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 Jakarta, Indonesia Experience shared with permission

I was down in Jakarta, Indonesia last November again in late March (2000) to find out about what kind of fun places I can go. It was amazing and so many beautiful choices. This is my experiences from what I saw so maybe it is a customary in Asian places. First, you can pickup the girl from any and most niteclubs. Yes, even from Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood and most of all nice 5 stars hotel's club. Of course the price will significantly increased. Many don't speaks English at all but some do so don't worry to much.

First place I went was a Omni Batavia Hotel, it is a nice hotel and expensive but business has been down significantly after the Asian currency crisis and political struggle. Not too many people there so you have a very good deal in room and the girl. I went to the nite club called "Gudang" (means = storage) nice decor. As soon as you walk in, the mamasan will ask you if you want some company, then she will send some of the girls to your table introducing themselves. I took one of the girl. It was cheap, the charge for her to accompany me was less than 15 bucks for 6 hours (minimum). She will talk to you and you can grab her in limited way. Then if you want to take her out, you need to pay another 40 bucks to the mamasan, and she is yours for the whole nite until tomorrow noon. Of course you need to get your own room, conveniently at the Omni or anywhere you want to take her. Yes, she will stay with you the whole nite. Before you leave, make sure you ask the girl how much the nite will cost you. It is about 40 bucks in average upward. The sad thing is I was in the middle of negotiation, my dad showed up looking for me, so it screwed up the whole deal. Anyway, another friend that went to Hard Rock Cafe in the center of financial distric at the same nite, it was exactly the same except since a lot of expats so the price is much higher about twice but they speaks working English. Nope, they are genuine working girls not rip-offs.

The next day, I went to another nite clubs in Manggabesar area called "Bintang Mawar" interestingly means = Rose, I never been to Rose's place but very true about good treatments. The place is very crowded at nite so come in the afternoon like 3 o'clock. Oh my goat it has the most beautiful Asian girls. As soon as I walked in, the mamasan come over and direct you to an empty seat. Then she will ask you what kind of girl do you like, the native or the Chinese background? Sometime they have some other girls from China, Taiwan, Phillipines, etc. but I preferred the native with darker skin one. I was there with a few friends, the mamasan will send you a girl based on your selection. She will come and sit next to you. She will chit chat with you for a few minutes, if you don't like her, you tell the mamasan and no hard feeling, mamasan will send you another one. But, I didn't refused the very first time she came over. If you like her, you go to upstairs room. The room cost you 6 bucks and the girl cost you 22 bucks. The price is fixed, no need for negotiation and there is no need for extra. This is it. Let me tell you she is good looking and have a nice body. Well proportion Asian girl figure no big tities and they all real no baloon stuff. You went to the room and she will first shower you, being hot and sweaty, it is a good idea. She then took shower too. The shower is in the room. Next, she will join you in the bed. At first, she asked me what I like her to do. I told her anything she like. She proceed to give me a tongue bath, she licks you all over the place, the first time I have the sensation of having my asshole rim licked. Let me tell you it is interesting. Then she proceed giving me BJ. It is very skillful and she enjoys it. If you came, it is fine because she is yours for the entire hour. She will stay and yes you are allowed for multiple shots. F/S was great in several positions. I got off not too long, then we shower again. Then laying there naked and she start to play with me again, but my little brother was tired so she just giving me massage and I play with her for the remaining half an hour, yes she (an all of them) stay for the full hour. Make sure you bring your own condom since the condom they have is for smaller "asian" size so it rather tight. I found out that most the provider doesn't like to licked, seldom will do greek. They trimmed their bushes but I didn't find any of the girls that went in is bald. Somehow bush is good for good luck, if you bald you are unlucky... they said. The provider will give you BJ with no condom and F/S at your choice with or without condom. All the girls inspected by doctor weekly.

