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The Purpose of this site is share information and encourage coalitions to form all over America to present to city councils, legislatures and voters the arguments showing why decriminalization of private adult prostitution and related sex work is a benefit to the community and why there is no legitimate reason for the current private prostitution laws.

This Coalition Cyber Center is only about changing the laws

While most all Western and many other countries have more reasonable laws regarding sexual pleasure, in the U.S. we are faced with moralists imposing their values on other people. If they can't reach us by knocking on our doors and preaching, then they will instead enact laws to prevent us from doing what they secretly wish they could. We oppose laws that violate our freedom as consenting adults to in private share intimacy and pleasure.

It is long overdue for private consenting adult prostitution to be decriminalized in the U.S. There are millions of sexworkers in the U.S. who enjoy their profession and the largest risk is not bad clients, not STD's since most insist on safe sex, but the law enforcement stings wasting resources on morality crimes with no victims.

Prostitution fills a vital role in our society by addressing the sexual and emotional needs of men and women, and by providing high paying employment options to women and men who wish to provide sexual services.

People in a free society have the right to work in their chosen profession, and to do with their own bodies as they so choose. Likewise, all citizens have the right to engage in consensual adult sexual contact.

Criminalization of private adult prostitution is wrong. Almost all the rest of the world realizes this, and the U.S. is one of the few countries were private sexwork is illegal.

What countries have legal prostitution?
Most all except the U.S. - See link for details

6/8/08 New Zealand Government Report on the results of Decriminization of Prostitution in 2003

3/14/08 Dave, Guest on Air America - Decriminalizing Prostitution
I have also consolidated some of the best recent articles for fighting the battle for private sex rights enjoyed in almost all the world except the U.S. on this Air America Page. There are zillions more articles below but many of them are older and I have taken the opportunity with the Air America interview to consolidate some of the "best" to use with the public on the Air America page

Older Articles Below

U.S. may have to decriminalize prostitution per U.N. Treaty

5/8/07 Why is it still illegal to pay for sex? "The ultimate victimless crime" - No sexual disease issues just an excuse

12/2/2007 Legal Prostitution in Rhode Island
An example that works that could be used to change other State Laws

3/06 Sandra Day O'Connor warns of rightwing attacks says US risks edging near to dictatorship
Key Message:
Private Consenting Adult Prostitution is legal with no major negative issues in almost all the world except the U.S. The issues of children, trafficking, public nuisance street hookers, and pimps HAVE NOTHING TO DO with Private Consenting Adult sexwork - GET IT! Educate the public to get upset with lawmakers, the courts and police for wasting money on private consenting adult behavior! Get the law out of our bedrooms!

12/05 New Federal Legislation Against DOMESTIC Prostitution Including Consenting Adults !
Enforcing a Moral Agenda With Misleading "Trafficking" Excuse 3/06 New Zealand Court Finds Brothel Law TOO restrictive - Brothels Should be Allowed in Residential Properties

11/05 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:" Prostitution as a consensual act between adults is arguably within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions." See linked article

New Zealand - Possible Example for Canada & U.S.

I get Upset! Prostitution: A Negative Institution - My Response to this ignorance

Queensland Australia Prostitution Law
Proposed Brothel Changes
September 2005

7/05 Legalization vs. Decriminalization of Private Sexwork

8/1/05 Positive Reforms in Germany - Not only Legal but Moral Prostitution

12/31/04 Good Article Legalized Prostitution - Regulating the Oldest Profession
I don't agree with some of the suggested requirements of legalization (vs decrim) but has many very good points. Especially good is the study of crime rates and violence that is reduced in countries where prostitution is legal or decriminalized (most except the U.S.)

Decriminalize Private Consenting Adult sexwork, not public nuisance street hookers U.K. & Canadians seek crackdown.

10/04 Police Chief's View of Prostitution - Against Prostitution Laws

10/04 Prostitution - Sex is their business - Economist Article Supports Decriminalization

3/04 Sexwork & Porn Results in Less Sexual Crime

3/04 Huge Report on Lawrence vs. Texas
Chicago 2/28 - 2/29/2004
Swing Leadership Conference

1/04 Overcoming the bad image of prostitution - Only Applies to Street Hookers, not Private Consenting Adult Sexworkers

1/04 Constitution & Religion Background

AMSTERDAM Update 1/21/04
Oudkerk resigns over prostitution scandal but Public Thinks City Officials Should be Able to Visit Prostitutes if They Wish

1/04 The Lawrence Decision Landmark Case for Privacy not morality argument

12/03 15 Reasons Why Prostitution is Beneficial

1/04 Prostitution Reform Study in the U.K.
Reforming a profession and taking on the rightwing moralists!

Legalize Prostitution Letter to Editor
September 2002

State Dept Gives Tacit Approval for Prostitution, Conservatives Charge

How To Change Sex Work Laws
Proposed City Resolution To Not Enforce State Prostitution Laws: Citizens Forum Presentation Idea before City Councils

Prostitution Is Not A Biblical Conflict

Public Brochure for the average citizen laying out why they should be concerned about prostitution laws.

Frequently Asked Questions expected from the public
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Consenting Adults In Private Places - ABC Special with John Stossel
About consenting adults in private places. But Police are raiding, invading, arresting and jailing for crimes that don't hurt anyone.

Proposed Model Gentlemen's Club Code 3-tiered Approach

Monica & Bill: The foreign view of our dysfunctional society that makes sex such a big deal.

Bible Thumper Moralists Gaining Political Power

Sex is their business  - Why Decimalization Best Option

Specific City/State Information on laws etc..

Phoenix Arizona

San Francisco California

Los Angeles War On Pleasure

Orange County California

Santa Barbara CA slaying the nice friendly dragon with insane law

Adults for Legal Freedoms Web Page
Houston Texas Anti-Adult Sex Laws:

Canadian Prostitution Laws
Very similar to what we propose and similar to most of Europe. Solves many of the problems and wasted resources in the U.S. We should learn from the many other countries that have decriminalized adult sexwork yet restrict street prostitution.

English / Welsh Prostitution Laws
Again street prostitution is the only prime restriction, similar to our proposal.

Australia Legal with usual restrictions

New Zealand - All Legal

Mexico (external link)
And again same issues not much of a problem even in Catholic dominated Mexico.
Similar situation in Australia

Israel (external link)
Prostitution is legal and Tel Aviv is known as one of the sex capitals of the world with many brothels. The age of consent is 16

Netherlands Allows Brothels & Sets New Prostitution Standards

Norway Legal with usual restrictions

"Temporary Wives" & considering legal brothels

The Enemy Of Adult Freedoms
With Current Repressive Laws the Religious Right Forcing Their Morality on All Makes A Legal Case to Support Restrictive Adult Business Laws

Women Speak Out
Feminist Moralism
Including Dr. Jocelyn Elders supporting decriminalization of prostitution

Prostitution A Right to Privacy?

Fully Informed Jury Association & Jury Nullification Rights

Survey Results
Majority agrees that buying sexual services in private should be legal !

Promoting Sexual Freedom in America

Prostitution and Law Enforcement:
Practices and Abuses

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do

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