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I get Upset! Prostitution: A Negative Institution

Another example of a terribly typical anti-prostitution article at

Here is my reply sent to
Re: Prostitution: A Negative Institution

What you are describing only applies to about 10% of prostitution in the U.S. - some street hookers that are so visible.

But maybe 90% of prostitution is drastically different and your arguments against decriminalization have absolutely no basis. Further, the U.S. is virtually the only place in the world where private consenting adult sexwork is totally illegal. Personally I enjoy the sexual freedoms in Canada since its close and their laws while not perfect are more similar to Europe and the rest of the world.  None of your suggested terrible results are seen where private sexwork is legal.

Before you present your one sided arguments which apply to such a small percentage of "prostitutes", I encourage you do educate yourself about the other 90% that is a powerful positive force in my view in worldwide cultures.

I have zillions of articles you might enjoy on if your interested in educating yourself on the facts about consenting adult private sexwork. For example:

For example The Nature of Prostitution Work - An Australian Study:

I just returned from a wonderful 9 days in Victoria, B.C. that I share at

Or my many reports on various Canadian cities at:

I use Canada as a country very similar to the U.S. but not controlled by the conservatives or the religious right.

Ironically there is nothing biblically wrong whatsoever with "common" prostitution.
See:"Common Prostitution Is Not A Biblical Conflict" at

No, I am not a sex starved idiot. My interest is more in intimacy, caring touch and positive sex education which our culture so badly lacks.

On the "morality" issue, I am founder of Liberated Christians, at which resulted from my attempts decades ago to prove my then very conservative traditional "sex only in marriage" beliefs was biblically sound vs. more liberal ideas. However after taking biblical studies seriously for many years, I had to conclude I had been lied to by traditional beliefs which had no biblical basis. Now I share the freedom in Christ, people have for loving sexuality. Swinging and non goddess worshipping sexwork (professional private prostitution) is not any biblical conflict and can provide many benefits.

I encourage you to look at the other 90% of prostitution before writing such an ignorant article which you try and apply to all prostitution when it clearly only applies to a small minority, mostly street hookers, not private prostitutes. The vast majority of sexwork provides a benefit to a culture and activities are legal in most of the world except the U.S., with none of the negative terrible effects you claim result.

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