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Police Report on high crimes at Phoenix Topless Clubs

The following is a review of the City of Phoenix Report that has resulted in another attempt to stop consenting adults from enjoying adult fun at Topless Clubs in Phoenix.

The City Of Phoenix wants to stop these terrible acts. You judge if spending so much time, money and police resources based on the City's reports is how you want your money spent.   Write the City Council and the Arizona Republic with your opinion.

Review of "Topless Bars - Factual Record" which is available for purchase at the City Clerks office at 200 West Washington 15th Floor.

The "Factor Record" consists of Phoenix Police and Liquor Commission's 42 detailed reports on visits to topless clubs. Most reports include experiences with many different dancers by undercover vice cops. The Hi-Liter and Tiffany's seemed to have the most violation reports but most all of the topless clubs had some.

Here are examples of the terrible acts from the police reports:

" I noticed that Sharlee did not have any covering over her areola."

"While dancing Sharlee would also stimulate sexual intercourse by attempting to get as close as possible to my lap and moving her buttocks up and down with her hands on my legs pulling her down."

"Det xxx noticed that Cynthia did not have any covering over her areola. He asked her why she didn't' have them covered and she said "I don't like the feel of them and they make my nipples a different color."

While on stage "She would also rub her own breasts with her hands and touched her clothed public area with her hands."

Now it really get seriously bad: During a table dance "She also rubbed her buttocks across Det. X's clothed genitals.

Oh my GOSH! Get the cop to a hospital! How dangerous….those STD's and all! THIS MUST BE STOPPED !! It is a danger to the neighborhood and our society!

The reports goes on and on...all about different occasions of these same kind of high crime incidents!

This report is about people so dangerous to our society and culture, it must be stopped immediately! Stopping these acts are far more important to the city than the rights of consenting adults to do these terrible dangerous acts. These acts are a nuisance to our society and society needs to be protected against them. How silly and sad people actually think this way. Police resources being used  Police resources being used to go undercover, pay entry fees and dancer tips to document these dangerous acts. Police get to interact with these dangerous dancers and even have to endure perhaps being touched on the leg or maybe a breast touching them briefly. These poor cops. What danger they had to risk getting their "facts."

After reading the "facts" my reaction is "this has to be a joke?" This is what the City of Phoenix is concerned about? This is what are police are PAID to report on? Worse yet the city paid for all the table dances and tips for these poor vice cops so abused by the dancers. This is why the city urgently needs to make the law more restrictive so adult patrons can't be so abused. Exactly what business is it of government to restrict adult play and pleasures between consenting adults whose crime is enjoyment? Where is there an STD risk or neighborhood risk that is the excuse the city is making for the new laws?

Instead the city thinks it is better for our morals to just have topless women prancing and dancing as sex objects to stare at instead of any real human interaction. And of course be ashamed of the nipples God created for them. They have to be covered since God made them so obscene.  Yep that is traditional Christian puritanical prudish morality for you. The worst I can find in the many reports is genital rubbing with hands! Gee, might be pleasurable…Have to stop that at all cost to adult rights.

If you think this is bad... just wait to you read the review of City's police reports on the nude clubs called "Adult Cabarets"

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