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 Phoenix COP gets naked and sexually gropes provider & arrests her.
 Isn't this against public policy?

Provider / Lawyer Seek Evidence of Additional Police Abuse from both providers and clients
Huge Ad Running in Beat on different pages:
Have you been a victim of unethical, immoral or illegal operations?
No undercover officer should.......
1.) appear in a state of nudity
2.) expose his genitals
3.) masturbate
4.) fondle providers (escort/dancer) genitals, breasts or buttocks
5.) threaten or harass

No police officer has the right to use his position and tax payers money for his own sexual gratification. If you feel you are a victim and think you have been violated but have been afraid to voice your complaint, the time is now. You have rights.

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A provider says:
Yes, I have had a few bad experiences myself. The problem is, LE know you don't want to be exposed. They threaten girls with the media, public records, kids getting taken away, in some cases-immigration issues, etc.... They want a session, they take your money, and then take you to jail. Good for this women in Arizona. She's 100% right. Certainley not all cops are like this, but there are quite a few.

Background which resulted in the above ad below:

A message to me from the owner of a well known honest (which is rare in Phoenix) but not full service, Phoenix Outcall service that has large ads in Beat and a popular website: 
"One of my girls went on a cop call Friday night. She stayed over 30 minutes and never knew he was a cop.

Detective Sterling posed as a customer in a Phoenix Hotel. He got totally naked, exposed himself and caressed the girls butt and breasts freely. He at this point, asked for oral sex, she agreed and they all came barging in and Sterling jumped under the covers. She had her escort ID card but got a prostitution charge.

I heard about this soon after and called the hotel asking for Sterling. I asked what right he had citing a girl for this type of thing when it was him who did the touching. he claimed she forced herself (104 lbs and 5'4") on him (Sterling, 250lbs) and she made him rub her butt and forced him to caress her breasts. He claimed she also tried to force him into full exposing himself by rolling him over. Hmmmmm she couldn't "force" him if she tried. These guys are fucks."
Dave says:
This is worse than the Mesa outcry of citizens when a cop got naked which was against police policy. I think citizens of Phoenix should know what fun the cops are having touching women and then arresting them. 

It is much more fun to bust an attractive, sexy, often naked women after having fun touching her with her dangerous breasts that can provide pleasure, than those big bad criminals that actually do something bad that hurts people and who have nasty guns that go bang. 

The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where adult sexual pleasure sharing is a crime that is enforced against its citizens. The vice cops and laws trample over the sexual rights of consenting adults who simply seek or offer pleasure using safe sex in private places. Pleasure is evil according to some religious groups that influence our lawmakers, police and city officials. How sad that America is not the land of sexual freedom like most all other countries in the world.

Because of these laws, I encourage folks to only pay for companionship services never for any illegal sex.
As others have said:
"Unfortunately, the police in our country often take the easy way out. Busting horny guys is very easy compared to the real bad guys that threaten society." 

"All pretty curious as a provider once told me that at one place where she worked in the past LE were their best customers. Do as they say not as they do I guess. Must be nice "work" if you can get it."
Part of my reply to her:
It seems the action of the cop was not according to police policy, at least what they usually state. I'm no attorney but if she pleads not guilty I doubt the DA would really want to prosecute the case if what the police did comes out in public. Just having a cop nude caused such an uproar in Mesa, your gals situation seems much worse. Especially laughable I would think would be the cops "excuse". 

She might argue entrapment as a defense. It probably won't work but it could make it very embarrassing for the vice cops. Or, I've always wondered why the jury nullification law isn't used more. Where the jury has the right, even if a crime was committed, to make it not apply in a certain situation. 

The real "crime" of course is the legal costs and personal grief people have to go thru when arrested for simply providing healthy, safe, wholesome pleasure and sexual release. Our society would be so much better off if we had sexually satisfied men instead of so much sexual repression and frustration. But somehow frustrated men are safer for neighborhoods and children vs. the consenting adult sexual options available in most of the rest of the world.

She/you might want to complain to internal affairs or do whatever you can to make known including to the media how far cops are going just to arrest victimless "criminals".

3/11/00 Comment Received

I was reading on about the outcall girl charged with prostitution after the cop got naked and fondled her. You stated: "I've always wondered why the jury nullification law isn't used more. Where the jury has the right, even if a crime was committed, to make it not apply in a certain situation."

Ever had jury duty in Phoenix? The judge will sit there and tell you that you do NOT have this right. That you must apply the law as it's stated, whether you agree with it or not. You and I both know this is unconstitutional bullshit. But the judge actually sits there and tells you that!

Quoted from Fully Informed Jury Association
John Adams, our 2nd president, in 1771 said of the juror, "It is not only his right, but his find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court."

And John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, said: "The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy." Georgia v. Brailsford, 1794.

BTW, the thing with the cop is why my friend managing the incall service  has the girls wait until a guy starts fondling himself before they offer extras. Apparently in Phoenix, cops can get naked and even fondle the ladies, but are not allowed to fondle themselves. (How fucked up can the law get?)

