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)Thanks Janna

Pictures on the Private Board at:
Samantha Rain
I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be apart of your site. I have meet a couple of great members. Here are the new photos.

if you are interested - offering in/outcall. 4xxxxxxxxxxx. My website is done . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cant wait to hear from you.
Samantha Rain

Pictures on Private Board at:
Hi Guys...and for all of you fellow Bi girls, Hi as well! ;)

Hope your week has been good and you have been enjoying this beautiful weather that we have been having lately! The nights are getting a bit chilly, as well as the mornings, so dont forget to give me a call and lets warm up for a bit! I want to say Thank you to those that I have had the pleasure of getting aquinted with, the mannerism that I find in people in this state is sooo nice, so different from NY! Wow, what a nice change!

Anyway, Hope to see you guys again real soon and for those who dont know where to find me, go to my site xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  for pics and contact info!

Thanks again and ALWAYS be safe! xoxoxox Brianna
Hello Gents...I'm Terri a mature, sexy, attractive provider, I offer a true girlfriend experience. I love what I do as I want you to visit me again.

 I'm 5'4" 120lbs long blonde hair, hazel eyes, 36c and a very nice bottom. I truly care for you and want you to feel comfortable and at ease, I'm easy to talk to and I like to have fun and laugh at the same time I'm very passionate and love to hug & kiss. I have no set hours as I try to work around your busy schedule, I can sometimes take appointments the same day...weekdays, weekends and evenings - In call and Out call .

Older men and out of town guest are always loved.

My donation requirements are $250 per hour incall, 10am-5pm..$300 5pm-11pm 11pm-??? $350 in/outcall. 1 1/2 hr $450 Nothing additional except I do speak Greek that would be a plus $100 per hour. I am not a clock watcher but I do ask that you be thoughtful as to the time and make the appropriate donation.

Email xxxxxxxxxxx  Please give me some info on you as well or phone xxxxxxxxx to set up appointments.
Visit my web site to see photos and a link to all my good reviews.
April - Touched by an angel
I do not have access to a computer and do not answer emails.
Catering to a more mature clientel
Come and enjoy a delightful hour of relaxation, you will think you've been massaged by an angel.
Tempe location
10am - 8pm
Would you like to be entertained by an older and bolder lascivious lady who enjoys wearing a garter belt and stockings, fluffy skirts and high heels?
One who is polite, clean, lusty and trusty?
A bi-sexual babe who is high on life, and doesn’t need drugs or booze to warm her up?
This natural 36B, 5’ 3”, 120#, mature (44 y/o), sometimes dorky, small-hipped woman would enjoy pleasing you with a relaxing body rub, or plain old companionship!
A feminine flirt who enjoys the old-fashioned fun of smooching and cuddling.
$150 special for Dave's List first-time clients, $150 for established friends. (usual first visit donation is $200.)
Lusty men over 33 y/o preferred.
IN-CALL ONLY, near 67th Avenue and Peoria Avenue.
No extra charges, not an agency - I just want to have fun with polite gentlemen!
My phone # is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Private or blocked phone numbers will not be answered.
Or email me, sometimes that’s fastest!
Please be polite with communications or in person.
Lisa, the mature yet dorky babe.

Pictures on Private Board at:
 Hey everyone.. It's Sabrina and just wanted to let you know that I now accept all types of Credit cards and back in town. I have not worked the past 2 mths but looking to spend some time with you if interested, So give me a call or check out my website @ xxxxxxxxxxxx  & new updated pics are soon to CUM!!! Spec $$300 for the rest of October to dave's list.
Lexus from SLC
Hi this is Lexus from Salt Lake City I am back in town!!!!!!!!    Give me a call @  xxxxxxxxx
Picture on Private Board at:
Has new picture at xxxxxxxxxxxx
Or fantasies and creative writing I have no idea if true or not and we do not recommend paying for anything that is illegal in the U.S.
Reviews are for entertainment purposes only and are not promoting any illegal activity.
Gina Massage 10/10/05
I met Gina  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at her East Valley home at 4:00pm. Since I had never met her before, we talked small talk for about 20 minutes just getting acquainted, at which time I excused myself to use the restroom and we met at the massage table afterward.

