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Sample Phoenix Citizen Response

Here is just a small sample of the replies from Phoenix Citizens in the last 12 hours since I posted the information about the proposed Phoenix restrictions and the police reports to justify it:

The police reports were just about what I could have predicted. The "major violations" mostly consist of violating chicken-shit regulations created solely for the purpose of harassing adult businesses and raising a little revenue from fines. Any person with common sense would abolish these ludicrous requirements anyway! In my letter to the council etc. I purposely avoided the decriminalization of prostitution issue, but instead noted that other cities allow all of these things that local officials seem so concerned about. I don't know if anyone will listen at this stage or not. Anyway, congratulations for a gutsy response and raising the prostitution issue as well.
Hello Dave, I want to thank you for keeping us informed about the laws and police reports. I thank God for people like you. I would like to be more involved than I am in things of this nature. I guess I need to make the time. I am a registered voter and vote in every major election I can. I really am tired of the City Council making decision in my life. I have voiced my opinions to other voters and several of us feel the same way. In November I plan to make my vote count once again. Thanks again for your information.
I read what you had to write about those Phoenix Vice Cop reports. It is interesting to note that, among major US Metropolitan cities, Phoenix has some of the most restrictive laws concerning adult businesses. One of the harshest is the zoning that they are allowed to do business in. In other cities such as LA and Chicago, adult businesses are in regular commercial zoning sections. In Phoenix, the zone must be classified as industrial-use. That is just one of the many more restrictive laws on the books. Salt Lake City is only one of a few other cities with even more restrictive adult business restrictions, if there are any allowed at all.

Being an adult entertainer is one of the few jobs that an uneducated, reasonably attractive woman is able to make a way decent living, and an above- average living if she is good. If these woman don't have these businesses to employ them, many will turn to the more illegal - and much more dangerous - means of employment.

My feeling is that, Phoenix being a major metropolis and all, adult businesses will never go away. On the contrary, if we want to grow as a city, adult businesses are almost required. What man not in the presence of his wife or mother will admit that, at some time, he was a patron at an adult business and liked it? I've also got to say that if more laws are put into effect that restrict adult businesses, I would have a real incentive to move to another city.

On another note: I could have summed up Ken Starr's 445 page summary with a pen and a Post-It (c) Note. It would have read "They had sex. Who cares?"

I also believe that if there is an impeachment vote, only those members of Congress who haven't had an extramarital affair should be eligible to vote. I predict a vote against impeachment: 0-1. 'Nuf said. ===============================================
Well I think everyone should be concerned about this ! This is happening because people want others (the swing club owners, topless/nude cabarets, escorts etc.) to fight for their rights. People don't want to be looked down upon because of what they are supporting. They can not see the greater good. Freedoms are wonderful! Even if you do not choose to use them you still have the CHOICE! I notice a lot of discussion goes on about some big issues on this list but what are we doing about it? This is just the beginning people. Their ultimate goal is to totally rid the state of adult oriented businesses and clubs. This will happen very soon if action is not taken soon.
The one a.m. law has passed guys! All of you stood by waiting for others to fight for your right to enjoy adult entertainment after one a.m. The only reason why you still can is because the topless bars, nude cabarets and adult book stores (they don't want you to go to an "adult" book store either) all hired lawyers and got an injunction and restraining order against the state. The battle has just started. The issue is going in front of a federal judge. The restraining order is temporary and will be lifted soon so say good by to your rights. The restraining order will not cover escorts (both in call private room and out call) and VICE will start enforcing in full force with in the month! Some services (in call out call and stripping) including The Secret Service have gotten together and hired 3 attorneys and they are trying to get their own injunction against the state. The attorneys are asking for $15,000 and they have come up with about $10,000 but its not enough. The Beat gave $1,000 of it. I ask one thing, why are they fighting for your rights. Are you willing to speak up and do more then talk about it? If and when these businesses win, this won't end. The local government will continue to try to regulate (slowly take away your freedoms and rights) and torment these businesses and YOU until we get together and make a stand! Its not just about a stupid one a.m. law, its much more. Their goal is to get rid of what they feel is a dirty, immoral and sinful business. The sex/adult entertainment business is at a great risk, and so are your rights to enjoy them. The people employed by these businesses can find new employment but you will not be able to enjoy your freedoms. Its time to do something.