Dave adds: I've added a link to Fully Informed Jury Association on Jury Nullification Law at

3/16/00 Update
Phoenix Internal Affairs/Vice mess
Well it looks like big mess at Phoenix vice. Without going into details it looks like somehow the report sent to me which I published about the Phoenix cop getting nude and fondling a provider was sent to Phoenix Police Internal affairs. Now internal affairs is turning the investigation back to vice to investigate their own cops and the cop involved is threatening the person who submitted the report, making her life miserable with worry about being charged with something trumped up by the police.  The cop warns her he has 1 year in which he can file charges against her (the owner of the service that complained to Phoenix Police Internal Affairs).

After receiving her report I E-mailed her saying I'd like to publish it if she had no objection. She didn't reply, she knows how pubic and vocal I am, so I thought it was important to publish this example of how far Phoenix police are now going to torment adult providers.

BTW, I would think this service owner would WANT the gals story told and how the cop is harassing her. If I were her I would be sure David Holthouse of New Times knows what happened. If the police have to act with the light of public knowledge any backlash would be more easily argued is in retribution and could help. Also the cop doesn't decide whether to prosecute or not, the DA's office does. If its been publicized and looks like retribution from a cop that was out of policy, I think its less likely anyone will touch it.

Interestingly I see the comment by Police Lieutenant Larry T. Jacobs in the New Times article in current edition and on website about the usually terrors of street prostitution and the ex-street hooker having a place to save them, who says regarding street prostitution being eliminated:

"The men would go somewhere else, which, as Lieutenant Larry T. Jacobs explains, is the police department's realistic objective."

"Prostitution is a problem that's always been with us," Jacobs explains. "We would like to take the visual component out of it. What happens behind closed doors is one thing - it's when they get out on the street and flaunt is. It degrades the area and property values go down."

My reaction is finally we have a Phoenix cop that has some wisdom. But then why is vice doing so many stings of sexworkers behind closed doors in private, not involved in any real crime and not on public streets?

If they are going to enforce in private adult prostitution laws, why don't they enforce the law against cohabitation?. Arrest all the senior citizens in Sun City if they are living together not wanting to marry and lose their social security benefits! But it is more fun to chase naked women and guys just seeking natural desired intimacy than old folks in Sun City! 

So sad our police make life hell for those consenting adults who simply seek and provide healthy, wholesome intimate companionship and pleasure. But in our sick society pleasure sharing is a big crime and cops feel the need to ruin the lives of good citizens making the religious right happy instead of spending those resources going after crimes that actually have victims.

At least the First Amendment means something and we still have freedom of speech but sometimes such freedoms gets the cops upset. Such a pity we can't all just can't have consenting adult freedom instead of so much wasted effort with clearly victimless crimes. That is the immorality of our society, not sharing healthy consenting adult intimacy.

As I often point out, I never recommend anyone pay for any illegal sexual services. You pay for companionship and non-sexual intimacy (hugs etc). If as consenting adults you wish to do more, as long as their is no expectation of illegal sexuality and at no cost for adult sharing it is not illegal. Or go to Canada, Mexico, Asia, most of Europe or most anywhere else in the world where adults aren't criminals for sharing healthy sexuality.

Gee even in Islamic Bangladesh:
DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) - The eviction of 3,400 prostitutes from the country's largest brothel was illegal because it violated women's right to work, a court has ruled. Bangladesh's High Court said Tuesday that the prostitutes should petition lower courts to obtain the right to return to their brothel.

``Even though prostitution is not socially recognized, there is no law in Bangladesh to prevent anyone from it,'' the judges said in ruling on a lawsuit filed by human rights groups and 59 women. Since prostitutes vote and pay taxes, they ``are in a legal profession,'' the judges said.

Women's and human rights groups petitioned the court after police detained 267 prostitutes in the brothel raid.

``This is a milestone verdict that will go a long way in establishing the rights of the country's sex workers,'' said the plaintiffs' lawyer, Sigma Huda.

Police and conservative Islamic groups have raided brothels and driven out the women on several occasions in the past. In this case, the brothel outside Dhaka was pulled down following street protests by an area legislator. Brothels, usually rows of small huts, operate in most of Bangladesh's 64 cities and towns. The country has nearly 170,000 prostitutes, according to a report published this week by a private think tank, Research Evaluation Associates for Development.
But in the U.S. .. we have no such freedom. Too bad we are one of the few countries in the world where consenting adults can't honestly share good sex like a good dinner in dignity and respect without the vice cops trying to stamp out any pleasure and willing to get their own fun before ruining peoples' lives by arresting them for the crime of seeking or giving wholesome adult pleasure.

Too bad the police don't protect and serve its citizens instead of ruin lives needlessly or enforce archaic religious repressive laws (that have no biblical basis anyway).


A provider says:

Yes, I have had a few bad experiences myself. The problem is, LE know you don't want to be exposed. They threaten girls with the media, public records, kids getting taken away, in some cases-immigration issues, etc.... They want a session, they take your money, and then take you to jail. Good for this women in Arizona. She's 100% right. Certainley not all cops are like this, but there are quite a few.

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