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Budapest Prostitutes to Be Licensed Entrepreneurs 

Yet another country comes to its senses and joins with most others in the world where prostitution is legal. The way they did it isn't perfect but it recognizes the benefits of legalization as most other countries have...except the U.S. where there is no adult sexual freedom due to the religious agenda.

Budapest Prostitutes to Be Licensed Entrepreneurs

Budapest, Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Budapest's prostitutes may soon flood local government offices to apply for business licenses as the interior ministry moves to legalize the sex trade, Magyar Hirlap said, citing Bela Csecsei, mayor of a Budapest district.

Hungary recently legalized prostitution, as part of a law against organized crime, provided sex workers hold entrepreneurial licenses and health permits. They also must give customers receipts for ``sexual services'' and pay taxes, the paper said.

The interior ministry will force district mayors to define special ``tolerance zones,'' where prostitutes may legally work, as required by the law. District mayors had refused to set up tolerance zones, blocking implementation of the law, the paper reported.

The authorities launched an inquiry into an entrepreneur who, during the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix weekend in August, rented out specially built wooden booths to prostitutes aiming to satisfy affluent motor racing fans.

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