By the way they are passing a new law. They want there to be no more incall private room dance. They must turn into cabarets. Well if nothing is done you can say good by to one of your favorite pass times.

Please don't just complain about state/city laws. Talk is cheap. Lets do something.

If anyone wants to contribute to the cause its needed ASAP. The attorneys are as follows and all checks need to be written to:Lerch,Mcdaniel, Deprima & Kaup, P.L.C. You can contact Sara (escort referral service owner) at 369-4975

Lerch,Mcdaniel, Deprima & Kaup, P.L.C. 602-230-2880
Well, I took it on myself to go read the lengthy police reports. I didn't read every word and ignored altogether the swing club report, but found as expected that much of it is tedious and repetitive recounting of piddly little technical violations, ie no latex, she touched her breasts with her hands etc.

Why such "violations" are seen as a serious threat to the safety of some neighborhood is completely beyond my comprehension. Even the more serious allegations against women at Blue Moon and Show Club are from 1995 and 1996, not recent problems.

Do you suppose the City Council will even so much as acknowledge the oppositions letters they are receiving? A suburb of Denver, I believe it was named Glendale, planned a bunch of tough new ordinances aimed at SOB's, but they counter-organized and actually defeated the council members who had pushed the issure. I bet the various clubs and private room places are aware of that and perhaps may emulated some of the successful tactics that worked there.

Re: Swing Clubs

I read your post on the news groups.

I'm extremely disappointed that this is happening in the United States today, but not shocked. City council members are usually old fogies that have no true relationship with their spouses, and have no confidence in the Adult majority to make sound decisions for themselves when it deals anything with sex. It reminds me of the military, where sex in any position other than the missionary position and sodomy is illegal. It is sad that we can't come up to the times with the rest of the world where sex is a part of everyday life, even celebrated. However, our government feels that sex is a bad thing and leads to rape, incest and teenage pregnancy. It's not the knowledge of sex that makes these things happen, it is the lack of sex education and awareness, and some just plain sick people that make these things happen. If America would take a more liberal stance on sex, instead of trying to hide it and condem it as if it is a bad thing, we would be a lot happier. What people do in the confines of their own bedroom or a private club, as long as they are both consenting Adults, is their own business not the governments.

My wife and I routinely frequent xxxxxx,. We love the club, what it offers and the friends we have met. It has helped broaden our sexual horizons and bring us closer together.

How can we help put a stop to this asinine proposal they are dreaming up?

Dave replies:

You said it very well! And my view is if we had more legitimate sexual outlets, even prostitution, we would have more sexually satisfied men instead of sexually frustrated men who are much more likely to sexually harass and go after women since their normal God-given appetite for sexuality has not been fulfilled.

Also it can be compared to President Clinton giving in to the advances of Monica who was so infatuated by him. We now know that at least three previous Presidents had mistresses or affairs while President. In many foreign countries, its just accepted as what men do and they can't understand our big obsession with sex.

At least Kennedy paid professional prostitutes to come to the White House and they don't go boasting about it to their girlfriends like Monica did. That is why most men prefer paying professional sex workers.

If they have wives that also want to share, of course the swing clubs are better yet, but so many men don't have wives they can be that honest with or who also seek sexual variety.

What can you do? Write what you said to the city council members. I've done that to each individually in my letter. We don't know if it will help or not, but that is about all that can be done.

I met with the attorney for some of the other clubs and the city is being hit with many lawsuits over their adult business ordinances. If the swing club law passes, it will probably be legally easy to challenge and get an injunction against. It will be tied up in the Courts for years. The only winner will be all the attorneys' charging huge fees to the clubs etc. And it will cost the city a bundle in legal time since will be so much work for their attorneys. My view is try and talk sense into the council by letters and attending and speaking before the council when it is put up for a vote.

Stopping something before it becomes law is so much better than fighting in the Courts afterwards when only the attorney's really win big.

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