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Dave's Letter to the Media

The following letter is going to each of the 9 members of the AZ Republic Editorial board who endorsed the view in favor of the new laws in the Sept 10th issue.  A similar letter about the swing club issue I am sending separately as Liberated Christians. 

I encourage others to also write letters.

Memo to: The Arizona Republic Editorial Board September 12, 1998

Re: "A decent proposal"

Has anyone actually read the city's reports on why any action is needed to further regulate strip and nude clubs? They read like a joke. Is THIS what the city is so concerned about? I simply cannot believe any citizen reading the "factual reports" would do anything but laugh at how obsessed the city must be over sexuality.

There is absolutely nothing in the reports to support your view there is any connection with any of these activities and "the spread of sexually transmitted diseases." That is simply an excuse to impose the views of those that seek sexual oppression of consenting adult sexuality over the rights of consenting adults. What is wrong with adult fun, non-sexual touch, or even.heaven forbid.pleasure sharing among consenting adults?

You seem to be proud of your position that pleasure sharing between consenting adults is somehow so terribly wrong. To me your high values result in sexually frustrated men on the streets, who might rape women etc., instead of them enjoying some level of sexual or adult satisfaction. I believe this view is the opposite of what is good for our community.

I have no financial interest in any sex business. I do counsel many couples on intimacy and sexuality issues and see the harm of our sexually repressive attitudes in real people's lives. Your support furthers the cause of women being treated as simply sex objects to gawk at. Instead we need more wholesome interaction. So many women tell me that most men don't have a clue about intimacy and loving sensuality/sexuality and the oppressive laws you support further that view of women as just sex objects instead of real humans. In my discussion of nude clubs I show how beneficial some non-sexual interaction's are - the kind you want to make illegal!

As a biblical Christian I also have helped thousands of couples overcome the traditional teachings of sexual repression that are based purely on "tradition" but have no biblical basis. I am a presenter at many swing conventions and have a huge resource center at, which gets 300-500 visitors a day (and no sexy pictures to attract them!). I will address the swing club issue in a separate letter since in my view that is a completely different issue than sex businesses. But my interest and support of certain types of adult sex work is the result of my interest in intimacy issues and in working with so many couples. My views on sex work are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of those that support Liberated Christians, which is why I'm doing a separate enclosed letter dealing with Liberated Christians issues of swing clubs and polyamory groups.

My intent is to share with you perhaps a different view that you might consider."the other side of the issue" if you will. If anyone is willing to look seriously at an issue I favor providing more in-depth serious information not just a short editorial. Also because some folks are not mature enough to handle such honest discussions I would not want my full name used in public.

Enclosed are: 1)    My review of Police Report on high crimes at Phoenix Topless Clubs 2)    My review of Police Report on Phoenix Nude Clubs 3)     My paper on Decriminalization of Prostitution and the terrible immoral acts of the vice cops on honest citizens. Other than going to nude clubs and some non-sexual massage therapists, I am not a customer of any sex worker nor have any financial or personal interest in any sex provider. But I have strong feelings about the immaturity of our culture on these issues. Therefore I exercise my First Amendment right to speak out on these issues by web sites and writings.

ALSO follows is a good letter from someone on the list, that I'm also including without any personal identification:


I read what you had to write about those Phoenix Vice Cop reports. It is interesting to note that, among major US Metropolitan cities, Phoenix has some of the most restrictive laws concerning adult businesses. One of the harshest is the zoning that they are allowed to do business in. In other cities such as LA and Chicago, adult businesses are in regular commercial zoning sections. In Phoenix, the zone must be classified as industrial-use. That is just one of the many more restrictive laws on the books. Salt Lake City is only one of a few other cities with even more restrictive adult business restrictions, if there are any allowed at all.

Being an adult entertainer is one of the few jobs that an uneducated, reasonably attractive woman is able to make a way decent living, and an above- average living if she is good. If these woman don't have these businesses to employ them, many will turn to the more illegal - and much more dangerous - means of employment.

My feeling is that, Phoenix being a major metropolis and all, adult businesses will never go away. On the contrary, if we want to grow as a city, adult businesses are almost required. What man not in the presence of his wife or mother will admit that, at some time, he was a patron at an adult business and liked it? I've also got to say that if more laws are put into effect that restrict adult businesses, I would have a real incentive to move to another city.

On another note: I could have summed up Ken Starr's 445 page summary with a pen and a Post-It (c) Note. It would have read "They had sex. Who cares?"

I also believe that if there is an impeachment vote, only those members of Congress who haven't had an extramarital affair should be eligible to vote. I predict a vote against impeachment: 0-1. 'Nuf said.

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