I received a rather extensive massage, although a fairly light touch compared to one I had received from a store-front provider many months ago (not from Dave's list). I did not check the clock, but it seemed like it was probably about 45 minutes, and the mood and music were very relaxing.

After a short break she finished the stress relief with a HJ and a smile. Definitely not a clock-watcher. It was about 5:45 when I left after some more chatting and a goodbye hug.

Since I have only once visited a provider from Dave's list previously (about two years ago), Gina was comfortable to be around to break the ice and ease the tension. Recommended for the rookie readers on  the list (like me).

I won't mention price since she frequently has specials posted, and YMMV. Just watch the list and board for pricing/specials.
Phil N. Good

Pictures on the Private List Discussion board at
Stacy  10/11/05
Tempe, Arizona
I had a wonderful massage. She has a stated price and that is it. Their are no extras beyond the ususal with an erotic massage.
She gives an excellent massage for $160 with HJ. There are no extra services offered but she will refer you to other providers for whatever you might want.
A very nice and attractive lady.
Lori  10/11/05
I went to see her and had an unbelievable massage. She is a very nice lady and well worth the trip.

Dave says, I assume this is Lori at xxxxxxxx
Jade 10/11/05
saw jade very nice.....sweet young thing... no problem had good time. will see again.
See Pictures on Private Board at:
Gina 10/12/05
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I saw Gina for her $100 special massage. We spent an hour getting to know each other and she is truely a very nice and open person. Paid the fee and went to her extra bedroom with a massage table and nice music. I got comfortable and she came in and perfomed one of the best massages I have ever had!! I had to ask for her to remove her gown when it came time for the HE and the panties stayed on ( a little disappointed). Nice finish and shower was provided. Seeing Gina is definate worth it.

Pictures on the Private List Discussion board at
Sabrina from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I can attest to the fact that Sabrina is one of the best in the valley.  I have seen her twice and she is better everytime.  If you get the opportunity, take her up on her offer for our list.  You definatly won't regret it.  
Honey 10/13/05
Met Honey initially through xxxxxxxxxxxx. Very young petiet body, rock hard, comfortable in call environment, full service non rushed environment.
AZ Candy - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10/14/05 from 10/12/05
After hearing that Candy was moving to Phoenix and seeing her at the last meet & greet, I knew that I had to experience her. We connected several times and discuss her move and found out that she and I have a lot in common. We decided that I would have the honor of being her "first" after she completed her move to Phoenix. We met at a local hotel and as soon as the door closed, clothes started flying. Candy had made a promise that she would abstain from any type of "activity" for the past weekend and for those of you who know Candy that is akin to asking her not to breath. Before I had the door closed, Candy was already LFK which turned into DFK. This turned into a marathon make out session right by the door. Kissable Candy is an apt name for her.

Coming up for air, she looked at me and said, "I need to be FUCK!!"

We made our way to the bed and she started giving me one of the best BBBJ I have ever had. She was equally receptive to giving "the boys" a little attention too. After about 10 minutes of sucking on my candy cane, I had to sample some of her candy syrup myself. She was already soaked and it was my duty to sop her up. She wiggle and grind herself against me while she had multiple pops.

The main event was next. Most would think a wild "No Holds Bar" Fuckfest would ensue, but then most would be wrong. What did ensued, was one of the most romantic, steamy, lovemaking scene that would make Hollywood jealous! Making love to Candy was as erotic as sensual as a man could be with a woman. There was a physical connection as well as a spiritual connection between us. We were giving and taking "energy" as we merge until we reach a zenith and we collapsed against each other. Spent and fully entwined, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of our sweat.

