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Constitution & Religion Background

All of this nation's founding fathers believed in a "higher power" but they did not necessarily believe that any particular "church" or "priest" or "minister" could authoritatively speak for that "higher power". As well educated men they knew how much violence in Europe and the East was due to state sponsored religion.

Although the Declaration of Independence mentions "the Creator" it says that individuals derive their rights directly from the Creator and subsequently the individuals consent to give certain powers to a "government" in order to secure those rights. This was a radical departure from all other governments in the world at that time which were based on the concept that God ordained the King as Sovereign over his subjects.

When the Constitution was written it stated that "no religious test" would be required for public office. The first amendment stated that Congress shall not establish a religion nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.

People like Pat Robertson debase the concept upon which this country was founded and erroneously say that it was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and the law as stated in the Bible. While most early Americans were Christians of some form or another and many found excuses for slavery in the Bible, the federal constitution tried to remain neutral on religion.

Of course it took a major war to get rid of legal slavery in some states and a hundred years of political wrangling to get some level of equal rights in the others. The fight is not over nor could it ever be, but the Declaration of Independence as the founding document was a unique departure from the previous ten thousand years of political history.

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