It is the best damn 28 bucks I ever spent. The next 14 days I went back there almost daily and all in all, I never have any shitty treatments from any of the providers. Oh yes, you tip the mamasan about 3 bucks on the way out so she will take care of you next time you come back. Remember use local currency since they won't accept US bills. No tip necessary. One other thing that strike me is that how honest the girl was. You pay them at the end, they never demand the money upfront. You also feel safe leaving your wallet in your pants pocket. Don't worry they won't steal it, although I keep checking my pants from the shower. The house also provide you with bottle water or soda, included. Condom will cost about a buck and half extra. Nothing else. The room is average but the service is very excellent. Go with someone that speaks Indonesian is helpful but they won't rip you off just because you doesn't look like Asian, all flat price.

Massage Parlor in Jakarta, Indonesia
I went to Indonesia last March and went to several massage parlor in Jakarta. It is very similar to Dave experience's in Bangkok. In Jakarta you can get a F/S in nearly all massage parlor. In particular I went to place called Kartika in Mangga Besar area in Central Jakarta. The place is not highly publicized but most people know where it is. Go early in the afternoon since it is more secure and you have all the girls fresh. As soon as I went in with several friends, I saw about almost 200 girls. Yes, there are a few expats in that place so you feel at home. In this place there is no mamasan = the house mother, that will come around to ask you if you want some girl like if you in the club. You just look around and find which one you like. I was told to get an older lady with big tits, something rare in Asia but good size.

I took a girl name Ririn. We went upstair to the room. It is a massage parlor so you will expect a good massage. Oh boy it is more than that. First, after got naked both you and her, she will bath you first. Instead of the floaty bed like they use in Thailand, in this case the message table is water proof in the middle of the room. She made a solutions of bubble waters. Lying naked there she proceed to give me a body massage with her body staring on my front. Oh her tits was big and real, I don't know how she do it but she proceed to give me a body massage from my finger to my toe with her tits. I just enjoy it. Then after that she make me turn on lying on my stomach. Then she massage me on my back with her body too.

After about 20 minute massage on my front and back, she is up for her next trick. I never have this done not even in Spa Connection. I was lying on my stomach facing down. She proceed to go in between my legs and the bed facing up so she facing up looking at the ceiling, her leg near my armpits. Then with a lot of soapy water, her body slide in and out so she massaging my little brother using her bush holding down on my legs. She just move in and out but no penetration. Then she did the same with a lot of soapy water to massage both my legs like this. Oh it was great. This is what they called is taking a bath.

We both take a shower, they have a bath tub there. I was really clean. Then she proceed to dry out the massage table. After we both showered, next I was lying naked again on my back. Then she proceed to give me a tongue massage. Just like a pussy. Yes, I wasn't prepared for this. She licked me all over the body. Yes, she licked me at the palm of my feet, the rim of my ass, my balls, my fingers, my necks everywhere. You have to try it... sound kinky but it is very wonderful feeling. She took her time.... then the proceed to give a blow job, she really take her time. She knows how to do it well.... After all done, I did several position with her, she is very accommodating and really enjoy it. No rush, yes you can have multiple shots.... I choose covered but some girls will do without.

Then she proceed to give a shower again. I never showered so much in less than 1 hour in my life. Then she give me a light touch rubbing on my back after that we got dress. She never ask for the money, I gave her about USD $20 and $ 5 tip at the going rate. It is including the room and her services. It is the best massage experience I ever got. She wasn't the great looking but she got a real tits and she been there for a while. I still curious how she can maintain her body especially tits if she used it daily to massage clients.... but it was all good. Very good.

Turned out in Jakarta, there are so many massage parlor like these. Another place is Kimochi but I never been there. I will stopby next time I'm down in Jakarta. Is there anyone experience similar place like this closer to home in Arizona?

Never been to Thailand, but eat a lot of Thai food in Pink Pepper in Bell and 3rd Ave.... good food. I suppose to go to a wedding last March in Bangkok but got postponed until next year so I'll make a report and looking for Dave's hand prints on some of the girls you said you touched.....I will follow Dave's path....

Dave comments: 
Look for my handprints on their backs where I've massaged them :) I hope to return before you do but not sure if will happen.. I may fall in love with Montreal next week! Using the massage table for the soapy massage is interesting idea vs. the usual very slippery mats on the floor used in Thailand.

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