After a moment, we started again. More BBBJ, then we became animalistic. Fucking for Fucking sake. Doggie, Cowgirl, Spooning, .. you name it, we did it. If you have ever wanted to see Candy, run, don't walk, run to your phone and call her.
Jamie @ xxxxxxxxxxx  10/14/05
 I'm new to Phoenix  so I'm still getting the hang of it. Your list is great, btw. I've made good use of it though many of the girls are hard to contact.

As for Spa Euphoria, I saw Jamie there who was a very nice girl and might meet your criteria but it is very expensive. We didn't do a reverse rub as it was a first meeting but she seemed up for it later (maybe, who can tell).
Michelle Az Fun Girl 10/15/05
Michelle is easy to contact via e-mail. I dropped her a note which she promptly responded to and followed up with a call in order to pass along references and what not.

Her website,  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, has pics/rates/reviews all of which are accurate but her pictures in no way capture her beauty. She is very young looking and in fantastic shape. If you like cute (girl next door type), tanned and toned women, Michelle is the one to call.

Her incall location is easy to find and parking during the afternoon wasn't a problem at all. She offered me a massage which I took her up on and afterwards we got right into it. Without providing a "blow by blow", I can say that Michelle performed all of the exercises very well and didn't rush through anything. I had a fantastic time with her.

Like all of the women I've met on the list, Michelle provides a completely BS free experience that is well worth the 1 hour price of $$. She could easily ask for and get double that!
Sydney  10/15/05
I've seen Sydney multiple times over the past three years and consider her to be the finest FBSM provider in the Phoenix area. She provides the most complete and professional massage with her CMT skills with wonderfully sensual components for what amounts to a totally satisfying visit each and every time.

I can highly recommend her services to the serious-minded who enjoy great massage wrapped with the sensual package.
Rebecca of AZ Hotties no show  10/15/05
Have you heard anything about Rebecca of AZ hotties? She no-showed an appt with me and she is SO reliable. I have emailed her 5 times with no luck.

Dave says:  Rebecca for years was one of the most popular providers on the List and then Asherah also very popular joined her.  She also use to work for Rose.  When the LE situation heated up they decided to lay low, and they both have other careers.  Recently Rebecca asked someone to post a review of her on TER (the disgrace of the industry due to owner, LE monitors and reviews have to be hyped up to get accepted) and she has a new website.  Asherah has also been active there.  So much for being private, but they screen well.

Seems like they have abandoned the List for the dishonest board with more public exposure.   But I have no idea why she is not doing business as responsibly as she was for years when she got so many clients from the Private List.  

Followup comments:
That TER is absolute death. I am disappointed she is going in this direction. I figured she got into trouble recently or something. Sarah is more of a risk taker. Rebecca is not. But, who knows.
Sophia xxxxxxxx
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 350 $ 1hr.
Just wanted the hoopla surrounding Sophia to be sent forth with the following. She is very acommadating and a wonderful mature lady. DFK,BBBJ,DATY, and MPCFS are on the play list.
Treat her right she deserves nothing less, this is in no way misleading or bogus. So until next time all the newbie's out there ......
thee TEACH
Jasmine at TLC
When i heard she was leaving I had 2 see her, but she was just going 2 be with an agency....not leaving us 4 good! wheww....Jazz is all that, friendly,smart and o' so sexy...She is a great kisser, and gives an above average BBBJ, We covered up and went into RCG, that's all it took 4 me 2 lose it....She will do just fine at TLC, after all she loves her job! Until next time......
thee TEACH
Monique in Gilbert
Ad in xxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have seen her a couple of times. Provides a good sensual massage. She is based in Gilbert and works out of her house. As long as you don't want full service, you won't be disappointed. She does bird animal rescue on the side, which is an interesting conversation topic.

