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Decrim of Public Nuisance Street Hookers fails big in San Fran

Hope for the Future?  11/9/2008

As expected, SWOP was soundly defeated on Prop K to decrim street hookers, just as they did in Berkeley a few years ago.

But they still carry on their failed cause.  As I have often said I bet decrim would pass in CA if was limited only to in private consenting adults if the approach was wasting taxpayer resources on private adult sexuality.


Sadly no group is organized to promote this like the very vocal, with good public relations of SWOP for their guaranteed to fail support for street hookers.


With the new Federal administration at least perhaps less money will be given in grants for local police enforcement of adult prostitution - very different from under aged or pimps often on the streets


But in AZ we still have a very conservative legislature probably impossible to get decrim at the State level.  Perhaps a better chance in CA but they need to have better supported organized movement to support it.  Most likely route is the same type of Proposition to the Voters like SWOP did in CA twice- but without the street hooker being included which dooms it as it has in most of the world where private prostitution is mostly legal unlike the U.S.

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