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Phoenix New Laws and The Fight For Healthy Wholesome Consenting Adult Sexual Entertainment Options

3/6/00   Phoenix COP gets naked, sexually touches provider & arrests her against public policy

No-Boner nor Moist Vagina's allowed in AZ Bars Proposal
No joke, its before the AZ legislature

2000 New AZ Strip and Nude Club Proposals/Discussion
The Religious Right Again Wants To Control Consenting Adult Interactions

Enemy of Adult Entertainment - Community Defense Council
Powerful Group in Scottsdale to stamp out Adult Entertainment Across America

December 1998 - Phoenix City Council Tramples Sexual Freedom of Consenting Adults
 Huge section with documentation of the fight over adult sexual rights and five public hearings where the overwhelming number of citizens against further adult restrictions were ignored by City Council.  A huge win for the religious right in controlling the lives and the trampling of consenting adults rights to entertainment choices, fully documented as a disgrace to the freedoms of Americans vs. the immoral Religious groups forcing women to only be sex objects to ogle at and demean as human beings.

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