Dave notes her ad says:
Mon-Fri 9 am- 6pm and weekend appts available with min 24 hr advance notice.
(later appointments available booked before 3pm)
$150 flat rate

IN CALL - Gilbert
End of Phoenix-Tucson Sections for current week, next section out of area and political and items of potential interest
Women Comments about Finding Men to give Sexual Massage:
I have a new massage for's the tandem tantric/esalen massage for women by straight men. Why is it that men can virtually go to any city in the U.S. and receive a sexual massage but women cannot? Do you have any idea how many desperate housewives there are out there?  There is a definite hole in the marketplace. Looks like I'm going to have to find one out of massage school and train them myself. = )
Teasers Topless bar caught between light rail and bureaucracy
The Arizona Republic Oct. 13, 2005

A Phoenix topless bar that is being forced out to make way for light rail is having trouble finding a new home. Teasers owner Tony DiBernardo said city planners helped him find a new spot at 3308 N.W. Grand Ave., just as they're assisting other businesses in the light rail path. However, on Wednesday, the City Council decided to ask the State Liquor Board to deny his request to transfer his liquor license to the new location. Without a license, the bar that has be doing business for about 17 years at Seventh Avenue and Camelback Road will effectively be shut down.

"I don't believe our city should be opening up these businesses, whether it's because of a light rail relocation or not," said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. "This city isn't going to build its future on sexually-oriented businesses. That's a false economy, and not one I'm going to rely on." DiBernardo said he would love to stay at his old location, but he doesn't have that option. He told council members that his business would have no impact on residents. "In a neighborhood, you open your front door and you see kids playing," he said. "You look to your left and there's a church, to your right, and there's a school." But his new place is smack in the middle of an industrial area, across the street from railroad tracks and a lumberyard, between a junkyard with old, rusting cars and a vacant shopping center.

But residents from the nearby Granada and Alhambra neighborhood associations disagree. Diane Harris, speaking on behalf of the Alhambra association, said that adding another liquor license and sexually-oriented business would only hurt their ailing neighborhood. "We are struggling to revive and revitalize our way of life," she said. "This establishment isn't going to do anything but damage our fragile neighborhood. This business does no justice to the area."

Violent crimes are nearly three times higher in that part of town compared to the average rate in the rest of the city, and the property crime rate is almost twice as high, according to city crime data. The state has also already granted 31 liquor licenses within one mile of the proposed topless bar, including to restaurants, liquor stores and bars. There are at least two other sex-based businesses near the Teasers location on Grand Avenue. Michael Jones, the owner of Sexee Ladies, an all-nude club, also urged the council to deny DiBernardo his license. "I really don't want Teasers next door," said Jones. "We don't serve alcohol and when our customers leave, at least they won't hurt anyone."

Gordon said that for many years Teasers had a negative impact on the neighborhood near its previous location on Camelback Road, and relocating to near another neighborhood is "something I won't support." Gordon said that DiBernardo will be "fully compensated, not only for the real estate, but for the business operation, as required by law." He said he understands the city may have to pay more because of the license being denied. "To save a few dollars at the expense of a neighborhood is something that I can't support," he said.

The final decision rests with the Arizona State Liquor Board, a seven-member panel appointed by the Governor's Office. The case will likely go before the board in December or January, according to city staff.
News from Phoenix Police Dept
New Phoenix Prostitution Hotline
In early July 2005 a “Hotline” was established so citizens could report prostitution and vice related activity directly to the Unit. To report such activities citizens can call (602) 426-1231 or send an e-mail to .

VIce Enforcement
The Vice Enforcement Squads work closely with the Catholic Social Services and City Prosecutor's Office who sponsors the "Prostitution Diversion Program". The Squads also work very closely with the City Law Office as a member of the Sexually Oriented Business Task Force, which meets twice a month. The purpose of the task force is to coordinate departmental activities/services to insure that the ordinances that regulate the adult business industry in the City of Phoenix are in compliance. As the enforcement component of the SOB Task Force, vice personnel conduct compliance inspections of businesses licensed in the City of Phoenix and take enforcement action on observed violations. The businesses include adult nude cabarets, massage parlors, adult bookstores, adult arcades, adult movie theaters, adult video stores, nude model studios, escort bureaus, and adult social clubs.

