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Typical reactions of the public: "But decriminalization....":

  1. Increases crime ?
  2. Reduces the value of the neighborhood property where such practices exist ?
  3. Morally degrades women ?
  4. Is against the Bible
  5. Is against God
  6. Spreads diseases
  7. No self-respecting woman or man would do this type of work willingly
  8. Will increase drug use
  9. Will send the wrong message to our children
  10. Isn't this cheating on the wife or husband?

1. Increase Crime?

Most of the crime surrounding prostitution is because it is now illegal.   Decriminalize sex work as we propose and honest people will be willing to provide sexual services. 

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2. Reduce the value of the neighborhood property where such practices exist ... ?

Under our proposal sex work establishments would be subject to the same commercial zoning as any other business.  In addition signage would be restricted so as to not offend those that may not like such establishments.   Discrete private establishments and the banning of public solicitation / street prostitution (except in certain adult areas) should have a positive impact on communities and neighborhoods.

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3. Morally Degrade Women ?

Sadly the image that most citizens have is the drugged out street hooker.   Yes, that is degrading and under our proposal it isn't allowed nor needed.    There are many private sex providers that choose to provide healthy desired sexual services to men.  They care about their clients.  They care about themselves.  It is the unjustified taboos against it that make it seem degrading to the average citizen.  In other cultures and in many religions,  the "Sacred Prostitute" was looked upon with honor and respect.  Today a sex worker who provides healthy sexual intimacy for others should be a highly regarded profession.   Once people are better educated about the issues it will not be degrading and when decriminalized, more people will go into the professional for the right reasons - their choice - instead of financial desperation.

"I make good money and enjoy making men happy," says one prostitute, "if I worked at McDonald's for minimum wage, then I'd feel degraded."  We have many other examples of "happy hookers" that aren't at all degraded as well as how it works so well in many other countries at

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4. Is against the Bible

This involves one of the biggest lies people have been taught by Christian tradition, not biblical facts.  Biblically there was never anything wrong with singles sexuality (the lie is the mistranslation of the Greek "porneia"), and adultery was never wrong for a married man, as long as the women was single.  A man could have as many wives as he could afford (based on a deal with fathers of girls) and concubines (breeders).  This was never wrong biblically.    See : which clearly shows that the Bible and Christianity are not in conflict with sex work.

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5. Is against God

Whose God?  In many Eastern religions sexuality and spirituality is wonderfully integrated and is part of the worship of God.  Likewise in Christianity there is no biblical reason why loving others that Christ taught as the only "rule" (in the Sermon on the Mount) should not involve sexual pleasure, whether single, married, or with a professional sex worker for healthy physical release.    There is not a word in the Bible that would make this wrong, as long as it is not connected with pagan sex-goddess workshop  which was so prevalent in the Temples of Corinth which Paul warned about.  In addition the government has no business making laws dealing with religious issues.  What about the rights of Tantric massage therapists for example, to include sexual work?  You have the right to your own religious beliefs, but no right to dictate to others those beliefs.

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6. Spreads diseases

This is a common mistaken belief.  Yes, STD's are a issue, but HIV is not since clearly the risk of heterosexual spread is virtually non-existence female to male as clearly shown by the CDC data and many prostitute studies from all over the  world.   To protect from all STD's condoms properly used have been proven to be VERY effective.  We propose condoms should always be used for vaginal or anal intercourse.    You are MUCH safer with a professional sex worker than picking up a girl in a bar. 

For a huge amount of data on the low heterosexual HIV risk see   This is the Liberated Christians web site so you will have to go BACK to get back to this page, or you may become hopelessly lost in the Liberated Christians website which is for polyamory and swinging Christian couples.


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No self-respecting woman or man would do this type of work willingly

See comments above regarding it being degrading!    It is the attitude and repressive sexual teachings that are blocking what could be a very honorable profession.   There are many "happy hookers" all over America that have very high self-esteem and enjoy providing pleasure to men.    They could also teach badly needed intimacy skills which I discuss at great length at

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Will increase drug use

Why?  I see no reason that making sex work an honorable profession so people that care more for others will choose it has anything to do with drugs.  There would be no street prostitution and the free-market system will work.  Why would a customer want to go to a drugged out provider instead of a well cared for professional?

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Will send the wrong message to our children

If we don't like something we can always dig for the emotional reaction about children.  First of all we are proposing only in-private sexual service between consenting adults.  Second, perhaps if we were more open about sexuality we would have much less of a problem with teenage abortion, STD's etc since most teenagers could never talk honestly to most adults in our culture about sexuality.    Instead of the wrong message, we may be sending the right message to children that sexuality is not something to be ashamed of.  We have extensive writings about childhood sexuality issues by Bill co-founder of Liberated Christians. See  The Cult Of Childhood and the Repression of Childhood Sexuality and a Follow Up & Additional Thoughts Report  from the many comments received when it was published in the Liberated Christians newsletter.

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Isn't this cheating on the wife or husband?

While I support the availability of good intimacy and sex to all single men and women, I can not condone nor encourage cheating by husbands or wives who may not be open and honest about their needs with their spouse. Fortunately there are many wives and husbands who realize their mate’s sexual needs are greater than their own, and lovingly support their mate getting their needs met outside the marriage. Since many women have much more sexual capacity then men, especially as we age, I see many men encourage their wives to share sexually with others. But it is based on honestly and integrity, which is the opposite of "cheating".

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