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Your Tax Dollars Are Being Wasted Ruining Citizens Lives
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Bible Thumper Moralists Gaining Political Power

And enforcing the moralists we have the morality cops who lurk to ruin lives of wonderful sexworkers providing healthy, healing, services that benefits society. Contrast the Phoenix (and other cities) morality (vice) cops, to the statement of the DA in San Francisco who once said he would not prosecute consenting adult sex laws unless some real crime was involved.

The bible thumper moralists who influence laws and enforcement keep awake at night at the thought that somewhere, someone is watching an erotic movie; some unmarried couple is enjoying great sex, or having a immoral interaction with a young dancer who enjoys lap dances with customers. Or, couples are enjoying swing clubs, based on honestly with other loving couples. Or worst of all, someone is paying a professional, private sexworker for healthy sexuality which has medical, social and emotional benefits. Such sexwork is legal in Canada, most all of Europe, Australia and most of the world except the U.S.

And instead of being seen as the intolerant, eccentric cranks they are, the moralists are taken seriously by many politicians seeking an easy issue to look good fighting crime (healthy sex) and somehow in some twisted way argue they are "saving neighborhoods and children."

These thoughts, by moralists, that others without their repressive beliefs are enjoying consenting sexual freedoms, is just too much to handle. They put a huge amount of money and energy into organizing phone banks, creating organizations to fight consenting adult freedoms and do everything to be sure ancient sexual repressive laws are enforced.

Except of course when they get arrested or caught for being human having needs instead of as godly as the image they try and preach. Their moralist rants often are the result of their own insecurity or guilt in doing what they speak so loudly against.

How many preachers have been caught? How many more are enjoying great sex with others but haven't been caught? Many U.S. Presidents have had mistresses and sexworkers, as have Congressmen and many in our culture. The more you repress natural sexuality the more it creates social problems due to having to lie (Condon and many others) rather than just be open and honest about natural desires and sexual needs. The world often laughs at us with our obsession about controlling sexual behavior. As a British reporter said on CNN, "if someone in parliament was NOT having an affair, he might be considered quite boring."

Sexual variety with different partners is natural and expected in most of the world. Mistresses in Europe, 2nd and 3rd (or called "minor”) wives the norm in Asia. Going to prostitutes is the norm in most of Latin America. In historical cultures monogamy is very unusual and seems to be unnatural both in humans and higher animals closest to man. For example, Bonobo apes, with whom we share 98% of genetic material use sex as a social lubricant to defuse tensions, are very sexually creative with many partners.

And now we have the Bush administration, not elected by the people (lost popular vote by over 500,000), but appointed by the Supreme Court, who is a great ally to the bible thumper moralists. A Bible thumper Attorney General and soon many appointments to the Courts of conservative judges to up hold the laws of the moralists.

Most frustrating --- "bible thumping" preaching is not supported at all by the bible, only by traditions of sexual repression which has no biblical support. The moralists act more like the Pharisees Jesus warned about. The Pharisees were the rigid legalists of Jesus' day who as Jesus said, knew the law but not the greater law of love. But even in biblical times there was no law against singles sexuality, or even non-goddess "common" prostitution which was mentioned frequently with no negative inference. And of course adultery was only wrong for married women, not married men as long as the "other women" was single (not owned by a husband).

The moralists were horrified and organized phone banks to call AZ Governor Hull insisting she veto the law that repealed the 1800s AZ laws making it a crime to live with anyone other than your spouse or commit "crimes against nature" (any sex that is not for making babies). Yes oral sex was illegal even if married. The horrified bible thumpers felt the repeal of these laws would result in terrible immorality. Wisely Gov Hull decided it was time to get the state out of citizen’s bedrooms and let people live together as they please. Until 2001, the repeal had failed to pass the AZ legislature for six years based on the bible thumper moralist’s objections.

The moralists are trying to keep young people ignorant of healthy, responsible sexual pleasure sharing, insisting in abstinence only education. Heaven forbid condoms are available to protect from STD's or pregnancy.

The moralists are well organized against all forms of adult entertainment. For example they got Phoenix to declare all swing clubs illegal and passed it with an emergency order for the protection of health and morals, even though in six public hearings there were no facts supporting the need for the law and 90% of speakers were strongly against the law. The only support for the law was from "older church ladies" who argued it was needed to protect the morals of our culture, and of course the hero of morality, Mr. Berthed.

"Our" local bible thumper moralist, Scott Berthed led the charge against adult sexual freedoms in Phoenix and Scott was quoted by Tampa newspapers related to the new restrictions in Tampa. He is also behind restrictive laws in California, Illinois and many other states

He use to call his band of anti sex warriors NATIONAL FAMILY LEGAL FOUNDATION. Now the name has changed to COMMUNITY DEFENSE COUNCIL” Protecting Children and their Neighborhoods". See their website at

The worst thing is they are highly organized and now they have proven their effectiveness in their goal to help 1000 communities across America make new laws to stamp out adult entertainment that hold up in Courts.

Makes you wonder especially on the sexual side why some folks are so insecure they have to make sure no one else has the freedom of sexual expression.

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