In addition to their regular duties, the Vice Enforcement Unit provides undercover detectives to assist with security at high profile events by infiltrating the crowds to provide real-time intelligence on potential threats to the safety and security of the civilian attendees.

Human Trafficking Grant
In 2005 the Phoenix Police Department was awarded a $450,000 federal grant to combat "Human Trafficking." Human Trafficking is nothing less than modern day slavery taking place in our community. It is the forced labor or indentured servitude of persons from other countries as well as our own citizens. The victims are forced to work in the sex trade, farm labor, sweat shops and as domestic servants by means of force or intimidation. Men, women, and children are victimized and reduced to nothing more than a piece of property to be bought, sold or discarded at the whim of their abuser. The Vice Enforcement Unit is responsible for the investigation of human trafficking offenses that occur in the city. Beginning in July 2005, as the program comes on line, the Vice Enforcement Unit will be available to respond to Patrol requests for assistance in suspected human trafficking incidents. Additionally, the Unit will be responsible for training department personnel in detecting human trafficking, and will act in an advisory role in training and assisting other law enforcement agencies in detecting, investigating, and preventing human trafficking in their jurisdictions.
Max Hardcore Raided By The FBI who Fired Shotgun at Floor!
I'm back home from Europe, and I'm outraged! On the morning of October 5th, 2005, a joint task-force of the Los Angeles Pornography Police, and the FBI, numbering some 15 strong, raided my home near Pasadena, California. They seized all my computers, copies of my movies in question, and assorted paperwork.

More troublesome, and what really upsets me, is that one of the officers accidentally fired his shotgun into the floor of my office. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed, but that easily could have happened. I'm sure all the other agents here who could only hear the blast, must have thought that someone was shooting at them, causing widespread panic. One of the female agents even had a panic attack and ran screaming out of the building.

Now I don't know what FBI policy is concerning handling weapons in a raid of a non-violent suspect, but having a bullet in the chamber ready to go, and the safety off, if not illegal, must certainly be against policy. Of course the FBI didn't even apologize for the shooting.

The titles involved are: "Pure Max 16: Euro Version", "Max Hardcore Fists of Fury 3", "Max Hardcore Extreme Schoolgirls 6: Euro Version", "Max Hardcore Golden Guzzlers 5" and "Max Hardcore Golden Guzzlers 6" Absolutely no one under the age of 18 appeared in these, or any of my movies, in over 15 years in the business.

It seems that the federal government, unable to locate any weapons of mass destruction, has decided instead to focus their resources on my `weapons of ass destruction.' This waste of taxpayer's money is total bullshit.

I must admit, I'm mystified as to why the FBI would see fit to launch a full scale investigation of my movies. Where are the victims? To the best of my knowledge, my movies have caused no deaths, or even serious injuries. Of course, it may be possible I have caused isolated incidents of extreme inflammation and chafing. But this is why all my movies are preceded with a variety of warning statements, including; `Don't try these stunts at home.'

I don't intend to take this assault on my liberty laying down. With the guidance of my attorney Jeffrey Douglas, I will fight this matter to the bitter end, to ensure the rights of all Americans to view what they wish to, in the privacy of their own homes. I will also fight for the rights of artists, to produce adult entertainment for the adult public.
Max Hardcore
Strip Club Lap Dance Law Fight in Seattle
Calling itself the "Coalition Against Censorship," a group of strip- club owners and supporters yesterday announced a referendum campaign to try to overturn the rules. The group hopes to gather nearly 14,000 signatures on petitions to put the question before voters next year. The rules, approved by the City Council include a ban on lap dances and are regarded by strippers and club owners as an attempt to drive them out of business.

Seattle's new ordinance imposes some of the strictest adult- entertainment rules among the country's large cities and attracted international news coverage. It requires dancers to stay 4 feet from patrons and forces clubs to install bright lighting and waist-high railings in front of their stages. Supporters said the rules would be easier to enforce than the old restrictions, which prohibited sexual touching, but had no requirement that strippers and patrons stay a certain distance apart. But opponents said the rules exhibited a prudish streak in a city otherwise known for liberal political views.

