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February 3, 2003 Thailand Trip Report
Updating my now old report

THIS IS NOT Dave in Phoenix's Report, but from a traveler that was kind enough to send to update my original report Note 1000 baht = $US23

I returned yesterday from Bangkok and Pattaya. Like yourself I enjoy writing so, I'll give you a rather full report. Please feel free to excerpt, discard or publish all of this report as you see fit. Please do not use my name or email address.

Although this was my first visit to Thailand I felt very well prepared for the nightlife having read thoroughly your report, all that was available on the site, including the absolutely mandatory novelette, Private Dancer, which can be downloaded from that site, and, everything on the site. My feelings were well justified as nothing came as a surprise and went pretty much as expected. Especially helpful was a Nanapong tip on buying mamason a drink prior to even thinking about a particular girl. It proved sound business and insurance. Also, your tip on looking for the Shell station just before Soi Cowboy was helpful.

The average bar fine in still 500Bt and for quality girls short term is still 1,500 (Dave notes this is about 2 hours for $US65) and long term 3,000. Personally, I found the girls in BKK a great deal more attractive than in Pattaya where they seem more plump and less facially attractive. In fact, after bar fining girls in BKK the first two nights I was there, one in Soi Cowboy and one in Nana I didn't even bother to do so in Pattaya and went back to BKK the day after arriving in Pattaya. For my money about the only bar one really needs to visit is in Nana and is named Angel Witch but, then again, this is personal preference and, I wouldn't recommend that to everyone. Of course, look around. There are so many bars and girls. Even in this, one of the most busy tourist seasons in Thailand there is an abundance of girls per customer. Find what suits you best. I found Patpong interesting at night too with the way Walking Street is really an outdoor market with the bars on both sides. There are great clothing bargains there and I bought gifts for everyone I intended to buy for at Patpong and was able to bargain effectively. However, even without bargaining the prices are really amazing, For high quality silk shops for any female you might want buy something for there are good shops in MBK. One gets there via Sky Train as does one going to Patpong as well.

I didn't bar fine anyone in Patpong because getting back to the Grand President (where I stayed) with a girl in tow is a little harder than from either the Cowboy or Nana which are short walks. (Dave notes, the Grand President is what I was considering for next trip since closer to different areas than the Omni where I stayed) However, one could do so without much trouble by either taking a Tuk Tuk, cab, motor bike or the Sky Train without difficulty or rent a Short Term hotel if one wanted to. The Sky Train stops running at midnight though. Since the Grand President is at Sukumvit Soi 11 there is no need for a short term hotel and I never used one. If one chooses to stay there, to get to Nana one walks to Sukumvit turns right and crosses Sukumvit at the Nana Sky Train (don't get on a train-just cross the street) and walks down to Soi 3--actually Soi 3 is on the opposite side of Sukumvit from Nana since you have crossed over so, it is at Sukumvit and the Soi opposite 3. It should logically be 2 but, illogically I don't think it is. To get to Cowboy walk down to Sukumvit turn left past two Shell stations and turn left at SOI 23.

Dave: I don't know if when you were there the Sky Train was operating but, it is now and, it is the absolute best way to get around BKK. (Dave comments, no I was there pre-Sky train) It is very cheep and very easy to use. One area where you and I differ Dave, is the desirability of renting a Suite. For the first three days I was there I did that at the Grand President and also in Pattaya. When I returned to BKK I couldn't get one and rented just a nice room for 1860Bt, about 800 Bt less than the Suite. The economy in Thailand is still weak but, it is beginning to improve so, hotel rates are moving up a little. I can assure you the girls don't care if they sleep in room with or without a Suite, just so long as it has TV they can watch while you're showering and has air conditioning. Here is a word to the wise.

Do not bar fine a girl under 18. The one girl I considering bar fining in Pattaya was a tout but awfully cute. I asked her rate which was only a Thousand but, when I asked her age she said 17. After not finding anyone I came back a couple of hours later and asked her age again. Remarkable how she had aged 3 years. I asked to see her ID but she couldn't seem to locate it. Bad Bad news. Since residing in a Thai jail didn't seem particularly appealing I passed.

Dave: The guys need not sit around all day waiting for nightfall. There are some interesting things to see and do around BKK and it seems stupid not to avail oneself. I recommend hiring a personal tour guide. My friend and I paid $100.00 U.S. per day on two separate occasions. The man spoke very good English and showed us some things we wouldn't have otherwise seen. Out of that $100.00 he covered all transportation costs including renting the vehicle and tolls and entry fees. My friend and I booked our guide through a friend of a friend but, I think guides can be booked through travel agencies. Tour guides there must pass a course and have a license. Don't book one without one - same as the girls.

On a personal note, after one massage and one bar fine of a girl at Cowboy I met a girl in Nana and stuck with her the rest of time in Thailand as I found her to be terrific in every way. I did pay her bar fine the nights I was with her and also her long term rate each day. Of course, that is only fair. I will probably see her again late this year. Whether in BKK or here in America as my guest remains undecided.

To anyone who reads this I think you'll be caught up, as was I and Dave, in the peculiarity of finding the whole concept of being with these girls simultaneously perverse and captivating. After being with these girls I believe you'll find that they definitely do not do what they do because they want to. They do it to earn the funds to support family. Thailand can be tough for the old and the young. Please treat these girls well. I don't want to go back there and hear about the American pig. As far as the Thai girls' attitude goes in comparison to the girls here (Phoenix) and in Vancouver not Victoria) Canada the comparison is truly comical. The girls in Phoenix with their "I'm doing you a big favor by allowing you to pay me $300-500 per hour to see me" as opposed to the girls in BKK with their grateful attitude, far better looks and bodies to receive $35.00 (1,500 Bt per two hours or $75.00 all night) makes me laugh. I've seem many girls here but once you've had one of these Thai girls it really turns you off to the girls here in Phx if you haven't been already.

A Pricing Update from another reader

I just read the trip report that you were aent by a newbie. It was enjoyable but just as I did when I was new he paid too much! He says that the standard barfine is now 500B (Which is true in most places) and goes on to say that the short time barfine is 1500B and the longtime is 3000B. Not true! I was just there and if you just laugh a little when quoted those prices you find that the standard shorttime is 1000B and the standard long time is 1500B. These prices are true for NanaPlaza and for Soi Cowboy. I don't know about PatPong. Freelancers at Biergarten Soi 7 were gladly accepting 500B short time and 1000B long time. Same prices are true of the Buckskin Joe area and the Washington Square area. (500 ST and 1000LT). I do not negotiate. Just tell them upfront what I will pay. 95% acceptance rate. I had one 9+ gogo dancer in NEP that wanted 2000B for long time and wouldn't come off it. We smiled and parted and her friend who I eventually barfined was sitting next to me 2 minutes later. Probably an 8.5 and she didn't even bat an eye at my 1500B figure. Just got up and went to get dressed. Thought that you would like some more information.

Dave comments: Your points are well taken.  Some guys like me however, for short time don't feel its worth the haggling over only a 500 Baht ($US11.66) difference in price.

I agree with a more significant difference in LT. But I always did ST, can't really sleep that well with a hot body next to me for all night.

I can't remember for sure if bar gets a portion of her ST/LT fee or if all hers. I seem to think they split at least in some of the strip clubs but not the bars...don't recall for sure. But this may be why independents on the street are less. But it maybe they can't get a job in the bars/clubs for some reason or just may prefer the independence and charge less.

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