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Citizens Forum Presentation Idea before City Councils

Proposed Statement drafted By Dave in Phoenix
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Whereas: Sexual activity between consenting adults should not be the subject of government interference;

Whereas: Sex work provides a means by which natural human desires may be satisfied to the mutual benefit of the parties involved;

Whereas: Sexual frustration results in men that become aggressive and are far more likely to sexually harass, abuse or rape women than men who are sexually happy and fulfilled.

Whereas: The enforcement of prostitution laws constitutes state interference in private behavior, it is a waste of taxpayer funds and it wastes valuable police resources;

Whereas: The International Labour Organization has urged governments to officially recognize the sex industry as legitimate and to treat it as any other industry;

Whereas: The recognition of sex work as legitimate work would facilitate the taxation of sex work, and thus convert sex work from a cost to a profit source;

Whereas: The recognition of sex work as legitimate work would produce safe working conditions;

Whereas: Many countries, such as Canada, Mexico, Israel, Australia and most of Europe have decriminalized prostitution;

Whereas: The Citizens Task force in San Francisco, which was set up by the Board of Supervisors, after a two year study, recommended decriminalization. The proposal received strong support from District Attorney Terance Hallinan who has said he is only interested in prosecuting prostitution cases if some "real crime" is involved.

Therefore we propose that the City of ___________, repeal all prostitution and related sex work statutes regarding the prohibition of commercial sexual behavior between consenting adults.

We propose that as a matter of policy, The City of _________ direct its police to disregard all state statutes regarding prostitution. (Similar to proposals it seems in San Francisco)

We propose that be sex be treated as an appetite. Sex work establishments should be treated as are restaurants. Sex work establishments should be allowed in commercial zones. We propose that public signage of such establishment be discrete, merely serving to identify the establishment. We further propose the elimination of all restrictions on "outcall" activities in which the sex workers provides sexual services in the privacy of a home, apartment or hotel room. Incall sex workers working out of their private homes should be regulated in the same manner as any other home business.

We propose that sex workers and their client must be age 18 or over. We propose that condoms be required for sex work involving vaginal or anal intercourse.

We propose a program of anonymous voluntary health inspections for both sex worker and sex client. In any event, numerous studies have shown that there is very little transmission of STD's resulting from sex work.

We propose that sex work advertising and solicitation be restricted to adult publications that require readers to be over the age of 18. We propose that street prostitution solicitation be allowed only in clearly defined "adult zones."

In sum, we propose an end to the war against commercial sex.

Dave's Additional Notes:

Many prostitute studies show all over the world that there is very low risk of getting HIV from a sex worker since as the CDC data clearly shows it is so very difficult for HIV to pass female to male via sex. With the condom use requirement it will be much safer to go to a sex provider then picking up women in a bar. Wives could encourage their husbands to get the sexual variety and kinds/frequency of sex that the wife may not enjoy by going to safe professional sex providers. Likewise women should be able to enjoy services of male sex providers on an equal professional basis.

Typically the only image the public sees of sex work is street prostitution which is the very low end of prostitution by desperate women for the wrong reasons. The majority of sex work is now and should continue to be in privacy between consenting adults. We propose that no street prostitution be allowed other than in special adult zones nor solicitation be allowed in any public building that is not an adult only establishment.

We can clearly answer any arguments against this proposal that the public might raise. Public opinion polls consistently show the public is supportive of decriminalization but most are hesitant to take a public stand. One internet survey reported only 16% of adults thought buying sex between consenting adults should be illegal.

Our culture filled with tease and titillation, but little education or discussion sensual intimacy, sexual skills etc. that result in the most meaningful sexual fulfillment, especially women's sexual fulfillment. Sex work could help bring more fulfilling sexuality to our culture just as sex surrogates do in California.

We can prove that there is absolutely no legitimate argument against decriminalization as we have outlined it. Positive sexuality and sex work could have a very positive impact on our community as a whole in addition to allowing consenting adults the freedom over their sexuality which is their right.

The primary reason people don't protest the laws is out of fear of public embarrassment and loss of employment. If someone works with children in any way and protests this law, s/he can expect to lose his/her job. If you work for a Mormon and try to make a stand , expect a rough time at work. Hell, if you come out in favor of titty-bars, imagine the grief you'll catch at work.

What we are faced with is moralists imposing their values on other people. If they can't reach us by knocking on our doors and preaching, then they will instead enact laws to prevent us from doing what they secretly wish
they could.

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