"I have been dancing since 1996 without incident or problems," said Jennifer Haggerty, a dancer at Rick's, in a statement issued by Levy yesterday. "These new rules are a thinly disguised attempt to put our club out of business and me out of a job." There are four licensed strip clubs operating in Seattle. For 17 years, a city moratorium prevented new ones from opening. That ban was struck down by a judge last month, and the city quickly moved to enact the new rules to discourage new clubs from opening.
Los Angeles Again Wants to Outlaw Lap Dances and Contact
10/14/2005 Los Angeles Daily News
Two years ago, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a controversial lap-dance ban after many hours of public hearings, heated debates and protests from angry strippers and club owners. Council members didn't technically ban the dances, of course. Instead, they created a rule that patrons couldn't get closer than six feet to the dancers, thus creating a de facto ban they knew was unenforceable for all intents and purposes.

Then, just a couple of months later, they unadopted the ordinance after it became clear strip-club supporters were threatening lawsuits and gathering signatures to put the ban on the ballot. Intimidated as usual, the council chose the wiser course of enforcing existing laws against strip clubs that actually are disrupting neighborhoods and going way over the line of common decency. The whole fiasco provided good paydays to lobbyists, lawyers and consultants - as well as some handy campaign cash to some politicians.

Business for these folks must not be so good because the ban crusade is back. Emboldened by the court's support of a similar strict "no-touch" rule in La Habra, city officials are again seeking to strip strippers of the popular and lucrative lap-dancing feature of clubs. On Tuesday, the Police Commission endorsed it unanimously; it will next go to the City Council's public safety committee. The entire ban saga began with legitimate complaints from people who live near a few Westside clubs and were upset with the lewd acts that sometimes spilled into the community. Instead of dealing with these particular nuisances, city officials decided to make political hay by declaring that unenforceable regulations on lap dancing would somehow put an end to all that is bad in the city - to prostitution, drug usage, violence toward women and other crimes. The subtext was, then, that banning the lap dance would render the city's many strip clubs as wholesome as the gym.

Give us a break. The lap-dancing attacks are nothing more than distraction from the real issues that bring down the quality of life in Los Angeles - things like kids getting shot on the way home from school, unsafe housing conditions, sweatshops where immigrants are exploited, streets that are literally falling apart, lack of good jobs, to name a few.

Lap dancing, sex clubs, the nation's pornography industry - those are symbols of the unhealthy state of the city, not the cause of its deterioration. Instead of creating another circus over the ground rules for lap dancing, city officials should start to work grappling with the big issues that actually affect the lives of millions of residents every day.
Clerk Charged With Selling Sex Toys
October 13, 2005
HOUSTON -- A store clerk accused of illegally selling adult toys was *found not* *guilty* Wednesday. Jose Escalante was arrested during a raid at the Adult Video Megaplex Houston on June 9. Houston police charged him with obscenity, alleging he was in possession of adult toys with the intent to promote and sell them. Prosecutors argued that it is illegal to sell an item designed to be used for a sexual act.

But, Escalante's attorney, Richard Kuniansky, said that he believes his client was unfairly singled out, considering hundreds of stores across the Houston area sell similar products. However, prosecutors said the law is the law, and that anyone caught in possession of six or more adult toys deemed obscene by the law is presumed to be promoting them and could be arrested. An officer who testified in the trial said an adult toy is obscene if it is contained in a package with a label that indicates the toy is designed to be used in a sexual act.

