Proposed Phoenix Law Makes SWING CLUBs illegal !

Robert McGinley founder of the National Association of swing clubs is very supportive and has reprinted the Az Republic news article at

After the article he says:

If passed, the new rules would deal a death blow to swing clubs in Phoenix. NASCA International has recommended that the Phoenix clubs band together to obtain competent legal representation to fight the Phoenix City Council. Also, NASCA suggests that each club review is operation to determine if certain aspects of their operation should be changed.

Whatever the actions of the swing clubs, Phoenix City Council, “neighborhood leaders,” or the “sex industry,” this city battle is representative of the sex hysteria that has obsessed America.

When, oh when, will we grow up!

To E-mail council see Phoenix City Council page which also has directions for speaking before the council.

This message is on at least two Phoenix Commercial Swing Club Sites

Attention! Attention! Attention!

The City Council of Phoenix in an ever increasing effort to control and regulate every aspect of the lives of it’s residents and deny them even the semblance of the freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States have determined among their narrow-minded selves and in opposition to the public’s viewpoint that social/sex clubs should be prohibited in the city of Phoenix. They intent to vote on this in council in the next week or two but have refused to say when. The proposal has been sent to the City Council by a subcommittee on Ethics and Public Safety composed of—you guessed it—three councilmen—John Nelson, Peggy Blisten, and Dave Siebert. One must ask why the City of Phoenix needs an "Ethics" committee. Obviously they feel that it is their place to dictate our morality to us.

The report by the city attorney was grossly inaccurate, misleading, and incomplete. According to the city attorney, these clubs are houses of prostitution. They alleged that members of these clubs are sleazy people and criminals. It is they who are the criminals. They are stealing our rights to free assembly, our right to self-determination, and our right to make a living.

All of the clubs, particularly the new ones, have complied with all city requirements of zoning, permits, licenses, etc., and were repeatedly told that they were legal. Now they say they aren’t. This is Fraud!

Any one who has been in one or more of the Phoenix social clubs knows that the members are normal people, representative of all socio-economic levels, occupations, and personal preferences. Members also know that the clubs ARE social—members play pool and darts, dance, and visit. They also know that they are consensual. Prostitution, drugs, alcohol, cameras, and weapons are not allowed and safe sex is emphasized. Clubs of this type hurt no one, employ security personnel to protect members anywhere on their premises, and provide safe, pressure-free environments where couples and singles can meet. This is a far better choice that meeting strangers in bars and other unprotected places. In addition, these clubs are all located in industrial areas where residents won’t be disturbed or have our choices inflicted on them.

According to city government insiders, the city council has other targets for restriction, regulation and elimination, including non-profit ones, that they will attack one at a time. If you feel that your organization or business is safe, think again. Now is the time to speak out. If you value your constitutional rights, call, e-mail, or write to all of the city council members listed below and voice you opinion. You might remind them that they are our employees, not our bosses, and that they can be replaced. Inform them that they are not above the law, or better than other citizens because they have a different morality than others do.

Call the city council now and tell them to stay the hell out of your rights. Call them every day as they are thick headed and it will take a while for it to sink in…Email: the city council over and over.

Dave says: I agree we need to try and sit down and talk sense with Phoenix council

I've been around the swing club scene many years, speaking at many conventions etc. and when this "problem" has come up in other cities, it usually gets tossed out by the Courts on First Amendment grounds. But its a whole lot cheaper and easier to try and stop the law before goes into effect instead of fighting it in the courts.

I wonder however if the current Phx City Council really is interested in any dialog or facts since they have long wanted to stamp out any adult activities they don't like.

I represented a few hundred massage therapists via petitions etc. I presented before the Council a few years ago fighting the new massage laws. It seemed pointless and of course the new laws just made the problems worse.

I wonder if anyone gets to sit down and talk to council members rather than just give short speeches allowed at meetings without much dialog of chance to discuss.

I have to be somewhat less public on this issue since I have clients that might get upset with some of my views. That is why attacking adult freedoms is easier since while folks may support more freedoms they are reluctant to be too public about it in a society so obsessed with sexual denial in public but obviously doing something else in private

Dave's further notes as of Sunday night 9/6/98

I understand the city attorneys report that started all this is available at the clerks office. Seems like all the swing clubs already have it but I will have to wait until Tuesday to get it. The report is the reason why the outcry from the sex industry at the public hearing was ignored and the Phoenix Health and Safety subcommittee has recommended approval.

Although I don't have the benefit of having the report, from discussions with various swing club owners here is more background as I understand it:

The city of Phoenix has been trying to close down Steve at Impressions for a long time. Apparently he violates the zoning code being too close to residential property. He also owns an escort agency which the city doesn't seem to like. I think this is right...he sold Impressions but then reopened as Encounters? I am a bit fussy on this.. but I understand the city attorney went undercover to take pictures inside the club. Ignoring of course the signs that say "No cameras allowed".

It is another club owners view that since the city is having such a hard time closing "Steve" down, they need to change the law to close everyone down. Especially after viewing web pages of another clubs and of course wanting to stamp out all the immoral sex!

In the opinion of one club owner, she says even the Republican party, the District Attorney's office and many others think the city council's actions are to be laughed at as being so anti-sex and so overboard. We have already seen some Az Republic columnists make fun of "those dangerous titty bar dancers so dangerous to our society" vs drug dealers and real crime.

BTW, the city council is NOT up for election this year. So we can't argue it's just political. But the council does seem big on the "family values" line over rights as consenting adults.

The new Arizona law requiring the closing of adult businesses at 1AM has been enjoined by a court. Swing clubs think they are also protected by the injunction.

Four of the commercial swing clubs have retained an lawyer, to fight any ordinance. Once the law is passed they will go the Courts on First Amendment grounds and attempt to get an injunction. But what we really needed is massive citizen action to protest to the city council before the law is passed! It is not on the current Wed Sept 9th agenda. But it could come up at any Wed council meeting for passage. Citizens should be able to speak out by using the procedure shown on our Phoenix City Council web page.

One idea was to make Grand Avenue an "Entertainment Strip" and have all the adult businesses concentrated in one area.  On the other hand with a million population so spread out that may not be the best answer either.

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