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Police Report on Phoenix Nude Clubs

The following is a review of the City of Phoenix Report that has resulted in another attempt to stop consenting adults from enjoying adult fun at nude clubs which they call adult cabarets.

The City Of Phoenix wants to stop these terrible acts. You judge if spending so much time, money and police resources based on the City's reports is how you want your money spent   when there is so much real crime and serious problems in the city.  How much money to you want the cops spending on tipping dancers to try and catch them touching their terribly morally corrupt breasts?  Is this how you want your tax dollars spent? . If you object make your objections known by writing or E-mailing the city council and the Arizona Republic newspaper.  Information about the Council and e-mail address are at

Review of "Adult Cabarets - Factual Report" which is available for purchase at the City Clerks office at 200 West Washington 15th Floor.

This huge report is mostly about Eve's Tease and Body Shop which includes a 296 page transcript of a License Appeal Board Hearing where the city is trying to revoke their adult business license. Much of the undercover vice cops report is favorable about good lighting etc. But here is what the city considers the really serious dangerous stuff from all the money spent by cops at these clubs just to document reasons why more regulations are needed to stop adult fun. From the police reports:

"Detective Mellinger was then allowed by Miss Allison to place a dollar bill in a garter belt."

"Miss Parker took both hands, placed them on the outside of her breasts and walked towards me and squeezed her breasts together to take the dollar bill from my hand."

"I observed a dancer….take a dollar bill as a tip by placing her hands on the outside of her naked breasts as she was dancing on the main stage to remove the dollar bill from the patron's hand."

The report goes on and on about many more of these highly dangerous activities.

And then it really gets serious…acts of prostitution included:

"During this dance, on numerous occasions during the song (while on stage) I observed Miss Hocking to take her hand, place the tips of her first two fingers on her vaginal area actually coming in contact with the vagina for a few seconds on each occasion Miss Hocking would actually rub her vaginal area with her hand during the dance." (NOTE THIS WASN"T EVEN WITH A CUSTOMER BUT WITH HERSELF ON STAGE)!

The report goes on and on about the terrible acts of prostitution which is nothing more than the dancers simulating sex or touching THEMSELVES!!

The report clearly shows that when the vice cop asked for an overt sex act (a dancer to masturbate him), the dancer refused to do it and just laughed.

A dancer testified that the management instructed the dancers only to take tips certain ways, "I couldn't let men touch me in certain places. I wasn't allowed to have sex with men inside or outside the club. Drugs are not permitted on premises. Alcohol is not permitted on premises." She also testified that many men would ask her to do more and she always refused. She said that it was an everyday thing for men to be too aggressive asking for sex and the management would ask them to leave.  So now the city wants to punish the clubs and dancers so fewer customers will come and possibly put them out of business?

But this place is so immoral, the city just has to make new laws to further restrict adult interactions...the no touch proposed rules simply because some touch is what most men enjoy at these clubs.  The result may be to shut them down for lack of customer demand.  The winners are those radical prudes that demand we all be as sexually repressed as they are.  The loser is the rights of consenting adults to have adult fun as well as the city in lost tax revenue and the community since there will be more sexually frustrated men on the streets.

Then there is a long discussion about if men expect the women while dancing on stage to touch themselves while on stage.. I can't believe anyone actually thinks this is an important issue, but I guess some folks really care about it! You know, protecting the neighborhoods and all the STD risk of a dancer touching herself while on stage. Doesn't the city have any important issues to spend time and money on!

And oh those lap dances….pages and pages of fixation regarding whether or not those dirty sexy breasts just might accidentally touch a man when lap dancing since that is a big horrific crime against society! I can't help but laugh reading this fixation …. And this is what our society is worried about. It gets worse. The question becomes whether or not there is any sexual pleasure on the dancers or patrons part The fear is that someone might get some pleasure. If that is even remotely possible, that must come to an end!

Then they repeat the same important lines of questioning with dancer after dancer as witnesses who give the same answers.. These serious important dangerous possible acts consume 296 pages!

Also included in the report are huge numbers of police reports. A few of them report on offers by dancers to masturbate the male undercover cop. These reports are from the Blue Moon and what is now Kitty's Club. I know from many years experience in visiting the clubs that no such thing ever happens at Eves or Body Shop but that Blue Moon and Kitty's club (old Show club) did go further than what they should do in such a club. But the sins of a few dancers (who have since been fired) at Blue Moon or Show Club should not result in restrictive rules against the wonderful non-sexual interaction that is so positive at clubs like Eves and Body Shop.

Of course I believe there is nothing wrong with "hand jobs" but that isn't what should occur at clubs. Yet even this horrific act reported at Blue Moon and the old Show Club has no STD risk and how it hurts the neighborhood when the clubs in commercial zoning on McDowell is beyond my comprehension. I guess to some what makes the act so terrible is because it provides consenting adults pleasure. We certainly can't have that. Instead men should just be sexually frustrated. That makes the neighborhood and women in general just so much safer.

At I share many of my experiences and those of other men who have benefited from clubs such as Eves Tease and Body Shop. I say in my intro to the extensive web site dealing with nude and strip clubs in Phoenix:

I have been going to Phoenix nude and topless clubs for almost ten years, but with a different purpose than just gawking at nude or topless women. I am weird in that I have little interest in the dancing or naked bodies to look at. I've been accustomed to nudity for many years doing Esalen massage and teaching intimacy workshops for couples. I am turned off by the tease but turned on by loving, slow, women-centered touch, not gyrating bodies. I enjoy meeting different women who also enjoy good touch. This report is not for men just looking for hot babes. It is for those men seeking more intimacy and human non-sexual interaction.

Certain clubs in Phoenix and other cities offer much more wholesome activities than just the typical tease and titillation of most strip dancers. Yes, they have the women doing their erotic dances, but they also offer the opportunity to meet and legally interact with the dancers as real humans, not just sex objects. As an intimacy counselor I realize as a society we need more high quality caring touch between men and women. Not just sexual touch, but the simple acts of holding hands, hugging, massage, stroking, holding in the arms etc. This is much more intimate and meaningful to me then groping and poking body parts. I also know most men have been conditioned to want to be more "macho" just being teased. The web is full of these hot babe sites. My approach is very different that may open some men up to more intimate experiences. Intimacy is not the same as sex!

NONSEXUAL QUALITY TOUCH Good touch, even nonsexual, causes the body to release its powerful endorphins. These endorphins are natural pain relievers, which create a healing, relaxing situation for the whole body. For men, certain clubs with certain dancers offer the opportunity for such interaction.

In sharing my personal experiences many other men have written me how they also have come to enjoy quality touch and I support the clubs and dancers that offer such experiences. Twenty years ago I was very insecure, lonely and depressed. I first came to enjoy positive experiences in similar clubs in Minneapolis that benefited me greatly. Today I enjoy teaching men and sharing with a wide variety of women. My journey in finding and sharing intimacy has transformed my relationships with women over the years. I wonder as I look at other men in the clubs if some of them are like I was many years ago.

But if the city of Phoenix has its way, such wholesome interaction may be gone since in some perverted minds it as a threat to neighborhoods and society while just gawking at women's bodies at strip or nude clubs is somehow considered more desirable than any quality human interactions.

And the reason for this fear of touch? Someone may get some sexual pleasure and that means its prostitution so it is somehow very bad? I fail to see any logic in such thinking.

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