Although Escalante has said he was only a store clerk, prosecutors said he was a store manager, meaning he was in possession of all of the products being sold in the store. Many of the adult toys not confiscated from the store during the raid are advertised as massagers. If Escalante had been convicted, he could have been sentenced to spend up to a year in prison and pay a $4,000 fine.
Vice Cops Caught Red-Handy-Handed
Officers may have gone too far in "undercover" massage parlor bust
OCTOBER 7--Memo to all TSG visitors: Please, please, please take five minutes to read this remarkable probable cause affidavit just filed in connection with a prostitution case against two Washington massage parlor workers. After the Classic Body Tonic Spa opened earlier this year, Lynnwood Police Department investigators became suspicious that female employees were providing a variety of illegal services. So, two undercover officers--Ron Moore and "Officer Brooks"--visited the establishment for a look-see. But instead of just observing, the cops actually were, um, serviced by massage parlor employees on a total of three separate occasions. The September 30 court document helpfully notes that upon, er, completion of a May 4 visit to the parlor, one female worker brandished a "warm wash cloth to wipe Brooks' groin area." The document also includes Moore's recollection of being told about the spa's price list: "Okay, you pay $60 for massage. $20 for handy-handy." As a result of the probe, Myong Gin Chow, 40, and Myung Suk Shaw, 41, were hit last week with prostitution charges. Prosecutors are reportedly reviewing the police tactics since vice cops usually pull out the cuffs once a massage parlor employee agrees to perform a sex act for money.

Complete Police Report at
Job Blown, John Sought Refund
Oklahoma man wanted money back after hooker tryst went bust
 OCTOBER 12--Meet Corey Hovis and Megan Mullins. The Oklahoma residents are scheduled for an October 20 District Court appearance on a pending misdemeanor lewdness case. They were arrested earlier this year when a cop spotted Mullins, 18, performing a sex act on the 31-year-old Hovis (who was in the driver's seat of his pickup truck at the time). When advised that he was under arrest, Hovis asked Officer Kristi Ceder "what that meant," according to an Oklahoma City Police Department report. Ceder told Hovis--who apparently was unaware of prohibitions against prostitution--that "it was against the law to pick up a female for a date and engaged in oral sex." At that point, Ceder noted, Hovis "asked if I could get his money back." The officer replied that she could not secure a refund for the interrupted paid liaison.

Pictures and Police report at
From Dave's E-mail (sigh)
Dear sir,
i want you to put me through with one and i also have so many friends who are in need of canada ladys.
yours faithfully

Comments from my posting this on a Canadian Board:
These guys are looking for a "marriage of convenience" so that they can immigrate. It's illegal, but really, people routinely get away with it. If you don't feel too dirty helping them with this, I have seen ads for this on craigslist.

The basic deal is the guy will pay something like $20k for a fake marriage. No sex required, just live in the same house and married long enough to convince CIC it's legit and approve a family class immigration case. Probably about six months, then a thank you, and an amicable divorce.
I am 18 and i am looking for a prostitute to have some fun. Can i find one with no disease. KIndly send me all the details regarding this like amount and all that knid of stuff. I am living in Irving, Tx.
 I have read your Sex Work Research a few times over as I am trying to find as much info as possible regarding service providers in the massage industry. The problem I have is this: For the past almost one and a half year I have been seriously involved with a woman who has been a solitary, independent service provider (massage) since 1997. During all this time it is very evident that she has put a lot of effort in concealing the true nature of her trade, telling me that she does this or that or, allows this or that but not that … etc.

Unfortunately I have picked up upon a few clues here and there to the contrary that are very perplexing and my attempts to get an answer from her have so far been futile.  I have a feeling that you know the ins and outs of this trade right to the core and I will very much appreciate if I could get your views and opinion on a couple of questions that are constantly revolving in the back of my head.
Dave replies: Since I see nothing wrong with a women being in the sexwork business, I doubt if I can be of much help. She obviously doesn't feel you can handle the truth about her work. Sadly most men are too jealous and possessive (the opposite of love) to date women in sexwork.
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Submitting and publishing reports on intimacy providers/sexworkers is a Free Speech right and is not a crime since their is no financial reward (no pimping). I receive NO financial benefit from any sex worker from any illegal services. I just feel very strongly that sex work should be a honorable profession and the only immoral acts are committed by police who ruin peoples lives when their only "crime" is providing or seeking healthy sexual pleasure between consenting adults. Reviews are not edited in any way. Even your misspellings will get posted!

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