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Bangkok Experience by "J M"  Send to me 6/00 with permission to share with others:

We were in Bangkok in early April, and stayed at the Omni Towers per your review.  What a great place.

On the first night we went to Annie's.  We got there at about 3 A.M., all the girls were asleep, but the manager woke them all to meet us.  The young lady I chose was the best available in my eyes.  She led me to her room and started a bath, (note - not much hot water at 3 am) I was a little uneasy at first, but she was very nice and did speak some English.  She gave me a real good bath with a bbj, she did one hell of a job, made me cum in about 5 min.  Then we went to the air mattress - awesome- then to the bed, where she gave me a real good rub down, and another bbj, and a rim job, then fucked my brains out.  All in all it was about 2 hours, for 1500. BHT, plus I gave her 500. BHT tip, for a total of 54.00 US. Annies is a bit run down, but the attitude there makes it. Rated 7

Harem Club etc
The next place we went to was Harem club, and had the real fish bowl experience.  I chose a real looker here, what a club! Everything was first rate.  Same basic service as above (w/o rim) Loads of good looking girls, and again, very nice.  Total price 3000.00 BHT. 81.00 US. Rated 9

Next club I don't know the name, it's just down the street from Harems, and was told it had the same owners, same same, some of the same girls from Harems.  A bit older place, bit run down. Rated 7

Went to a sex show--- waste of time and money.

We hung out at Nana Plaza alot, and took out some girls for short time. I'm still not sure if I like this, bringing a girl back to the room and all, but it was very good and cost 2500.BHT 67.00 US. I guess I feel that I get much more at the parlors. Rated 7

Dave, there is so much to tell about Bangkok, I could sit here for hours.  Now I'm just counting the days when I go back again. But really, two big thumbs up on the Omni Towers.  And thanks so much for your site on Bangkok, it helped alot.

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