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Sheesh. Laws that regulate erections and against moist vagina's. Now I've heard everything. No-Boner nor Moist Vagina's allowed in AZ Bars Proposal
No joke, its before the AZ legislature

No-boner law in AZ Proposed!

An amendment to HB2360 will regulate having a boner in a bar! Who gets to enforce this, and what determines "turgid"??? I am absolutely amazed at what some of our elected officials consider important. At least some of them (I hope the more influential ones) are laughing this off as complete stupidity....

Wait until Jay Leno gets a hold of this.....

Arousal focus of proposal seeks to curb men's topless-bar reactions

By Robbie Sherwood The Arizona Republic Feb. 17, 2000

Topless bars might have to install a cold shower for their patrons if a House proposal regulating exotic dancing passes. That's because the proposal also seeks to regulate the sexual arousal of patrons, specifically men with erections -- and not just in topless bars but any liquor establishment.

Male genitals "in a discernibly turgid state even if completely and opaquely covered" would violate the bill's prohibition on depicting sexual activity, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

"So, if you get your Viagra dose wrong and go to the bar, you could be in violation of this law," said Rep. Steve May, R-Phoenix. "This is a poorly written bill, and we ought to be concerned about what we are passing."

The proposal, an amendment attached to an omnibus liquor bill (House Bill 2360), is a companion bill to Rep. Marilyn Jarrett's push to regulate dancing in all-nude cabarets that don't serve alcohol (HB 2297 ).

The bills would keep customers and dancers from touching and would restrict tipping to a chaste hand-to-hand transaction. No putting bills in dancers' G-strings would be allowed.

Both bills have passed out of the Government Reform Committee and will likely be heard on the House floor this week. Backers of the bills said the three-feet separation between dancer and customer is designed to prevent drug use and prostitution.

"Oh, I see how that will solve the problem," said Rep. Sue Gerard, R-Phoenix, sarcastically.

Rep. Bill Brotherton, D-Phoenix, laughed about the amendment.

"This Legislature is just obsessed with sex," he said.

Dave Notes:
I've been told this is also proposed in Mississippi.  I smell the Community Defense Council may have it as part of their package of proposals helping 1000 cities across America stamp out adult entertainment. Of course its a bunch of Christians trying to impose their traditional (not biblical) beliefs on everyone "for their own good." !

When they start arresting people for this it will give a whole new definition to Joe Arpaio's "Tent City"


Not only erections but vaginal moisture should be banned in AZ

(AP) News Report
Responding to complaints of double standards, Arizona lawmakers have recently ammended a proposed law to ban erections to also ban vaginal moisture.

"We feel that HB2360 was unfair in that is was greared only to the male populace. Therefore, we have ammended this proposal to include any wetness that occurs within the vaginal region."

At first, lawmakers considered just limiting this law to swelling of the clitoris. However, none of them knew quite where the clitoris was, so they decided on the far easier threshold of "too much juice."

One lawmaker expressed confusion. "I've been married for nearly 30 years, and I've never seen my wife's vagina secrete any fluids." The lawmaker's wife was unavailable for comment, but seemed interested in the outcome of any outside research.

Reaction to the proposal was mixed. One opponent of the bill stated that it was "much ado about nothing" as it was usually too hot in Arizona to bother with an erection anyway. And as far as the vaginal juice law, he said, "Well, it's a dry heat here in Arizona. I wouldn't worry about it."

Dave adds: I posted this on some lists and got a few people wondering if this was just a joke. Nope. read it yourself in the bill at which includes:

31. "specific anatomical areas" means any of the following:
  1. A human anus, genitals, pubic region or a female breast below a point immediately above the top of the areola that is less than completely and opaquely covered.

  2. Male genitals in a discernibly turgid state even if completely and opaquely covered.
32. "Specific sexual activities" means any of the following:
  1. human genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal.

  2. sex acts, normal or perverted, actual or simulated, including acts of human masturbation, sexual intercourse, oral copulation or sodomy.

  3. fondling or other erotic touching of the human genitals, pubic region, buttocks, anus or female breast.

  4. excretory functions as part of or in connection with any of the activities under subdivision (a), (b) or (c) of this paragraph.

  5. Note excretory function (32d) in connection with human (assume includes women) genitals connected with being in the state of arousal (32a). That certainly seems to include a moist vagina.

Others comments:

Whoa! That's a job for me. I would like to apply for a surveillance and enforcement officer position. Or a sniffing dog at least <g>. I promise to spare no effort in the service to community! Where do I get the forms to fill out, Dave ?

Mr Happy

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