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Letters to the Editor for September 23, 2002
By Readers

Legalize Prostitution

“What these men fail to do is realize is that there are women and men in America who choose to rent, not sell, their bodies. (‘No Truth In Labeling: The UN's CEDAW Convention,’ Commentary, June 21)

We make a lot of money, work very hard, and choose to engage in prostitution. We are not forced to do anything we do not wish to do. They are talking apples and oranges.

Congressman (Chris) Smith (R- N.J.) says all forms of prostitution are a quality of life issue and degrading to women. That is true, but only to the women not engaged in the practice. Those of us in the escort business do not feel we are being exploited. We are being discriminated against, having our free choices taken away, and our human rights also taken away. It is like telling us fast food is not good for us.

How dare this country not speak to women like me who have run an escort service, been arrested for it, and faced 5 years in jail in New Jersey? Our property is being taken away under the RICO Act. These so-called moralists are telling men, say a 50-year-old widower, that he cannot have a date in the privacy of his own home or take someone to Atlantic City for the weekend, all because he is paying for it.

It is time for the laws to be updated in America. If I can have an abortion, I can certainly be a paid date. New Zealand enacted the ‘Blind Eye Law.’ They did not condone prostitution, but they issued licenses and stopped arresting people, unless there was a complaint. They felt it would be far better to have the law on the ladies side if she did need help.

If the women's movement were on our side, this business would have been legal 20 years ago. They call this gang rape. How dare they? I am 55 years old, have a daughter who is a doctor, and made this decision for myself several years ago. Prostitution has put many women through college. Beats flipping burgers.

I close with the statement that trafficking and consensual prostitution are two different things. Stop arresting women in sting operations for something where there is no victim. Crimes have victims. This business is a necessity issue, not a moral issue.

This is choice, not slavery. Get your head out of the sand boys. Mind your own business and let's legalize prostitution so that we can get rid of the traffickers. These women are being raped; escorts are not.”

Eileen K,
Andover, NJ

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