The City Of Phoenix backed by religious groups is out to impose their repressive morality on everyone. Your Tax Dollars Are Being Wasted by a city trying to control consenting adult citizens safe ,fulfilling sex lives instead spending the wasted resources fighting real crime

NOTE: If you are coming here from The Arizona Republic printing my letter with this web address, there are two separate issues discussed on the Opinions page (B6 1/30/99) which are confusing. This site at is about the new strip and nude club laws passed with no factual support.  The other issue discussed, "sex clubs" is their term for swing clubs.  FOR DETAILS of the SWING CLUB New Ordinance that is totally unfounded I provide complete details on that on a separate Liberated Christians website at

New Phoenix Law Passed 12/9/98
Makes Lapdances illegal so Women can only be viewed as sex objects & closes Private Room clubs

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New Phoenix Ordinance = Abuse of Women At Nude Clubs

Details below on history of failed effort by many to defeat unneeded,unfounded, new law

November 30th letter to Dave from a City Of Phoenix E-mail Address:
CITY OF PHOENIX E-MAIL to Dave in Phoenix:
This is a response from someone at the City of Phoenix who didn't sign a name. I have been sending the Council my reports on all the public meetings (doubt they see or care less about but send them anyway). The sender's address is not the public address of a council member but comes from the City's E-mail. The return address is If anyone has any source to find out who this is it might be interesting.

The letter from the city says:
"The Mayor is not pushing the Sex Ordinance to come before the full council. The Police Department, working throught the Public Safety Subcommittee is pushing for these changes. I'm certain we will vote, though, to eliminate your sex clubs.

Life. Get one."

Dave replies
I hope all our elected officials aren't so crass. Is there any intelligent humans there? So you will go against the overwhelming testimony and views at all the public have stated no valid need for any of the proposals. It has been shown there clearly is no heath or safety issue, yet you want it for your moral judgments it appears against any logical reasons. Oh what an attitude. I understand even your city attorney has told you it will never be upheld in the Courts as similar attempts to close swing clubs have been struck down all over the U.S. But you just want to harass owners by passing laws that have no justifiable basis except to impose your morality on others. The huge number of Christian swingers don't want you to impose your warped ideas on them.

Exactly who are you? Why do you send mail without your name and from a City E-mail address but not one that I sent to of the Council?

A reader   responds:
How typical for some jerk at the city to send a rude and unsigned message to you. While I have been anonymous in some of my communications, I have not attacked anyone. It is interesting that the person says the police dept. is the moving force behind these proposals. As far as I know, police are civil servants charged with enforcing laws passed by the people's elected representatives.

While they are certainly free, based on their knowledge and experience, to advise those same representatives as to what policies might be more effective, it seems wrong for them to be the driving force behind legislation, especially when the legislation is opposed by major segments of the population. Such activity by police agencies seems more suited to a police state or a banana republic than the United States of America. I have also been thinking of the gentleman at the third meeting who said he was tired of hearing about Constitutional rights. If that were really true, then he wouldn't care if his representatives made their policies in secret and demanded that he comply with them. What he really meant was that he was tired of people that he disagreed with having Constitutional rights, but did not wish to relinquish any of his own rights!

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Longer term goal to work on decriminalization of all adult sex work

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